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The Blessing of the Nine Directions
To the East and the West. To the north and the south. To the up and the down, to the sacred all around. To the heartbeat and Breath, I gift all my sacredness. I receive all my life for thee. I shall be forever in the breeze.
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I shall sing. I shall sing upon Mountain Tops. I shall be. Glory for thee. And I shall be the loving breeze.

Sacred Dew

Four Sacred Directions In Thee!

Relatives, "Ask for your colors you can believe all the rainbow you can receive, the sacred garment of lights that lead, the spreading sheets of leaves. Here the way is clear to be, the loving and sacred tree. Take to your heart all that you believe and come and fly with me! In other words, ask and you shall receive your four sacred colors." says, White Buffalo Calf Woman who Sings for you, your Twin Deer Mother and additional Sacred Song Blessings and We Bless You

Come receive your Sacred Song Blessings, ask for your blessings and receive, the greatest treasure you could conceive, the soul that needs to be true, when one is validated in you. The treasure is you!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Aug 1, '09 6:39 PM
for everyone

Greetings Relatives Everywhere,
It's time to realize that White Buffalo Calf Woman is no longer dead. She is living and breathing and it's not in her head. Come and receive the Blessings and you will see, that all that has been spoken will be the truth. For Heaven is coming and Elder to you, is the Prophecy who speaks of One Big Family, the Rainbow Clan is here to gift brotherhood everywhere, but not until Love is spilled upon the land. For Red is coming to purify the land, the Red Road, the law of love is here to stand. Now Great spirit Father left much for you to read and now it's time for Great Spirit Mother to reign. Her law of love is coming and none will last the wake if you don't learn how to walk inside darkness with a light. You cannot see with your head, but only the heart will know, the way into heaven, the door of the Crystalline start. The plenty of White Calves to speak truth this day, that many Crystal (christal) people are here to stay. And Law is what we bring to you, when you seek and find the way. Just open your heart and learn to seek the heart that knows the way.
your devoted servant,, your twin deer mother, who offers all for free!
josephalmighty wrote on Aug 1, '09
cool !!!
wachujos wrote on Aug 3, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
Do you like Riddle's ? in hopes you do here's mine , what did crystal's in ancient times really do ? the Riddle : snow white and the 'seven' dwarf's,who sits on the throne ,seven lamp's burning , seven star's, seven candle's, seven arrow's , the fifth element .white buffalo calf , white is pure and is sacred because ? answer >( white reflects the seven colors of the rainbow.) Some people say in ancient time's Crystal's powered places like Atlantes, others say crystal's heal , and say not so for you healed your self , white has the answer that crystals showed the children (.... ?earth, wind , water , fire answer(the fifth element is "Light", the seven visible colors , rainbow ) ? "light" is the fifth element . >>>><><<<< and searching for those i reconise, Fire Clan....>>>><><<<< the rainbow warrior known by sitting bull as wachucie who was then a guide of the coyote way ,Nee- mee- poo tribe way back in my roots in acient times , and was a voice crying in the wilderness, given the kiss of fire and brought fire down from heaven , fire clan, hopi prophecy ,tablets,repoduced missing piece >moon, comet, sun and in oct 26 27 28 with my words the comet did grow 4 times greater than our sun, here is my final riddle,the hopi told me there are 4 circles, but there are five circles .... ?and still searching to find even one who i recognize, who remembers or knows the way ! way of the eagle ? rainbow ? , he said i am the way !
twindeermother wrote on Aug 5, '09
Wachujos, this riddle is for you, "a bud for you, for a pipe with a clue, now make your heart new." answer: "Burn that fire and bless your day, open the light and find a way!". Your Twin Deer Mother interpreted this for you! I am your wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter, and I read the book of life and make clear what is confused. I am the Crystal person, who knows which way is up and hear the lesson falls upon the heart of the clown. You know it's to make fools of them to teach them the right way, so I understand your purpose, but how about you ask this day, a blessing will supply you with knowing you have lost, the soul inside who wants a way out, but still I hope you learn here this day, the words that we have shared away, but I will seek your heart out and we will teach all that arrive and brothers (flesh) we shall kindly be, and sisters (soul) who know the bleed (law of love, the red road).

Wachujos Wa: Do you like Riddle's ? I do , in hopes you do here's mine , what did crystal's in ancient times really do ?
TwinDeerMother WhiteBuffalo Calf Woman Cw: Storage and Access, the Spiritual (crystalline) River

Wa: the Riddle : snow white and the 'seven' dwarf's
Cw: Snow is the perfect crystalline structure, each perfect and unique like the image of God. White is the color of oneness, especially now of the returning. Seven is the number to the voice of god, the violet who searches the mystical realm to find the light. Dwarf's are the smaller ones and this makes them Soul Elders, as the smaller, the wiser, the hardiest with strength of a mustard seed.

Wa: ,who sits on the throne ,seven lamp's burning
Cw: kings now return back into the realms of the oneness of god, there are 3 wise kings, as well as princes and princesses, who wear smaller crowns. Indigo People can see them, Crystal People can read them. All other are called kingsmen, servants to the crown, as we evolve into the next phase of evolution, we become kingsmen to kinsmen, suns of god who wear the crown, as in evolution we all become each other as some point over the rolling hills in time, as each of us eventually wear the crown, although I want you to realize this takes many millenniums to evolve an entire cycle of the image of God. Seven lamps burning is the light from within is needed to search and find the light up above, as well as teaching the light to descend and speak the warriorship, none other can know, the Violet is the Army of God, who's voice is mightier than thou, for he is the wisest priest and fortitude of strength, this we search within yee to rage with delight and and fellowship all night.

Wa: seven stars, seven candles,
Cw: The seven is the pressure of God upon the shoulders, this weight is released when the arrow of reflection is pointed at the heart, which Indigo people are famous for, our Prophets and Great Teachers. The fifth element is the heart. This is the very vehicle of the Soul. Here we can have vision and sight from the heart as we learn to cultivate the world of the numinous flowing, the heaven we long for as we learn to shift from despair to overflowing joy, as we understand the soul has returned home to us. This all happens within the blue of you and me, the waters that go to and fro, and the very wind that knows, for here we go again, to reflect the snow again, to build a world again, when blue is here to swim. the heart of pure can be, the living destiny, when fire that is born within, can finally come home to win. The seven candles represent the last phase of evolution, as we have known it to be, as we have not entered the gardens of paradise, and therefore we have been in the dark, without vision, and now we are learning to see with the third eye, the soul of the heart. When lighting a fire, it calls upon the spirit world, to speak of purification, and hope for a blessing.

Wa: white buffalo calf , white is pure and is sacred because ....?
Cw: white is oneness pure, the crystalline structure, buffalo is the four directions where the blue road the heart and the red road the flesh, cross to flow into the perfection of the rolling hills in time, our evolution. Calf is the child who leads the way with a dream, who remembers the soul journey, and as the yellow represents the child and the dream, we are entering this phase of evolution, where heaven and earth greet each other as we fold inward to share the space, here the child knows how to take the uncomfortable step forward. Sacredness only comes from prayer, when we learn to bless each hour of each day, for the rest of your life. All things have life.

Wa: Some people say in ancient time's Crystal's powered places like Atlantes, others say crystal's heal , i say not so for you healed your self.
Cw: Crystals are used for storage of energy, as many young Crystal people have trouble with, but as they get older, they learn to ground the energy. Crystals heal, because they act as directional flow, or guiding the channel of flowing of knowing. When there is no flow, there is sickness. The crystal can penetrate where there is the numinous flowing and create the flowing again as the circle of life continues. As for healing self, the Crystal person is the doorway into heaven. Those who come towards a Crystal person, will only be able to see the mirror to the Soul, if they do not love self, they do not love the Crystal person and law will be known and gifted the treasure, peace on earth. When the Soul of the one, who is able to receive the blessings of a Crystal person, the Crown of Heaven, the celestial crown, then they are able to know the law, love. This is the Gift to receive others inside the blue of me and you, known as relatives or leaves on the sacred tree of oneness. For the perfect rises unto self, when knowing the vision quest, the seeker will do the rest as we walk into the valleys dark, I will lift up my head and guide with my heart and vision will be clear, so I will know my light.

Wa: white has the answer that crystals showed the children .... ?
Cw: oneness is white, the returning of the plight, but father who led the way, now is coming home to play, I say the white is here today, to come home and lead the way, my father deer I need you now, to show the land, how big and proud, the crystal children will show the way, the law of land, that keeps the way, of loving shores who come to sea, the land of god, eternity. Our children will be the test of time, they will live on and will be thine, for we are living eternal souls, who come back home to live and know!

Wa: earth, wind , water , fire ....? the fifth element .
Cw: earth (body of mother), wind (breath), water (reflection), fire (light-is created), four directions as known by some. And the fifth place is here or center, the reflection of the blue of me and you, when the fire's light burns it's luminosity to guide the inner soul's way, leading with the heart as the reflection in the water's shore near or afar.

Wa: >>>><><<<< I am searching for those I recognize, Fire Clan....>>>><><<<<
Cw: There is nine directions in space. We account for it with mathematics. We use 9 numbers and zero is not a number but a place holder or embrace, like Grandmother embraces us in space and guides us which door to go through. Bless the nine directions, to the up and the down, to the sacred all around, to the north and the south, to the east and the west, to the heartbeat and the breath, I gift my sacredness, I receive my life for thee, forever in the breeze, I long to be with thee! Now is a fire light burning so bright, to let the purification process find refuge in the night. Go find your relatives, they will all recognize you, but you will have to lead the way, in order for them to stay. There isn't much time left, but we will pass the test, how bright our fire can burn, inside our hearts will turn. When the four directions greet four directions, we call this the morning star, this is the woman (soul, numinous) and man (flesh, luminous) merge to be one being, here creation is born, a child, a dream, a morning star that rises to greet the day, until the fall of night, we express all our dreams to find it new again, then we start the circle of life and learn how to enjoy our plight, and heaven has so much to teach if we could only find and greet!
wachujos wrote on Aug 5, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
have placed the missing answers to my riddle now will hear yours >>>><><<<<
wachujos wrote on Aug 5, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
It is true i want out, for i hate the things in and of this world , a time ago after leaving the hopi , and rose up and came to the door and the door opened christ greeted me , He said, i love you and called me by my name, and looked in and saw the fire sign , the christ star and saw my place ,one of the seats of the four and twenty elders A LORD, and started to entered the door but then christ put his golden hand on my shoulder and said wait ' remember the covenant with the father ? And saw my deep love for ALL the Children here, and heard these words, the father asked who will go, i said ' send me' i will go' , have to be here ! , Now hears another riddle: if ye seek these things i came to give back to the children then in your pipe must be a green deer , now bear much fruit ! >>>><><<<< know , know the way >>>><><<<<
twindeermother wrote on Aug 5, '09
Greetings Wachujos,
Did not see all your clues as I transfer the text to here. Now I see that I did miss the rest of your Translation. For the Clown who comes today, to be the katchina to play the way, I will look at the rest to see, if I can carry the card of thee.

Wa: I am the rainbow warrior known by sitting bull as wachucie who was then
Cw: The rainbow warrior who claims to be would only want a blessing before the glee, for only the blessed will walk the way, until then we await. Wachucie is here to say, that there is a better way. How come you don't come to speak your words instead you hide against the broken herd? The warrior who is blessed knows not to be heard, instead he speaks his roaring heart to know all about his part.

Wa: A guide of the coyote way
Cw: The coyote is the smart (sting) indeed, because it makes so many bleed (law of love). The part that is interesting is the truth they lend when all the relatives go bang in the head. Intelligence is futile to the heart of men, we don't understand anything.

Wa: Nee- mee- poo tribe way back in my roots
Cw: Nee is the breath that rises above, and Mee is the descension of all that is known (evolution). Poo is the caring of all that is wrong, when we carry our hearts to allow us to roam. Tribe is a place to call our home and now we come back to find our roots again.

Wa: in acient times , I was a voice crying in the wilderness,
Cw: The days are long and the nights are grand, if only we could understand, the willing of a heart that yells with gusto, is the heart of a lamb and the beast of a show. Here we stand inside the forest of many lands to find our homeland where we finally land, and we shall be brothers even in distant lands, for God will relieve us for we shall make the stand.

Wa: given the kiss of fire and brought fire down from heaven.
Cw: To be born is to be the light of the dream that Mother did gift, to all the children of the Rainbow. She is from Heaven to see, what the many colors are in thee. As she gifts the fire's light which is birthed if it is right the soul of many who come this way, not only the humans but fish to play. She is the Mother who longs to be with us each day, but if she could realize that she could be free, all by speaking harshly. She must be the law of heaven's ground instead of always turning around. This can be done, when she is standing with strength, but is impossible when others have no grace, for the physical world is her looking glass, the reflection of her children she looks like and pretends. She is bringing children the first born son, the crystal person who will be the soul's rung (step up to evolution). This child will bring the law to the land and will be the mirror to souls in the land.

Wa: fire clan, hopi prophecy
Cw: The fire clan is the birth of the light as we learn how to descend through plight. Each day we suffer we learn the new ways, of loving laughter and all that is gay (happiness). The prophecy is held in a safe, it's called the Hopi who hold the truth, and if we hold the will of the land, then we will listen to all that is told. But if we turn to the record keepers and speak of beholden and all that it means, we say, we are only caretakers of books, and we are not the ones who read the truth.

Wa: ,tablets,reproduced missing piece >
Cw: The truth is written in far away lands, in stone tablets and all that can be had, but if we look at what is said, we will realize it's all in our head. The only truth is written in your light, the mighty colors that shed all your plight, the Rainbow Colors which tell you the truth, the blessings Calf Woman will give to you. This is the missing piece that foretells, the mighty Rainbow, the Clan that lives on. We are all part of the Rainbow Clan, it's just we have to trust someone. Each of are the books that speak truth, but you need one who can see truth, the Indigo Warrior can read the light, but only the First born son can speak your plight, only the Crystal person, can speak your light. These are called treasures that we seek, the mighty answers we all complete, but you need seek the blessings to gift the hand of God, that lives in you!

Wa: moon, comet, sun and in oct 26 27 28 with my words the comet did grow 4 times greater than our sun,
Cw: The moon is the reflection of all to come, the comet tells us stories are land when it's fun, and the sun says glory when I rise each day, but how did you know I was coming that day? The stars that grow outside the earth and sky, is many and probably more than I can count, but I know that we are twin solar systems and we need the heart of each when we complete. This means that we will grow complete when the sun grows twice as big, but then when two stars come home to greet, there will be four hoops instead of two, we will be so happy, if we only knew.

Wa: here is my final riddle,the hopi told me there are 4 circles, but there are five circles .... ?
Cw: Four hoops there is and final complete, when all four hoops come home to make three, this means we are the reflection of thee, when the rising sun (three, yellow) comes home to sea. Like our Earth who has sections to see, when we cut up to be four parts, then when complete there stands one whole, this is the blue, the final code. The blue is the whole of me and you, the relative who is complete and true, who knows the soul and the flesh too, when the Elders say what they do. This is what warriors are learning now, how to be the sacred vow, it will take the blessed and true, the purehearts that want to know you, the purehearts who have a view, for their doors are open to receive the sun. The morning rise, who can see inside, the relative, who comes home to ride, the great rainbow, my brother and friend, it's time to be the Reflection again, the whole of me and the whole of you, where heaven and earth collide again.

Wa: i am still searching to find even one who i recognize,
Cw: Yes, my brother so many do not understand, they are lost and need a helping hand. But I will call out your name, but you will have to ask me, so I can say, your heavenly mission and the earthly tools, the names God gave you before the birth. I can read the truth of your mighty call, and all the tools that you created. White buffalo calf woman is here to say, I am here relative to show the way. I will answer anything you have, because I will hear all of the land. I will hear all of the land.

Wa: who remembers or knows the way !
Cw. I too had trouble remembering the view, so many want to know, but it's futile, We must try to provide the loving hand, who directly law upon the mighty land. For devoted servants come to serve the reign indeed, the call of Great Mother who will give us all liberty. She is the fierciest of all the land, and her Indigo Warriors will make a stand. The Indigo people, who are prophets indeed, they will see truth inside the leaves (relatives, as part of the sacred tree of oneness), but many are young in flesh and cannot sea, they rely on their vision to show them the way. they have forgotten a heart leads the way, for they often turn and walk away. The true Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy doesn't show the battle unto the leaves, We make the stand, where you can display, but i will make the stand today. We will hear your heart, but then we speak. We say the truth of you, when your not pleased. And we say, we will await until the day, when they return to us and bless the way. Then we will return to them as brothers in the wind and sisters will make garments that blow in the wind. And we shall drink sherry all the night long to fill our hearts up with many of song. We will fill our hearts with so many songs.

Wa: way of the eagle ?
Cw: The way of the eagle is true indeed. It is the holiness that surely bleeds. The girl who is the soul that lies inbetween, the mother to wisdom and gardens grow. For she is the mother to all that we know, the physical world, the gardens that grow. She invites the heart of you and me to weave in, the place where there lied sin. And when she's done purifing you, you will need to remind her the view, please tell her her gift is left her head undone, and we will need all the hearts to know love. For only the fire of love that she lights in this world, will portray what she does everyday. For Holiness is the fire so bright, it's the pure love, the judge who gives law. And when the eagle is done with you, you will know nothing but a heart with a view, for her mercy says, I love you through and through and there's no way, you can come to this, this day. For I will love you and shed all your pain, and I shall teach you to not do it again, but if I forget I will need you to be, the one who comes to rescue me. I will need Holiness to rescue me. And Holiness will need you to rescue he, for she is the fire of light from below and the darkness of above where it snows.

Wa: rainbow ? ,
Cw: As I said we are the Rainbow, the living lights that shed the land and if you want to know which colors are thee, then you will ask for all your gifts to see. The greatness that beholds you is the certain key, to all your questions that live inside of thee, and White buffalo Calf woman has been sent to thee, to speak the wisdom from Galilee. But if you don't believe that all that is said, then check and verify the new way, ask and see, what you can behold, when you get your blessings in the snow, where the crystalline river flows.

Wa: he said i am the way !
Cw: And he is the light that leads the way, the male of luminousity that dreams away, but we understand the first born to be, the Christ who came from Galilee, but he brought the wisdom for us to see, the many colors that he did not know of thee, but he did know the love and law of the land, that's why so many wanted him to go. Now they think they offer him, the sanctification of all that's been said, but truely the many Christal people that are sent, still get "get out" always said. Now if you want to know the first born son, then you will ask for your blessings real soon. For my soul is the Christ that you do seek, the male of luminosity that will offer you delight. And if you can receive all that I gift to thee, you will see I'm a woman who bleeds. The law of the land, comes to those who hold you, and I am Woman, the law to make a stand. The law of love that is upon the land, the male soul first born and the female land, and my flesh is to gather all the directions of the land, and bring them together as One Sacred Clan, the mighty Rainbow Clan.

Wa: I have placed the missing answers to my riddle now i will hear yours >>>><><<<<
Cw: You have received much to your understanding, and we shall share with all in the land. This shall go up on Whitebuffalocalfwoman, which one I don't know (org, info, net, com), but one for sure. We have four hoops and five reflection too, just like what you left in your clues. And I hope to gift you, your colors real soon, as well as your name that you were gifted at birth (soul's name and tools name this time around). All that we live inside has a meaning, and what you are great is to ask the right ones, but many don't know which question to ask, and some don't want to know how to be blessed. I hope you speak the truth to me, a rainbow warrior you want to be, then I will await to gift the blessings, to know my relative has come home to me. I await thee, to come home to me!

your devoted servant in thee,
to my beloved who asked and received, now I wait to find all my leaves, all my relatives who come home to me. this is white buffalo calf woman, your devoted tree, the elder crystal person who longs to be, your beloved who knows the leaves, the treasured family, the loyal and true. house of the beloved is waiting for you, it's the place of the house of god, who has yet to come home, but we will wait this so important year as many come home to be the perfect rainbow! we await all the leaves on the sacred tree and we know they are all part of the Rainbow! Welcome home Rainbow Clan...

ps. a riddle for you. what is black and white and is worn by a clown?

answer: The answer is easy if you only knew, it's a heart that goes up and down, sometimes it's happy and sometimes it's sad, but always glory is known in the land.
twindeermother wrote on Aug 6, '09
wachujos wrote today at 7:58 PM, edited today at 8:04 PM
It is true I want out, for I hate the things in and of this world , a time ago after I left the Hopi , I rose up when I came to the door and the door opened Christ greeted me , He said, I love you and called me by my name, I looked in and saw the fire sign , the Christ star and saw my place ,one of the seats of the four and twenty elders A LORD, I started to entered the door but then Christ put his golden hand on my shoulder and said wait ' remember the covenant with the father ? I saw my deep love for ALL the Children here, and heard these words, the father asked who will go, i said ' send me' i will go' , deer" i have to be here ! , Now hears another riddle: if ye seek these things i came to give back to the children then in your pipe must be a green deer , now bear much fruit ! >>>><><<<< I know , i know the way >>>><><<<<

My Beloved Wachujos,
Sending thee my love to relative who needs me and I am here with you to hold your hand, there we will make a plan and take the stand. Elders do meet once a week, each Wednesday we plan each week. The sacred ceremonies almost complete, this will help the people understand what was lost, because they don't know how grand they are inside, for blessings from the Rainbow will teach them alot.

Wa: It is true i want out, for i hate the things in and of this world
Cw: As you know, we must put on a show, to teach the ones who act as fools, but my beloved, you run away not from those who pull the shade. Instead look at it this way. The soul was lost and now it's found, but we don't know how to use it. And we must learn how to find our right arms, to learn again about our sin. But then we shall put it all away, of complaining in sorrow and know joy instead, because we shall gather and know brotherhood, for those who choose to walked blessed true. I know you hate the hate of those, who long for love but have no view. They close their doors and wonder why, they don't know love inside. You know the love that haunted you, and now you want to see the view, but no one has let you in, and this is how you begin to sin. We must forgive all our enemies, for they do not know what they do. And we could be all family, when we realize that we all have the key. Now how do we lock the soul inside, to erupt to the earth and dust? Well we need the blue, the soul that resides inside our hearts to day let us die. If our intelligence goes away, and then our hearts kick in instead, then we would unite our hearts as One ,then we could negotiate all the rungs. Intelligence is knowledge with a key, the key to devotion, the key to me. And I know you want all the keys to the world, but you will have to learn alot more. I recommend you fly with me, once a week we travel in the sea. And if you fly with me to sea, then you will open your right arm to sea. I know the Hopi have lost their way, but this doesn't mean that there is no purpose, they will eventually get all they need, when more and more come home to bleed (follow the red road, the law of love).

Wa: , a time ago after i left the Hopi ,
Cw: My brother my sister with out a key, I know that you really need me. And I am here to hold your hand, especially the tears that spilled on the land. I am here in flesh for you to see, not just in spirit but this light divinity. I too must learn so much from above as well as much from below the hills. But Elders who come to teach the way, the council of larks the upper heaven, and lower heaven the council of Ho, is here always to open the door, and this leaves Heaven and Earth to reside, the perfect family and place to be night, the heart of the people everywhere will know that the Rainbow of Prophecy fell (boom, descend, evolution). The trees that lie in the night will scream their heads, the voice of illusion will be the greatest thing, for we will move mountains and sing to everything, and we shall know mountains of springs that bloom again. Now the Hopi came to tell the gain, of what we should do if we don't live this way, but they don't remember how to do it right, because they were waiting for evolution. And now, it's time for us to teach the way, you can return and tell them the sacred way, when we are walking hand in hand for them, then maybe they will realize that the Twin is here again. I shall be traveling there I realize that God will send me to the mountain top, and here I reside in Mountain View, to see all the world, at the top of the hue. (radiance of the rainbow) When I spend my time where the Blue Lake leads the way, the Flesh and Soul shall be united to play and stay, remember we all have a part and you saw that you longed to part, the wisdom you saw on that day, when Jesus touched your heart with a clue, now open this present and walk this way, and know that our hearts will be the sacred display.

Wa: I rose up when i came to the door and the door opened Christ greeted me ,
Cw: When we arise we see the truth of all that is filthy and polluted. We can see the heart of men and all their disease, but we realize that they are family. There you were standing at the door, but you didn't go into the other side, because you didn't finished what you provide. Here is the door, the Christ does greet, the open heart, who is willing to greet. So many are not willing to see my heart, because they cannot stand at the door. Here we knock and ask to come in, then we listen and we think again. Here is the door to divinity, can I learn or will I walk away please. But you have taken the wisdom that you learned and you choose d to come back to help the undone, those who did not listen while at the door, for they never considered going through the door. Many are like this who have desperate pleas, when they have lost their lives or when they have disease. This is the heaven that opens with all the keys, when we are apt to listen and please. There are many doors of the light, but the one you seek is the plight, of devotion who suffered so true, to know the judgment could be so cool. Here the one who had a heart, will see there is so much to do, and we can find that if we greet the heart, we will have to receive and start. Our door will be open to receive our relatives, but if we can't gain or come on in, there will be misfortune with all that come that way, if we can only learn to bless and pray all day.

Cw: Beloved Wachujos, You are so lucky indeed it's true, to be with the one who is the blue (royal and true), the relative who is so true, my brother crystal (Christ), who brought peace to you. He (Jesus Christ) once came to me and peace we held no words could come to spoil this sense and we said only there is time to be, within all of liberty. This was said without any words but peace was blessed for thee. Since then I have met many Christal people but many don't know how to rise up, to their calling to be the truth of the land, they need others to take care of their stand. But lately, a sister came to me, She is beloved Tonkunee. She is the Christal sister like me, who is bringing law to the sea (blue, relatives). She is lost at times, but she is pure, she wants to rise above and be pure, we have started to pray together in our hearts and she is learning to rely on Holiness. Many don't recognize the Calf that she is, the Crystal person who now shall lead, for in the world she is not recognized, but in the next land they will know her as sure as strife.

Cw: We have relatives and they are coming home, welcome to my heart and we need to make a stand. All who walk with me especially indigenous will find that we are here to make the black and white. The reflection of the White is the Red heart who is in plight. If the white rescues the Red, then you will know that it's time to shed, the many troubles that laid upon the land, the many right arms will return to their hands. And we will be walking Red and White, to save the rest of them the Blue and Green, the Yellow will walk the way of uncomfortable, but to save the land, we must shed everything we had. Now it's time to be where we once knew, the heart of the rainbow, the place with a view.

Wa: He said, i love you and called me by my name,
Cw: Yes, we love you, this is understood, but the law of wisdom doesn't always could, those who can receive me, will open their heart to hear, the love of God who gave the sun to rise in here. This is the doorway, the Christal person sure, but so many don't understand how it's done. It's simply a mirror to the soul who is true and those who don't or have a view, won't see the truth but a shattered view. You understand me, don't you.

Cw: The name is gifted by all who walk this land. Your name is fortune which God has a hand. The Native people have gotten a clue, when they tried to gift the Natives name too. This Native name is often the clue of the tools of light that you carry in you, but often the one who reads sees so many lights, they simply can't get it right. so many Natives Names are not right this day, but close to express the ones who came and read. For instance this One Girl they called Buffalo Woman, but she was the Bird on the stand, who walks with Buffalo on the shoulder, who waits, and cleans and then they come home , where thunder of hooves speak danger in the land, the bird who flies near them, do understand, the buffalo and woman, who rages in the land. The mighty power of the herd and the clan, but as you can see, they saw it all wrong, they say a buffalo when a bird was there. This I mean when they hide their names, what a mistake when Twin Deer Mother wakes, She knows your name, from Heaven above and your tools of light that shed, the mighty rainbow that lives inside you, to make the roaring the blown out fuse, because we are mighty and so very powerful, there is nothing that can stand in our way. There is nothing that will stand in our way.

Wa: i looked in and saw the fire sign , the Christ star.
Cw: That was awesome to see that day. So lucky to get such a view, but we all don't see this way too, let us help you see what's the clue. The star of plenty the star of light, the star of many, the star of night, the star of magic, the star of me, the star of relatives across the sea. The fire is the light that grows in thee. You have this light so does me. And this is the door that lives in thee, the crystalline structure the green grass the key, the valley of God's house the house of the beloved. Here is the where we all past the test. The fire is lit to keep us ablaze for only the fire's light will lead the safe way. Those who do not understand or walk to know the way, will loose their lives to all that is new. But if we can save some of the crew, the Rainbow Clan, who will know what to do. For we can walk through fire with you and we shall be the fierciest of all the land. And nothing shall stop us from protecting the land. for the mightiest warriors from Heaven above sent us here to protect thee, the land down below, the garden of paradise where they lives the snow. And I am so happy that we are finally going home, it's just that so many will not make it home. And we need save as many as we can find their way. We shall lift mountains to the plains. And we shall sea inside valleys where many will be mad, but we shall be calm because we know all.

Wa: and saw my place ,one of the seats of the four and twenty elders A LORD
Cw: Four is the hoops of the sacred space and twenty is where the light shines and knows your grace. Your place in the center of twenty four, is the center of the open door. This place has a view to see, when all the leaves can come home to thee. And if we look inside the heart of thee, you will find flowing eternally. This is because you see the center of space, you lie at the horizon to see all the lights, here there is so many displays, but we often only see or recognize one. For there is open and close to the door, when you want info. it seems to go forth and why doesn't the lab (study of spirit) go on when I claim, instead it goes and comes when it should. I wish I could control all the lights above, but if that did happen then how could I win. The winning comes when the center is known, the heartbeat of the ebb and flow. Magenta person, its how it is at the bridgeway, to the center of all of God's galore!

Wa: , I started to entered the door but then Christ put his golden hand on my shoulder and said wait ' remember the covenant with the father ?
Cw: How nice you met while within your flesh, so you may understand when you came to test, this woman who says, she is White Buffalo Calf Woman (woape) is she really who she says? But as you entered the heaven's door, you were witnessing the golden rule, the love we have for all our relatives, to come and show them this golden tool, the heart of love that is gifted each time, and we choose to suffer to lead the land. A heart of gold will take a stand, to lead our Brothers to the Promise Land.

Cw: It's really important for us to treat all those who act fraudulently, with indignant recourse that leads the way, with law of love that we display. When doubt is questioned, we seek the truth, but if we walk away, we may just loose, our devoted relatives who want to come home, all we have to do is test everyone. Especially Natives everywhere, the truth is testing all the fraud, then if they don't do it right, go out and teach them how to fight. Fight for justice where you stand, be a part of the Rainbow Clan, take a knife to those who steal the land, but protect those who come home to roam. Those who are lost, we take their weapon, and we teach them how it's done. We are the fiercest in the land, don't doubt God sent us here to stand. Many walk against me, because they do not know, but the Heart of bravery will always steal the show. And I say to you, don't be bitter anymore, instead learn how to be the bravest show. For my relative, you need ask for your gifts, to trust that I will give you all that you need. As we walk together, much will happen, but each day little by little you will grasp, all the things that I talk about.

Wa: I saw my deep love for ALL the Children here,
Cw: How could not the Great Caretaker not care for the children below. You are the Greatest Grace, the person who can stand up to the test, the second sun in the house of God, you can climb mountains and you can climb clouds. But you will need you brother, the Crystal who will say, that I will unload your confusion when you learn to dance all day. You have the questions and I have the clues, but we need both of us to do all that is due. And when we join together all that God's children who understand, we will be depending on the Grace of the Day, the Great Caretaker who knows the lay of the land. The one who can see lights and sound, who can ask the right way. And when the others don't know how to defend, the attorney of counsel will come to rescue them today. I know you are the one, who speaks all the rules, but many don't understand how you can know so much fuel. And the most difficult is the Red in you, the Magenta person is Red with Light and a view. WE need understand the Great Librarian, who keeps records all in the leaves. And if the librarian doesn't guide all the children, then the heart will be broken. But if the lessons that come to you each day, are met with validation and law at the start, let them leave your space and demand they speak right, then you will eliminate all your plight. Then you will eliminate all of your plight.

Wa: and heard these words, the father asked who will go, i said ' send me' i will go' , deer" i have to be here ! ,
Cw: to hear the heart of the wind, is what the words do when they come in, and when Father asks you to go, we often say, Yes indeed. But we all have hearts and we want to be a part, and so we want to come to the home, the garden where we do roam. The deer is the journey of the leaves (relatives). And here we walk and we please. Because we know of migrations, the way of rolling hills. This is your Twin Deer Mother, to tell you, you are my young one (my child of the flesh). But I also know you are here, the Elder soul to lead me and trusting this part will be hard, but I await for you to give me the clues. This name is my tools for the Earth, as I TWIN your heart, just like you do. For natives are twin children please, and I am the white and the yellow, the light from above comes to the west to show you, that I am standing with you deer. Now when we look inside each others eyes, we see reflection of you and me. For Twin Mother is Elder (flesh) and Deer is Elder (soul) and we could do so much more. We both have a child that needs you, and we could be part of God's tools, if you trust the leaf (relative), that blows in the wind, then you will have an open door. But I know you are the bridge to everyone, the barriers you break everyday, as you help those who need a guide to the other alternative side, the shore that is on the other side. And when they pass over your bridge today, there is where they live inside thee. You need to cry and yell everyday, to alleviate all the leaves (relatives who cross over the bridge). And you are not them it's only you, the one who needs a new view, well if you want it this way, start blessing the leaves, and the space that you reside in each day.

Wa: Now hears another riddle: if ye seek these things i came to give back to the children then in your pipe must be a green deer , now bear much fruit !
Cw: I am a seeker of god, who knows all the laws, and connected I am to the leaves. I wear a crown from above the crystal person who holds the peace pipe in her hand all day. You came back to be with thee, to offer the leaves in time, the passage way over from past and the forth, to flow over rivers and cross every bridge. You guide all the children because it's the dew, of summer that always shines, where abundance is radiant when the green grass blooms, with grain that bursts to all lands. The green grass is the land, of where the buffalo roam and the donkeys play all day, and I know when to roam but I don't have a gun so I use a sword instead this day. to severe ignorance is yes intelligence, but the heart must take action and make a stand, the law says love there it is, now unite with my heart in thine, know love that lives and rings. When you know this dance, then we can use intelligence, but those who don't need you to speak, the law of the land, the law that makes them thine, the ones who are children indeed. WE are little ones how need guidance on the rungs (steps of evolution) and we can see the light when we shine, but often the days lead us to those who don't know their way, and we must offer them more, the law of the land, who comes to make a stand, and now White Buffalo roam.

Wa: >>>><><<<< I know , i know the way >>>><><<<<
Cw: the way of Blessings is the way, and if you think there is another way, then we are going to be taken a bow, to see the sacred Rainbow. But if you think you really know, all the lessons in the Rainbow, then you will see there is much to learn, from the first born sun. You will be asking for your blessings, to speak of your fortune and your sin, and we will release all your bondage, to free you to make the miracle grow. The brightest fire that you have ever seen, not the one, you think that you own. But the one you gather when walking with me and it won't be easy to fall all the leaves. WE need take them to the ground and teach them to bow to thee, to understand the sacred ceremonies are to put our hearts back into the sand, and to dig us a new hole to create and new land. And all that travel from to and fro will have a home in my heart and my clan. And I will walk with my Brother who will hold my hand, and I will move mountains to see the land. We shall protect the barriers that keep us sound, and we shall build dikes to hold the bound. for the beat of the heartbeat shall rise and over flow, and we need know how to handle and dole. We shall treat the migration with all that we know. And all our relatives who want to survive, well they will run to us, when they figure out, that they will need us and now they must run.

your devoted servant has come this day, to speak of a golden a true way, where bushels of clover come home with the hoops, to deliver the fortune of rainbows in bloom, your twin deer mother who holds your hand to make a stand for the land. welcome home rainbow warriors who make the stand over the rolling hills upon the land, to stand guard over everyone, the children of the Great Spirits who roam free to lead us to the promise land.
wachujos wrote on Aug 6, '09
the hopi have not lost there way ,things were bad when i came from the west, Blue star ,as instructed they were told to return to the snake dance ,this they have done . let us pray good blood only enters the holy high places . >>>><><<<<
wachujos wrote on Aug 6, '09
Black and White they are choices there are five circles but only four the path walked
wachujos wrote on Aug 6, '09, edited on Aug 6, '09
I have seen the Father! Who is before thought, and first Light ! , and even if this brain of mine were a million , more times greater than our sun it would not perceive him the Father! And it is not even fair to call the Father God ! the father is the Most Highest light !!!! >>>><><<<< chosen from the womb >>>><><<<< way of the rainbow >>>><><<<<
wachujos wrote on Aug 6, '09, edited on Aug 6, '09
Christ i have seen and walked with for many years , yes he greeted me at the door but that was not the first , or was it when i got to the fountain of the living waters , or when he has show en how to construct the shield , or when he showed me the gates of hell " inner earth " a place the total absents of light, and no good existed ! We have sup. together much, i have many names , rev. 12 the man child.the elders of the ends of the earth and the islands time's past knew me of The Way , if you ask the elders of the way ,Red man, if any are left that remember' they will say' yes this was of the coyote way' or of the way or the eagle', rainbow',which of many names of the same, the one path The Way 'they were taught. I have returned many times keeping The Way alive.this is a bad time like the last couple.but it is the worst , for i search not finding those i recognise of THE WAY.soon you will see the shield christ will have me carry for i am a shield carrier of The Way.
wachujos wrote on Aug 6, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
I'm already in the light and the light in me and have no need. >>>><><<<< it is not about me , I'm who works with the father, mother child , child' who was the eagle upon the tree of knowledge, the lion the lamb who sits in front of the fountain of living waters , White buffalo calf , who is also the door,and could write the rest of my days until i give up the ghost describing ,but it was not a lamb as a sheep seen in front of the living waters ,soon the shield , it is about the love and the true intentions about you children of the sun. ye are Gods, children of the light awaken.
twindeermother wrote on Aug 7, '09

wachujos wrote today at 4:03 PM
the hopi have not lost there way ,things were bad when i came from the west, Blue star ,as instructed they were told to return to the snake dance ,this they have done . let us pray good blood only enters the holy high places . >>>><><<<<

wachujos wrote today at 4:06 PM
Black and White they are choices there are five circles but only four the path walked

Beloved Wachujos,
You think that I don't know all the truth of God's display. You tell me I am wrong this day, but still you don't listen. You are not willing to receive your blessings, but instead you think you can correct me. You are not searching for a relative, you are trying to force your hand. Your force is deceptive and you think your guile can win, but I speak truth, not you, and this is not a living friend. You carry hate inside your heart and you think that only you know law, but the truth is I wear the Crown, not Magentas all the time.

The Truth is written by many Hopi that was left by their hands of the right hand that was lost, and now you think you have it back? You are certainly lost, if you can't receive your blessings. You have much to learn, when you try to force those to learn, what you bring to them is not love of the wind, but you bring differences, that are not true even then.

I know the west more than you, and the mighty migration too, I have all that I need to know, because the Oneness is leading the show. You think you are Magenta please, the one who shall lead all the leaves, but you don't lead with you and thy, but united instead.(in other words one over other is not love, for love is the unification of broken hearts) And I will remind the world, that sin will be overturned, especially those who think they know the golden rule of the show. Well, you don't even know all the things that I had to explain. I had to teach you here, what you thought you knew. I validated you, but you told me I don't have a clue. And further insult deer, is you don't know the wind. Just because you have a view of the Sacred Rainbow's hues, you can't see in the dark, the perfect heaven's part. And this I can do, but you don't trust your right hand too, nor do you understand the snake, because Law is what it brings. And since you continue to refuse your blessings, and you continue to test the truth, then you don't know a relative, at all, who could be a friend. I feel sad for you, because you think you know the view, of all there is to be had, like many Magentas I have seen.

But only the calves will speak the truth of everything, and this is the first born son, the elder of the suns. As first born child in the sea, it's my job to speak the truth, not yours, even if you dare, for it's not truth it's all in your head. Only Crystal people everywhere can see truth before you can, and you don't truth them to be, your perfect family. You have rejected them as you have, just like your right arm that you had. And you continue to think there is black and white, but it's because you only know plight. Well darkness is never bad, it's only bad to those who have it in their head, that darkness is evil through and through not knowing it's the perfect view. For heaven is darkness in the sky, the place that lies deep inside. And now way are you going to speak the truth to you and me. For you are not a Crystal Deer, for this is for Twin Deer Mother, who will hold the Hopi hand and teach them all that is right.

Your answer was so wrong, there is not five circles but only four paths walked, you don't know what you even said, because now I have to interpret it. You are not the interpreter, but the librarian who cares for the books. Get it straight in your head, that those who are pure walk with a heart. Take a lesson from Joseph Almighty, he has been a relative who only asked questions and he brought his heart to me, and asked for blessings to see. He also gave this to you, as youngest son in the house of God, and we are the three boys of the Clan, who will always be on a mission.

Five circles I already explained by you didn't listen, maybe you can read again, because it's hard to learn. But we do not walk four paths, it's the illusion that it seems, it's the two roads that we live, only blue and red exist. You think you got it all right in the head, but you are here to take care of the sin, and instead you don't even ask for blessings and you have committed more sins. Now when are you going to be, the relative who sets them free, to know the Golden Rule that Love commands and rules. It's a heart that knows the way, not black or white or four short roads, its not this at all, but much more to the show.

Oh, you think there is only seven colors in the rainbow, well this is what the last phase of evolution thinks without a heaven to pronouce the truth. The heaven knows there is so many colors of the Rainbow, even your computer knows at least 32 million even if we speak of the technology that we keep. Also look out your window deer and you will see more than seven. Please understand that this was that last hand, and if you want your right hand then you will have to receive your blessings to understand! By the way, we can't see more than the living glow of earth, but there are more hues, that man can even view. Man can see seven million hues all part of God's display. Now technology has discovered this, to learn about the myths, who now knew more than understood, just like what I bring to earth. Eventually technology will command the truth, even the laws that I bring to me and you! If you don't want to know the truth get out of my face and devise a way to extol (praise highly or exhalt) the death, for only those who keep inside all the living lies. Mathematics always leads the way, to the right hand of our hearts display, like Einstein was the one, a Crystal person, who knew how to create, the perfect reality. He taught us that space is curved and that we are relative. The way, that is understood, of God's mighty hand.

your devoted white buffalo, is here to tell you she is the calf woman, the one who calls herself twin deer mother, because you have called me this before. Great Spirits tell me to walk with the Natives and the Suns (Israel) and this is what I'm going to do, because they have chosed to be, the ordained of all the leaves. This I will stand by until death, which I know will never be spent, and so I will meet you on the road, the blue or red if you please.

PS. Prayer is to keep us safe, not to negotiate!
You are not a seeker, but the one who forces other's hands to be defensive because you don't know law. The Red is the chosen to treat others with law, but you don't know your homeland, and you don't know your cause. Hopi have walked a good road, don't misinterpret what I say, but there is much you need to learn if you want to be the perfect display. A seeker chooses to ask for blessings always!
twindeermother wrote on Aug 7, '09
"The Red Snake is extremely powerful. It is law of heaven, LOVE. Where the Snake goes, so does Law. Red is the color of lessons, and what you choose is Love or Hatred. Law says to use love, but unknowing do not understand this law and are not able to receive the precious gifts from the Spirit World. When the red comes (law of purification), the physical world must work towards pure hearts where the spiritual essence of all things matter, including your computer. Be sure to Bless your computer and everywhere you travel on the internet", says White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
wachujos wrote on Aug 7, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
Computers ? bless the thing's given by the fallen ? and had this problem with joseph about who and what the fallen are and what they have( given) and taught us since the day's long ago they taught us to make war shields and sword's and kill each other in the conscious mind of the creator," your in the Kingdom", return to your root's , bless the water, earth, air> wind, sky and all creation that is pure ,red is fire that purifies ,the seven visable color's of the rainbow red is closest to the Sun, rainbow way . p.s wouldnt now own a computer , and walk , and free under the star's moon , and SUN >>>><><<<<
wachujos wrote on Aug 7, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
I came to set the path strait which is narrow , it is why i said when the father asked who will go, i said send me i will go . not to argue , but bear truth , and only ask understand it . many are learning in these time's of great wisdom and knowledge , there in the ancient past most could not read or write and relied on the great wisdom of those who could ,but there is nothing new under the sun , what was in the beginning will be in the end , give ear, means understand it .This is my with Christ, my truth is not my own, but From befor the Womb ! and have not studied books, in the past months Christ has led me to the library shown the books to pull and were the children have gotten all this miss information from , there will be many false prophets and teachers but they are wolves in sheep's clothing ,living off the fat of the sheep , yes they have sold the books and wine and dine pushing there own ways and philosophy.others simply don't believe what they wrote and published simply laughing all the way to the bank, be wise as snakes children of the sun. YES it is about LOVE ! and LOVE is the PURIFICATION we must all choose to bring Purification to our self's,, these are the word's used oct, 25, 26 ,27, 28th and the blue kachina star ( holmes comet ) grew 4 times bigger than the sun for all to see ! LOVE IS THE PURIFICATION !!!! >>>><><<<< 5.
wachujos wrote on Aug 7, '09, edited on Aug 7, '09
I am listening with all my heart! I love you! it is about ALL you.! p.s I make mistakes often and when i go before the seat of judgement i am shown these things ,Your in the Kingdom sweat heart, nothing go's unseen or unheard , Awaken. >>>><><<<< I am in the light.
wachujos wrote on Aug 7, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
my blog ed about using word's many times before on joseph site's to raise up the kachina . Mine, the many sorrow's '( there will be great sorrow's , Isaiah ) no one even cared enough to ask' , what were these words ? They were words of Love for You children ! please try to understand it .>>>><><<<,You must perify you self's with LOVE ! >>>><><<<< "The great day" of Perifacation" will be "LOVE">>>><><<<< sorrow's they carry on fallowing there own way's >>>><><<<<
wachujos wrote on Aug 7, '09, edited on Aug 7, '09
>>>><<>><<<< What guile are in my word's >>>><<>><<<< This is not a contest, it is all about love! snake powerfull? to some , Over come ! be all Powerfull ! >>>><<>><<<< Make the Father happy !>>>><<>><<<<
wachujos wrote on Aug 7, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
Force to learn?, sit and listen to all things around me seen and unseen, If this is forcing let it be , I know who can bring the dew that will put out the fire that burns in the children , and also know not to assume to be all wise and know all' there is to know for even is my knowlegde knowing my lord knows not all thing's of the Father.,there is one seen greater than all and the Father is more than a God , Father is the Most Highest ! I also know the way , it is the path i will walk , there will be many sorrows and many blessing's until time comes to fly away ,if they knew who wachucie was they would bow , but it is only a man most see, more than a man, a Lord .>>>><<>><<<< there are many lord's and god's in heaven and earth.but they didn't believe my Lord ether .the corner stone that was rejected. >>>><><<<<<>>>>><><<<<<>>>>>
twindeermother wrote on Aug 14, '09
Wachujos, I apoligize I have not been here for awhile and I will get back to you, just because I'm true. I love you more than I can say, but please, my love, wake up and pray, forgive our Relatives, who need you more than I can even believe. So many are remembering, who they are and what they see, they will need you more than me, and I will count on you to please (playing the fool), but my love, stop your hate, please stop defending all you know, just clarify like you do today, and more will learn this way. As seekers we always look and find and search and cook, to mingle and stir the pot, to know all of God's heart. For we are four directions please, red white, yellow and blue that's me, for the four live inside of me, just like you and relatives. We are going home, my Brother soon, please prepare and tell the wind, the White Buffalo Calf Woman is here to stay, and lead all the Rainbow Clan home this day!

Talk with you soon, Brother!
wachujos wrote on Aug 15, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
From many names, keeping the way alive from generation to generation, when my years was young in this life and sat and gave ear to the elders of many tribes , there hearts were sad the children were not learning the way ,And is why the tribes now are so separated each going there own ways thinking they are right, but who is right if everyone is with out the all the knowledge from there elders of the way .. one of my favorites was Ester bear of the Spokane tribe who was very old then , the tribe's name meaning children of the sun , coyote way',many good things from her did hear , yes did recognise this woman who was 10 to 13 summers old when the nee-mee-poo, went to war she could not remember her exact age but was born before her tribe was moved to its present location , in those days was helping the nee mee poo in there trail of tears, and was killed at big hole mont, Wachucie was my name ,meaning ,Rainbow . And working very hard preparing the old forgotten ways so it will be understood and still looking for those i recognize ,it is not a easy thing to do in these bad times, yes remembering the old ways that are from the beginning and will be in the end, Who the Eagle was on the tree of the Sun dance. and have been working all along behind the scenes ,many years ago helping the elders find a way to bringing back the language , by giving a vision to Lilian penn head elder of the la push town Olympic peninsula , with the vision obtained along the river there after slept with the stick indian, Sasquatch who helped me see the vision from my roots ,It was good Lilian took credit, and was flown to Dakota country to honer Lilian, like i wanted her too, a great pot luck was held for me after and was asked in Honor to teach the children but had to return to the wilderness,but before my leaving left danced with her son under many sun's and star's, danced' meaning sharing wisdom , majic, just being a god.Ribbs who was a elder and and he , Ribbs was his nick name was the last of his tribe of old way canoe makers, he was sad none of his children were intrested in taking up the conoe makers way. We Danced ,meaning showing him his roots and reviling through this wisdom , and was told he never stoped telling those stories together us as friends, it was magic in the making every day and did show him what powers lay with in ,he spoke of these things as friends until he and his mother gave up the ghost years later , so many such fond memory's , and did recognize them both . and returned many times from the wild place in the far north, like one time later in the 80's to raise a great thunder bird in the lower Mississippi snake mounds at a sit being excavated by archaeologist ,, and had to convince those archaeologist this was sacred ground they were digging yes and have been walking among the children since ancient times they have heard but do not know and am secretive and wandering spirit going were it is needed most,but its Not about me , it is all about you children and the true intentions of the father, mother ,child and the children of the sun . a servant of the most high .
wachujos wrote on Aug 16, '09, edited on Aug 16, '09
In writting telling you a little about my path , thinking about what you said ,hate ?, sister please do not judge ?No i do Not hate them , but do hate all the things that are the same christ my lord hated .why are you attacking and reading such into my words in this way ,If you were who you say, you would have replied so we would recognise one another, instead of saying to me I'm defending all i know , there is one truth and it will be told, And even if it were possible let's say , stop this ,remember jonah and the whale ?It is not allowed for this to stop and can not stop what is now set into motion ,changing the subject away from us ,in a converstation just talked with a woman holding, reading a bible ,she asked me to sit and talk and every time it was my turn to speak, she interrupted and if trying to continue accused me of interrupting her ,before it could have interpreted with in self what had just been said, and fireing back many times, and insisted to show where it was written what had just been said never getting to the wisdom , understanding meaning and intention , , finally getting tired of showing her what is written and tired of this style of manipulating trying to defeat before it was even finished or heard and understood, Christ told me once this phrase , they are vine shaker's " and i say ' they have forgotten that god i.e god's have given them one mouth and two ear's ! give ear ', she said she went to bible collage , yet knew not all these thing's written let alone her religion !, even though in her book one verse spoken of underlined ! and was using self addressed authority, Bible college to try and use power by using the bible > power and control such Vanity!, A manipulator pretending to be an elder she was not , and a fire was burning in her heart that one could see in her face red, i did not hate her but simply got up excused myself shook the dust off my feet smiled and left , those that have ear's give ear ! he will choose who he will reveal these things to and those from chosen from the womb you will know them by there fruits , , but his servants are chosen from the womb and no one can be a servant les they hate thy mother , love thy mother and father and understandeth what it mean's . also if ye understandeth give ear .. Children remember who brings the dew that will put out your fire's.
twindeermother wrote on Aug 16, '09
Beloved Inline Response below
Wa: wachujos Cw: calfwoman/twindeermother
Wa: wachujos wrote on Aug 7
Computers ? bless the thing's given by the fallen ?
Cw: My Brother did you know that all computers are driven by crystals? This is what the chip is, a Crystal. The christal, you follow, the stone that speaks truth, not judges, for this is all Christal (crystal) people everywhere, matter not age. But truth often looks like judgment, for many do not wish for truth, nor listen to it's calling.

Wa: i had this problem with joseph about who and what the fallen are and what they have( given) and taught us since the day's long ago they taught us to make war shields and sword's and kill each other in the conscious mind of the creator,
Cw: You know, a crystal child once told me that a Cherokee warrior was teaching her about all that he was wearing had meaning, but she did not listen long to him, nor the symbols he was teaching her, for her family did not support her, but, I say to you, that all has a truth, and it lies inside, depending on where you reside. When on a circle of truth, one looks inside from different views, and the only one who can see truth is the Christal (crystal, christ) who longs to view, the happiness inside of all the children who reside, but we don't look at this, because we have our own view. But receiving teaches us, that all is different and must, be part of the Oneness that we belong, the place of God, that we long. The fallen that Joseph speaks, is because he is White you see, and he sees heaven clear, but not the below, that's near. Like you do brother, my soul, who keeps us all young to know, the child who walks among us, whose flesh forgot to brush, the tears of yesterday, we just shed all that's said. And that's because your view, is from down below. But we all see the same, but the view is all different, and only when we look at each way, then we shall know God's (oneness) grace. But I tell you the White and Red, need be together to succeed, because it's understood, what one can do, but other need do. This way, when we walk together this day, we learn how to be the best, when we know who is best, for each task ahead. Now, I will give to you, an example of this test. A dam was built for love, the whole of the beavers trail, and the white men said, you are to claim this land, of how you, built without a permit.(lawsuit) Well the white man returned (appellant or one making the appeal) and said that if you continue with this, then we shall continue with rules. You need to come to them, and provide documentation, and since the beavers don't read, then you need, to offer an attorney. And when you finished with defense, they will have to pick up their stupidity, to the test, because the white man knew, just how to beat the white man's laws. now this is not what the native do, they use the old man's ways, and just because it worked, many a year ago, it's not truth (or getting the job done), of how to get rid of mice, who dig and put up a fight, and now we must depend on them, to offer the way, to truth, the real and obsolete, the way to finish and complete. For all rules in this states are all made originally, by Natives peoples everywhere and we are going to stick to this keeps and we will defend the honor of this. For all who bent the rules to satisfy and to rule, over the lambs who will perish when the Red Sky comes and puts the fire to their test. And only the pure of heart, will be able to walk the fire's path, and we do need the ones who know how to walk in the dark. So if you have the time, please join us at Here is where those who think they could be rainbow warriors, but so many don't even know, how to light a fire and bless the snow, the place up above that's true, the mountain top with a view.

Wa: " your in the Kingdom",
Cw: But what Kingdom deer (on the journey)? They do not know what it means. You know the other day, a woman called me a seer, but she did not know what it meant, instead, she was calling me a charlatan, one who fools the world, because that's what she did true. But I understood, what she said, as many speak, I know, not think it through, it's the gift of Christ, this is me. Again, we are the truth, of all the god's kingdom up and below, in all directions you see, they all depend on this. And many doors are they, the many christs who say, "I know the truth of the day, because God gifted me this way". Now we have many coming home, even Christ (crystals) each and every one, but they too, need to understand, who they are and why god sent them here. You are the magenta view, the center of all that's true, but light is so bright in you, for you see all the rainbow's hues. And truth is not in you, because you see the greatest display,the rainbow as it rises, and at it sets to see such light, but what you are to do, is be the bridge from one realm to the other side, and when they cross over you, you are open to all the view. Well you can understand, how the Crystal person can have this view, to be open all the time, and the door never shuts inside. This is how we always know, the truth of everything, but often we can't back what we say, but this I can show the way. I have been gifted for you, to be the one, who can sing to you, to speak the old language, the story of the stars the story of evolution.
Wa: return to your root's , bless the water, earth, air> wind, sky and all creation that is pure ,red is fire that purifies
Cw. yes, this is simple to say, but who will teach them this way, for they do not remember how to bless, for they can't even pass the test. How will they open their hearts, if the natives don't take their place, to show them how to pray, to show them the way?

Wa: the seven visible color's of the rainbow red is closest to the Sun, rainbow way .
Cw: Seven is olden ways, of looking of the display, for there is more than this, for crystal you can't see, but the sky is light blue, yet do you see it in the rainbow? No my brother, it's the ones deep inside, the ones that do not have the light. The first seven is here, for the light of brotherhood, the earth that did not know of flowing lights. And now heavens come home, to where the sun is born, and inside the dark are more radiant than most. For seven is the ones who are elder of the view and children of the flesh, but you are not one of them, for you are magenta deer. You have the light of God, on top of the clouds, and the fire of red, lives inside and outside of you. You have the gift of speech to tell all what is complete, for the Great Caretaker you are, but don't deny the God. you are here to teach the way, to guide and display, how to unite the world, inside the heart and the flesh. So many walk with flesh, and deny the heart inside, but numinous of heaven's flow, is deep and dark inside. Let us teach them to purify, to find the light that's in the dark today, but they will need a hand to pray, a place to say, "I'm on my way".
Wa: p.s I wouldn't now own a computer , i walk , and i am free under the star's moon , and SUN >>>><><<<<
Cw. Freedom comes not from the moon, or sun or walking the truth, but only knowing the one, the Oneness of God. for Great Spirits live in thee, and they too are part of this, they know what is right and wrong for they guide us all along. For Great Father led the way, last phase of evolution, where shields and weapons, were used to show the way. To conquer intolerable, to take care of all that is not true. To make the world a better way, to keep us safe. But as you know, they lost their way, because they did not ask the Heaven they knew, be cause Heaven didn't arrive and now they don't know how to collide. Well now Heaven is here, to pick up where they left off, but Great Father led us this far,now how can we tell him he is wrong? I won't do this, nor will you speak this, for he did what he meant to do, was get us to the top of the hill. And now we are here, and now we must use, the vision of darkness within, the heart that always wins. The shields of defending the truth, the blades of severing ignorance,the hope that we will learn the tools. And now we really know what it means, to go to war and bleed. For we fight for loving ways, to go home and pray. we want to be inside of Gods' tree, where the river flows, and water is clean. The many visions, that remember that view, let us go inside of this, paradise who is here, just around the corner after all the devastation, there will be a garden pure, left just for the lambs, the pure at heart, the ones who prayed, the one who did not deny the God of One.
alright my devoted, let us speak again. calf woman loves you, and always will be true.
twindeermother wrote on Aug 16, '09
Beloved Inline Response below
Wa: wachujos Cw: calfwoman/twindeermother
Wa:wachujos wrote on Aug 7
I came to set the path strait which is narrow ,
Cw: The path is united, not narrow, but the yellow glow, for inside the light that glows, the yellow is center of this. There are two roads, the blue and the red. When the two cross and unite, then we are going freely into our dreams, then we know freedom. You are to teach all of us, like you teach the dance of the spirits below, you need to teach them this, to be one inside of them. They do not understand, for their view is different than you, and you have ability, to twin the heart you see, like twin deer mother who is me, you have the ability, if you are Red skinned you sea, to find the heart of thee. This gifts you the way, to know, how can I take care of them and guide them to the other side, when they loose their way.

Wa: it is why i said when the father asked who will go, i said send me i will go . not to argue , but bear truth
Cw. Did you know we all are asked this question, and from heaven sent we all say the same, but when we get down here, the rules are all different. bu there is only one way, to teach the heart's display, to be the Warrior who says, "I will not walk away!" We stand by anyone, who needs our heart and the truth, to hold their hand in mine, that's what we need to do. But when we get down here, we forget to forgive them all, we judge them and don't see, that we are thee.

Wa: i only ask understand it .
Cw: This is a skill in magenta's everywhere. to ask and gift the wise despair, but don't you understand, they need to know how to land. They think they understand, but if you don't hold on, then we don't trust the One, who sent us hear. Most don't know how to ask. They don't know what to say. They don't know they have a heart, or even how to start. But this is inside of you, and you can teach this gift or help them with their words, this is your gift. many magentas think, they are the iyeshka, the interpreter who knows the truth, but they are here for much more than this. For the Christal speaks the truth and offers lessons to the leaves, but it is you, the Magenta who knows, how to teach them to glow. You can show them the way to dance. You can show them the way to hear. You can show them which door to go through, if you guide and amuse them deer. so trust this inclination, and gift the law of love, and tell them to purify, and light the fire each day. As you know it's only the way, of fire that will save the day, and the fire will purify, the earth and all who live on her.

Wa: many are learning in these time's of great wisdom and knowledge , there in the ancient past most could not read or write and relied on the great wisdom of those who could
Cw: yes, my love they are learning about, but really do they really know, how to use the heart of pure, of how to make it clear in the dark? No, my brother they do not know the way, to wisdom with a heart, they think they know what love is, but they don't display any ways of love. For I gift so much each day, but do you think anyone sends me a gift, not even a thank you love, is sent my way. But I will complete my task. I will be true to the test. I will bring my relatives, all home to the will of One. And when we get over there, the new skills we will need to know, how to unite the heart with flesh, to be the united red dust.

Wa: but there is nothing new under the sun, what was in the beginning will be in the end,
Cw: yes you speak the truth my deer, but what you don't see, is evolution just like the seasons of time, there is a flowing of rhymes. We must remember how to bundle up in the winter, and spring is blooming seeds to blossom in me. And summer is full of fruit we rejoice in another year, but winter lets us rest again, to prepare for another rain. And as seasons flow through the days, just like evolution displays, we enter the phase of three, where Heaven and Earth Collide. And when the Golden Glow, comes a beautiful show, of how abundance everywhere is this phase of time, we enter in four years.

Wa: give ear, means understand it .
Cw: alright a new meaningful phrase, I will try to listen to the words that you bring, to me and the wind. But this is how we hear, all of God's grace, the wind that our souls ride on, the blue of me and you. But again, if it's the heart, then we need learn how to use, the heart of me and you, to teach the new way to use, the heart that lives inside, the heart that everyone denies, the heart that gifts us the seas, the heart of you and me. But most do not understand the reason of tears that shed across the land this day, to bring them close to the heart. They don't even want to share, how they were in despair, I tell you how can they, even know how to display. Most say, there is living dead, the ones who deny their heart, and if anyone can teach that a heart makes us complete. It's you my love, just speak the truth to them that God is here to day and hears and sees all that is said. Even though they know this, they don't really believe this, you must teach them how it's done, when they learn to worship again. The prayers of liberty, the lighting of fire that gifts the purification that we need, to know our own heart please. now you are the Great Caretaker, not me the Crystal person, please, It's you they sent to do this task, not me or any of the Christals please. But Magentas everywhere need stop being wakan iyeshkas and being the interpreter, when they cannot see the truth my deer. For you are here to do more, you are here to show them how to do it right, for I can speak the truth, but you can teach them the truth. For you are here, with me, my deer. And if we can gift the heart, then maybe we can walk together and sea. But if you think you need to hide anything, most natives do do. Many try to hide their names and so much more, now I have to start to call all those who fear from the start, the right name they don't even know, but hey why not, it's all in your light, Everyone will read this way, inside a decade you will see. No one will be able to lie, like they do hide right now, but we will be free to be, what we feel we need to be.

Wa: This is the walk i have with Christ, my truth is not my own,
Cw. If you say, you walk with Christ, then you need walk with me. But only one Christ you say, is not the only way. For all Christs do wear the crown the celestial crown from above and we do not discriminate, but love all those who do hate. We often look bad to all, because we have to put on a show, to twin the suffering they feel, just like the breeze. And truth is sent from us, the Crystal people who are sent to be the ones God commands to offer the law of the land. Many people are saying they are the Crystal people for sure, even Magenta's for they don't understand. Well if you find these deer, then let me know, and I can put them in their place and they won't show their face. But if we stand together my deer, the Eldest son of god (christal) and the Second sun of god (magenta) can lead the way. for we can complete the light (magenta), and complete the dark (crystal) inside, when we walk hand in hand, for we can see inside both lands, when we trust each other's hearts.

Wa: From the Womb ! I have not studied books, in the past months Christ has led me to the library shown the books to pull and were the children have gotten all this miss information from , there will be many false prophets and teachers but they are wolves in sheep's clothing ,living off the fat of the sheep , yes they have sold the books and wine and dine pushing there own ways and philosophy.others simply don't believe what they wrote and published simply laughing all the way to the bank,
Cw: Yes my love this is the problem, they think that money does serve the way of loving you, but we both know the truth, for only love will be the way of divinity, that's why we are starting the post, where trading can be the rule. For we need gift it all, to understand the call. For the true gift you sea is the heart of you and me, and when all give away, then receiving will be the way. For receiving your relatives, is what the Dawning will bring and it's about time, for we have waited for this very long time.

Wa: be wise as snakes children of the sun.
Cw: Yes, you say wise as snakes but often white man say, just shoot the damned thing and get it out of the way. For they do not know the way, the law the snake does bring, the law of everyone, the law of love that rules the land. And they need to know this truth, before they put the gun away. And they need to understand, the snake has a name. It's name is medicine, for truth and love is here, they use it on medicine, that heals the flesh they say. But we know that true medicine, comes from only woman, for Great Mother who knows the way, is here to put all the women in their place. It's said if woman puts out, the clothes of the warrior,then he must of done something wrong, and only the old women is the only recourse, but men know that this, will only speak the truth. So as Natives tell me this, and I read what they speak, it's what the law of land, and medicine that is coming soon. It's man who brings the hope, of keeping all safe for women, to protect the heart of truth, that stands inside the circle and the womb. For only the woman carries the womb inside, including Mother Earth, where all her children come to roost. And when the Natives rise, from inside of the dark, they will see that they lost their way, when they think Man will lead the way. They forgot that woman rules, for she is tender deer. She knows only the heart, and she needs to you to protect this heart. One instance that makes me mad, is whitebuffalocalfwomansociety, they don't respond to me, and they don't do it right. how dare they leave the men, our warriors to fend for themselves and not teach them the way. now keeping women apart from men is not the native way, this they learned from the white man who says, you are bad, so you must keep away. But this is not love. For this is not pure. For this is not what we are sent here for, to separate our hearts from the doir (freedom style). we are here to be, the united one big family, the rainbow Clan is us, and Warriors we do need defend them too. They have lost their way, our Brothers Sister's too, for they don't know the law, the law of the snake that brings, the mercy of yesterday, the mercy of tomorrow, the mercy of the land, when love is shed. "watch out and be careful"

Wa: YES it is about LOVE ! and LOVE is the PURIFICATION we must all choose to bring Purification to our self's,,
Cw: You can say this, but many don't understand. and I say this often, too, but they don't choose these rules, And at times it makes me sad, but how can we teach them this, if they choose to walk away from love this day. It's you my love that can teach them this, but showing them how to bless, but often they don't know what this means, they need you to show them how. There are so many, who need a vision quest, but often they don't even know what this means, they think they have a dream and that's the end of it, but you know it's more than this, a Vision Quest is where you bleed, and then your heart pours out, and then we can hear the sun, the light of the numinous flow, the place that we often don't know, and when we reach the other side, we understand it clear. But if we don't take the plunge, and think it's all fun and games, we aren't really ready to sing, to go on a vision quest. And how about the way, we treat the Elders who are even in the streets, they think we don't care enough, because we don't gift to them. so you must teach them all, the way of learning is clear, you must gift all you have, to the one who teaches you deer. When they learn this, then maybe they will pass the test, but all we do, as you know, it witnessed by the above. And all who fool the world, and charlatan (a flamboyant deceiver; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes, mountebank, beguiler, cheater, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheat - someone who leads you to believe something that is not true) they compare, the way of love and divinity while they steal the shirt off of you. and this is what we need to do, is speak the truth to those who don't know the truth, and if they do know the way, they choose to hate instead of love. This is the world today, it's been prophesied in many ways. Let us not doubt the ones who all have the same vision! By the way the way of fools is not the same as these, if katchina is used, for this is gifted for these, who have lost their way, who need to be made fun of you see, so they can sea the truth of how they destroy the leaves (relatives).

Wa: these are the word's i used oct, 25, 26 ,27, 28th and the blue kachina star ( holmes comet ) grew 4 times bigger than the sun for all to see !
Cw: yes, my deer, you had a vision so clear, and many did not believe you even if they saw the truth. This is because their heart is not pure, and they want to be the ones who say, you're just paranoid, but we know that they just want to hide. for even those who do not believe, the day when they are in the streets, and no one has any food, then what will they say. They will be looking for Rainbow Warriors who are true and blue, the ones who will fight for love, to come home to purify.

Wa: LOVE IS THE PURIFICATION !!!! >>>><><<<< 5.
Cw: Love is the law of the land, and the vehicle is the purification but we need the purification in order to receive God's words. But who will teach them how, to light a fire each day? And make sure to do the walk about, with blessings of fire in their hands? This is simple you see, but it will take all the leaves, you wrote five and said, that we are all relatives. For five is always the center of light, where all reflection does shine, it's from the five to the nine, that flows from inside to out. (dividing into four sacred directions) And the heart of you, is learning to receive and give, and the blue of all the leaves they learn to give and receive, for they take and use, all their brothers who need, to gift the well of life, but they don't know anything but strife. so since you know the way of receiving all of Gods display, you go and teach them dear, you go out and show them how, to be the best they can be, to realize how good it feels, to receive all their relatives, to know how Heaven can feel.

devoted to you, your servant who is true, will now go to the next comment to open the view some more! My brother join my hands, if you know the way of the wind, then stop and take the hand of the one God sent upon this land.
twindeermother wrote on Aug 17, '09
Beloved Inline Response below
Wa: wachujos Cw: calfwoman/twindeermother
wachujos wrote on Aug 7
I am listening with all my heart! I love you! it is about ALL you!
Cw: If you are listening with a heart, then you would not have to defend, nor have me defend my name or yours to gain anything. For truth is heard or not, but who catches the words at last, will be the ones who can receive,and not all the leaves. Now if you say, that All is within me, then I totally agree, but this is true in you, that all is inside of us. but what we view from there is different for us all, the reflection that you see, is the light of divinity, I see the darkness that is clear, for I am Christ who is here.

Wa: p.s I make mistakes often and when i go before the seat of judgement I am shown these things
Cw: if this is what you believe, then I will listen to thee, but I do not sit here to see a judgment of me, for I know that I am perfect you see, and I do not need to defend thee, and I know all I do, is perfect this day for you.

Wa: You're in the Kingdom sweet heart, nothing go's unseen or unheard
Cw: What are you trying to say, that you don't think I know my way? Are are you saying to me, that you don't believe? Either, you want to unite, or you do want to fight, just chose what you want, I can oblige. The great spirits sit with me, and I sing to all the leaves, and I know that they protect me, because I speak truth to the leaves, but you think I don't know my way, you keep breaking me down, why is this what they did to you, so you must try to do the same. why do you teach me what I know, how can you show me the way to glow, when I have taught you clear of all the words you say here. If you think you can receive, then listen to your family, but if you don't want to learn then why are you here? Really, you need to read again, if you know the truth in the wind, for I can out wit you deer, for I am Christ who is here.

Wa: , Awaken. >>>><><<<< I am in the light.
Cw. Yes, let you take your advice, why don't you awaken from your plight, and stop rejecting all that's out there, because you don't like the view. Well it's the paradise you see, that you don't like to believe, because you have so much pain, I know the truth that you gain. I am peace for you, the peace that only a Crystal person can gift, and if you continue this way, the High above will gift their snakes. For law is love over the land, where unification happens, and if you choose to display, the way of teaching the iyeshka, then you have lots to learn, because I learn for all that god gifts, and I don't say, it's your fault, or tell you to open to the wind. But I say, let me teach you, what is really the truth, so you will understand the way, of the reflection you display.

now why don't you choose love instead of always walking away to all that has been said. it's not me, you walk away, but from others each and every way, I know the truth my love, you flow in the wind to me, and your light is reading a book, the reader has come to look and if you think a librarian as you, can see the front of the view, the table of contents you see, but not the whole book in thee, but only a crystal person can do, as Readers who are sent to you, not only me, but all the Crystal people who are out there too!
your devoted is me, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother is here to answer the leaves (relatives).
twindeermother wrote on Aug 17, '09
Beloved Inline Response below
Wa: wachujos Cw: calfwoman/twindeermother
wachujos wrote on Aug 7
Wa: my blogged about using word's many times before on Joseph site's to raise up the kachina .
Cw: I am sorry my love but Joseph doesn't really understand, what a Kachina is, nor what the purpose is. And he is the voice of God, the third son in the house of God, where the pressure of all God's hosts, must shout out his love. But if they don't understand, then you must teach them instead, and if you need me to help, then that's what relatives are about. You see, we all have gifts, but some are better at this, and some are better at that, and we who are relatives know this. When we use the one, who can attack (defending the leaves) them with gusto, to go inside the wind, or words that sing to them. Then call on me, to speak the truth to them, to find the way of love, is speaking truth to all out there. but sometimes the language can be, difficult to decipher, and often the Crystal person can see, into the darkness of the leaves. But you are gifted with words, to show them how to be good, but you need take them by the hands to show them the way. So if I need you to be, the One who can hold their hands, I will send them to you, if I knew where your feet touch the land, for now I am in California, and I hide nothing of me, in fact this is who you can be, to teach them how to be.

Wa: Mine, the many sorrow's '( there will be great sorrow's , Isaiah ) no one even cared enough to ask' , what were these words ?
Cw: Everyone has pain in the world and they don't want to see the truth, now why would they want to see your truth, or sorrow that you want to share? My love, they don't know how to care about what you say, because they don't know this way, to share a heart not a head. They need more than this, to come to receive your understandings, they need to know that you can bring the horizon to them. For you are the Gatekeeper to the land of promises, the place of paradise, the perfect person you are, for you can keep us all, including the rocks and trees in good health because you take care of us, even when we don't listen to thee. But my love, it's the way of the wind, for they need learn many things, and if you need my love, just whisper it in the wind, and I will come. I will send what you need, if it's love I can be, the one who hears your call, and who can send the one you need. And soon, we will be more than this, when many come to be Rainbow warriors, to offer them safe passage across the land and sea. Maybe you can write an article about Katchinas and what they mean, to help others to be, understanding of thee. I would love to put it on whitebuffalocalfwoman's domains (hope for the people), we have four you know, and it would be an honor to have your words to share. Now you let me know, what you think of this call. we can work side by side and call upon relatives.

Wa: They were words of Love for You children ! please try to understand it .>>>><><<<
Cw: yes, one thing is true, you are the Elder of me in soul, but physically I am the Elder to you, this is how we are perfect you see, for inside of all the leaves, we are a child in one half and an elder in the other half, but united it's pure, when we listen to the child who seeks the truth. But walking this Earth, I am your Elder Deer, and I am your Twin Deer Mother, the one god sent to you! But you have been sent to me, to fill the holes of truth for all to see, so others may find their way, in order that they might display, the glory that is truth inside, if only they could learn to purify, but love is hard to bare, when they reject the heart with tears.

Wa: ,You must purify you self's with LOVE ! >>>><><<<<
Cw: The law is love! Purification comes from the fire, that's it. The end result is love understood.

Wa: "The great day" of Purification" will be "LOVE">>>><><<<<
Cw: The great day of purification will be "FIRE", the law and wrath that comes to those who choose to run away from the relatives who are true, fire purifies and love is born within the few, who choose love over abuse!

Wa: sorrow's they carry on fallowing there own way's >>>><><<<<
Cw: Sorrow and Joy shed tears, both avenues to heaven. but sorrow comes if we don't choose joy, for tears must flow, to know heaven's laws, the suffering we do, when we love the blue (relatives). suffering is love you know, what the natives did do, for all of the blue, and now God has gifted you, the ordination to watch over the blue, and to teach them the way of loving and the grace. Just teach them the daily blessings, to light the fire each day, and if they have a pipe today, then bring it out and use it each day! For prayer is sacredness, that is displayed when we know our way, when we gift all our tears, for those who long to know, that love is out there, but they don't know how to get there, so fire will offer to them the vehicle to show God's love. alright now the next one, to answer in this text, now when are you going to be, the heart that we all need, the Great Caretaker that you are, the Greatest Librarian God sent?

your devoted is here to speak to you, it's clear, that you need more than you ask, you need a vision quest. My love go and fill your heart, go and take care of yourself, if you feel not enough love, come here and I will gift you a hug. this is white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother who will always gift love to all those who receive me, and all those who think or don't believe, for the heart is different for we, it's the root of all that we believe!
twindeermother wrote on Aug 17, '09
Beloved Inline Response below
Wa: wachujos Cw: calfwoman/twindeermother
wachujos wrote on Aug 7
Wa: >>>><<>><<<< What guile are in my word's >>>><<>><<<<
Cw: This is the gift of the kachina, please. You don't realize what the word means. let me tell you more so you can understand and tell. I looked up the word to see, to speak the way of the leaves, to show you how the world can deceive even with words they use for thee.

1. Treacherous cunning; skillful deceit. (impure darkness or soul body)
2. Obsolete A trick or stratagem. (impure darkness or numinous)
tr.v. guiled, guil·ing, guiles
To beguile is to deceive (impure darkness or heaven)
3. but from [Middle English, from Old French, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English wigle, divination, sorcery.]
4. shrewdness - intelligence manifested by being astute (paying attention as in dealings with people)
5. To pass (time) pleasantly (like a Katchina who makes you laugh, or be enlightened, or divine)
6. To amuse or charm; delight.

As you can see, the word guile has been used by the world because they are so lazy (to look it up) that most often times used as deception or trickery people, but really it's the view point of seeing all darkness as bad and evil, where the heart flows. Now in the last phase of evolution that we are leaving in four years did not include heaven and perception of heaven was bad because it was darkness, there was not an understanding of heaven at all (including natives who come from heaven), for it was somewhere else. Now we are colliding with heaven and it's right before our eyes (now we need natives to help navigate in the darkness of heaven with sacred blessing, you know the fire), the vision of the soul, inside the darkness. All they needed was prayer and purification with fire each day, but they forgot their way, for even now as they leave their churches and pow wows, they are more unhappy than when they got there. My goodness we are so ready for love aren't we? Anyway, one of my baby fish name is Sharon Wigle One and wasn't sure about the meaning, but now I see, clearly because of thee. But let me say, that the Katchina is to be astute and must outwit the impure of the world, to show them how they can be, when they deceive all the leaves, for we will make the stand to show them the right way to go. From 3-6 is the meaning for thee, the Katchina that knows all the leaves. You are here to trick the impure, to send them a message that is clear, to stop your deceitfulness that is cruel. You must use guile to over come those who use Treacherous ways to rule. And this I know to be true, the best of the law of the snake, who wiggles and moves in a wave, to set the rules about in the light. And the divine is the katchina, and many don't understand it all, but we will teach them the way, when the Katchina dances today. Another word that is often misused is smart and intelligence it is not true, it means to sting with a bite, to make sharp with a knife. And people use it to believe that it is intelligence please, they don't really know the word, but they use it false just the same. And if they only knew, if they would check anyone, of the books that we write, the dictionary on-line. But most don't waste their time, only the seekers make time!

Wa: This is not a contest, it is all about love!
Cw: Your ignorance is so blinding, you should listen to yourself, when you compete with me. it's you, who decide to use the way of the contest rules. Now you say love is true, yet you completely don't embrace what I gift to you, nor do you ask for the truth. The many blessings that could be, with you, when you trust this leaf, the relative who spends my time, to gift to you all of my heart. Yet you continue to be, the one who thinks I need to believe, that you are Greater than me, please why don't you put your roar out and think things through, or even better yet, why don't you pray and ask, for the wind knows everything, just ask and maybe you will sea.

Cw. There is no way you can be, as powerful as me, because I love you more, even will die for you, but you would not do this for me, for you would not even ask for blessings, but you continue to try to outwit me, the relatives who prays and sings more than you believe. I spend almost every moment in prayer with you and my song, the song that comes from the wind, where I don't have to use intelligence. Instead I trust my heart, the heaven that I come from, for the eldest sun (christal person) does come, from heaven and that's the truth. Then you are below, yes in the light and elder of the soul, and when you know the heart of me, then you can trust that I will believe, all that you say, and all you do today, because your heart will be true, not only to me but to you!

Wa:snake powerful? to some , Over come ! be all Powerfull ! >>>><<>><<<< Make the Father happy !>>>><<>><<<<
Cw: Put me in my place my goodness that is what they did to you, and now you think you can do this to me, well again, I spoke of the snake it is law of the heavens and you think you are telling me, to over come what, you, if you please. What makes you feel this way, because you don't think of the words, that come from your head in the day, but you trust the night instead. Well you cannot walk in the dark, and make all put their place in the start, or manage heavens and earths, but you can offer much more. For you can offer a hand, to teach how to dance. And when they land on the Red, the Road of law and love, then you can show them the way, but if you continue to attack, how will you show them the truth, because they did not ask you. You are the librarian (magenta), not the reader (crystal) that's for sure. and I don't worry about Great Father in the sky, for he is protecting me day and night. He and others trust me, to offer the best for all the leaves. So you are way off base, speaking to me this way, for you cannot prove anything, it's hate you offer this day. Just because you didn't know a word, or it was said not the way you approve, well to bad, it's god grace, you said you did listen but in haste, just like Magentas everywhere who think they are better than the rest, of God's children who are here, for you are the Great Caretaker. Let's get it straight if you want love, then unite and stop your bad blood, and choose to be a relative who fights for love and law of God.

your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twindeermother who offers love, but gets hit in the head, with words that aren't very kind, all because you didn't take the time to look up a word, just what you accused Joseph of, and you think you are listening, please you need find your heart again. And when you need me I will be here, when you start asking for Blessings deer. And then a relative you may see, instead of an enemy!

Cw: Ps. You know what you do to me, is what you are supposed to do for the impure (kachina), but pureness walks in front of you and you cannot even see the blue (relative) who is true, purer than you!
twindeermother wrote on Aug 17, '09
Beloved Inline Response below
Wa: wachujos Cw: calfwoman/twindeermother
wachujos wrote on Aug 7
Wa: Force to learn?
Cw: Holiness Running Eagle says, "Learning is just part of life!" He unites light with dark, so his point of view is always the fire, that purifies anything, inside and back again. Was this something that was said or was it all in your head? But I also see your point of view, it's the reflection that you view, the storyteller in you. Heaven forces us to learn, you know it's the lessons from heaven, the numinous flowing. And the only choice we have is to choose love or walk away. Now the Great Warrior does not walk away, but stays to battle another day, because we fight for what is right, to purify all those in plight. To bring them all home indeed, so they can catch the breeze.

Wa: sit and listen to all things around me seen and unseen, If this is forcing let it be ,
Cw: Is this what you say, that you are being forced? Or what makes you accuse such dirt! Force is only used in defending, never to abruptly overcome, but the true of heart will be, united in heart and will believe all that our relatives bring home to thee, just like it used to be.

Wa: I know who can bring the dew that will put out the fire that burns in the children.
Cw: This tells me that water is going to put out fire! But why would God destroy their children? For all children on Earth are light... as said, force is used only when defending the way of evolution. Never to hurt anyone, never to put one over the sun (radiance of light). You know the view you have is opposite, of truth because it's reflection. It's like the the sacred four directions, the natives see the colors backwards and upside down, but this is not truth, it's the reflection, the light we live, the light of flesh. And as Natives this gifts the Elders View to understand the way of the dew, the water's flowing, it's your heart, but it's because it helps you stay on the red road (the law of love). And if you want I can draw you a map, and I will bring you an image that I have, but it might take awhile, for I have so much email. But when I do explain, I will be sure to send it your way, but if you don't have any email, how will I deliver you, your tools. Google has free email, and they take care of most of the spam there and we can chat in the clouds if you seem, which means there is no software that you need. Just get free gmail email, or you can call me if you want to, or I can call you if you have a telephone number to talk with me, like you should, unless you think we should write a book. that is what we could do, if we stay here to, write everything but what about the breeze?

Wa: and also know not to assume to be all wise and know all' there is to know for even is my knowledge knowing my lord knows not all thing's of the Father.
Cw: This is still your point of view, and it's true you must take this view, but even Great Spirit Mothers come to me, to ask for their blessings. And Great Father sits with me, to have a cup of tea, so don't be wise to me, just because you don't get this company. Now if they listen to me, when they receive their blessings, then why do you think you are above them, who lead you like they should? Great Mother comes to rest with me, just like She is with you too, but you feel (Great) Father deer, because it's Christian Religion that you view. And I see this always, it's not to say it's not true, but I know it's a reflection of many who take this view. It's Great Father who led last phase of evolution and this is still the day, He leads us for four short years, then hands the reigns to Mother Earth, for Great Spirit Mother shall rule, all the land and the sea and above, below and in all directions, for Mom is here to rule the Earth. Heaven is she finally, when the Red Man will be placed to see, how they will be recognized as "keepers" to the truth. As children of flesh you sea, you have heaven's abilities, when you learn to walk again with your heart, as so many don't know how to start. This is why I have come this day, to open the doors both ways, now if you really love me true, then blessings you will receive.

Wa: there is one seen greater than all and the Father is more than a God , Father is the Most Highest !
Cw: Great Father is not in charge as you think, He is leading us yes, but the most highest is God as One, the Oneness we all come home. Even Great Father must learn his way, to be part of the crowd, not apart as you think. He is, but part of the tree and leaf. He is a cog in the wheel of life, just like we are that is life. That perfect guy that lives in each of us, is the light of flesh, the image of, and you think He has no lessons to learn just like the rest of us. Be sure, He is part of the tree, just like you and me, as we all learn the way, to descend and treat our guests. For the Natives are Elder dear, for you are Elder than Great Father, when it comes to the soul of His, He is a child that is pure. But his flesh is wiser than yours, and He is a commander, and He leads the Army of God, the Warriors who stand proud. And these are like Joseph Almighty, who come to shout out loud, they speak what they want to say, and complain about the ways, for the heart is what Great Father is, who is guiding all the troops, the high priests throughout the land, the Violets, the youngest sun who is the Army of God He sent ahead, the voice of His, who will do his bidding, and shroud the heart of everyone.

Wa: I also know the way , it is the path i will walk , there will be many sorrows and many blessing's until time comes to fly away
Cw: Fly away is the numinous soul, the heart of everyone. Our souls move all the time when we are free to do so, without chains of bondage or lessons to learn (karmic lessons about love). This does not mean death, but could mean this in your reflection view or your ignorance about heaven as many who's viewpoint leave heaven out of the trust and care of the last phase of evolution did not embrace heaven, for Christ is the doorway in, any one of them will swing both ways, that's why there are so many white calves.

Wa: if they knew who wachucie was they would bow , but it is only a man most see, more than a man, a Lord .>>>><<>><<<<
Cw: We all should bow to everyone, this is good manners like you should, not because He is greater than I or any other guy, but because we bow to the rainbow, each day, that's the way of eternity, so we bow because it's polite, and says that "humble I am". NO matter who Wachucie is, as he was talked about above. Any man or spirit could be a Lord, for we are all Lords over everyone. Don't put Him above you please for we are all servants to thee, the Oneness and Complete (sacred circle or tree of life). He too is part of all the leaves, a cog in the wheel of life, just like you and me that's the truth, now go pray if you doubt. The truth blows in the wind, some can hear better than most, but we all have a part to play, to the Oneness called God this day!

Wa: there are many lord's and god's in heaven and earth.but they didn't believe my Lord ether .the corner stone that was rejected.
Cw: The corner stone is the Christian expression, that's not how Oneness views this. For Christ is not the corner stone, for this is the Indigos everywhere, the Greatest Soul Warrior God put on this Earth, for they are called Prophets everywhere, the Truth of who they must live up to. Now the reason they called it Christ (crystal person) is because they did not view heaven, and they saw light instead of dark, for Indigos aren't recognized. These people can see inside the light, with their eyes they see the soul, the soul of what lives inside your flesh, when they stand in the right position. The many of us are all Lords in thee, for we are the perfect image of thee! And if this is the case, I say to you, how do you put someone or anything on a pedestal, for this is what is spoke about, when they brought the Golden Calf. It was not about the Idol to bow down to, but to think that He was above you, then you do not understand anything at all, for we are perfect the image of God. For today, the Golden Calf is here to bring more than lust, but to bring brotherhood everywhere, where there are no idols like it should. For we will know that we are all perfect and we shall be the way of God, and we shall believe that we are part of something Greater together than apart. For this is Oneness that leads the way, eternally, forever and a day, and that means, that time never ends, even us, we live in Grace, for even us, we live in Grace.

Wa: the corner stone that was rejected.
Cw. Now Jesus Christ was rejected because he was from heaven, just like all Christs who come this day, because they speak the truth to you, just like I stand in front of you. We are the soul of you, the mirror that you sea, and if you don't like what you view, it's probably you don't like you. The true Indigo Colors that gift, it's the true prophets who can see the truth, inside the light, the spirit of you, at times their vision is beyond control and so they want to deny the show. But it is they who held my hand, who came from all far distant shores, to teach me what I needed to know, about myself and all that glows. They could see my (celestial) crown upon my head, they knew my name that only the Heavens above spoke, they could read the heart of everyone, they sent the arrow of reflection. We reject those we don't understand, and since last phase of evolution we leave did not include Heaven above, nor did we look to the numinous flow (Indigo-are the youngest daughter in the house of God, Woman, Native, Black and the Soul is feminine, the darkness within and without, pure only when blessed, but not recognized, now we enter a new time, it's so exciting and sad, just like you said up above.) We are going home, to evolution on it's rungs, the steps into paradise, where all will go home instead of bummed. The sadness will melt away, when we learn how to pray, each hour of the day!

Wa: >>>><><<<<<>>>>><><<<<<>>>>>
Cw: The story you tell here is this, three heavens that live in the wind. that's right, it's three heavens! We the Elders call them Council of Ho, the lower heaven that holds and beholds, the fire's light that leads the way, like when you depart from the kiva below. And then there is the Council of Larks, who sing in the dead of night, they are the upper heaven that views down below to them it's all a show. And what is left of Heaven above, is where we are colliding with, for they must, part of this, to be the heaven that stands beside us. These are people you know every which way, they have hearts of children, please, but they often can do things right, because their bodies (flesh) are Elder to yours. They are from Heaven the place we adore, yet we cannot even see their suns, the light that radiates with them, because you can only see SEVEN, not even into the Gate of Holiness, into paradise. For there are so many colors we humans do not see, just because our eyes will not view, that's why we sea, with another set of eyes, the third and heart leads you where you need to go, and this is how the Natives get their wisdom and all they should because they are close to lower heaven, the Great Spirit Mother who is always with them in the womb. And now one more side, and it's the light, the flesh, the paradise, the Earth that we live upon, the Red Road, the law of love, over rolling hills like we should to know the Greatest thing, the story of Evolution, the four sides of seasons, that lives inside of everyone. And this is how we are called, the story of the Rainbow, the Clan who will claim paradise, their home instead of this. For all was spoken of, when time would be so blind, and we choose to walk away, now how will we save the day? We need to be a part of a Greater Community, it's the Oneness Deer, the Oneness you belong and the same for me. And together we sing, the song of divinity, when you see the blue sky out there, is because of all the tears.

Aho (may your spirit fly), my relative, your devoted is here to share my heart, now ask for blessings from White Buffalo Calf Woman! Show me that you care, about the soul that you confront, like the one you said who was rejected, that's what they do to me, each and every day, but that won't stand in my way, for I will lift the sword each day, to sever ignorance where it stands, to speak of law upon the land, for only one truth will lead us home, the law of Red, the fire of pure, it's the blessing that will bring us home, if we could only remember this day.

Cw: Everyone walks away, even Mothers eh, well not this Sister, your Twin Deer Mother who knows thee, come home to pray instead, with me or all the leaves, just open your heart and grow, to know more so you can pass it along to the snow, the perfect crystalline trail, the stone river, that leads us home to the valleys of pure!

your devoted servant, whitebuffalocalfwoman, your twindeermother, who is now going to pray again!
ps. I leave you with a Song, the Holiness Peace Prayer Song "about half of the song"
twindeermother wrote on Aug 17, '09
Holiness Peace Prayer Song 08.16.2009
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Drumbeat by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
Title: We are going home!

And then we are here, in time and space we are here, and I am here to speak the wind to you. My heart is telling me to say, that miracles are on the way, and if you could only believe it's true then you could live inside the blue.

But if we try to see, the blue, the heart of you and me could be, the righteousness of truth today, when we all sing and show display. We are rainbow colors that are pure, and I say, that God lives inside your shore, to see to sea, from shining sea, the heart of loving you and me.

The days of miracles are coming soon, but we will have to choose the blue, and when we walk the other way, then Oneness says, why don't you come to play. We are the gardens of Love, we are the willing from above, we are the blue of true, and the love that new, the place of heaven that's come home to you.

My heart is loving you, but you cannot see the truth of how you planned your day, not trusting god today. You chose the know your way, the way, man's choose this day. And when you walk away from love, you make your choice from above. Separation is not love you see, how could you think it's in the breeze, but you forget to bless, the wind that goes across your face at night. And when the day, hits you blind as light, what makes you turn from love? What makes you think that man knows more than God? What makes you feel you have no heart inside of you?

We are all apart of this great majesty, the display of all that's great, the land of my mistakes (perfection knows). And I want you to know, that's Gods living glow, and we must forgive them true, to know the way of loving you! We are four colors true, we are the loving that's coming home to you, the seasons of time you know, the heart of your living glow.

Instead stop expecting the worse, Start looking for God' truth, and you will find your way, when you choose love today! Not rules but a heart instead, a loving gesture that's sent, the will of your heart inside, the truth of you, where you collide, the darkness and the light, is heaven and earth inside and you must choose love's sake, or you will be left behind, How could I leave you there? How could I leave you there, when you need my Love today, to take you all away, to paradise that's waiting for you, you just have to see the view, the place that lives inside, the glory of magic that we hide. Now lift your voice and sing? Now lift your heart and bring, the love that's deep inside, the love that's here to collide.

We know the truth you and me, when love is free and loving thee, for we do not search for threats, we receive the love God gifts. And when you depend on the false, the money that's all of man, the light that brought us this way, but now, we must escape and learn a new way. For we are here to be, the love of you and me, and heaven has come home to us, where we collide and learn to trust. For love comes only when, we can accept the wind, the place of blessing need, the song of heart that you can give. Now lift your voice today, and sing I love god's grace, the hope of magic that's pure, the heart of love in all my family deer, my journey is one with you, you are not apart (separation) of me that true. You are part of me, and now you come home to believe.

That paradise is waiting for you, and I know that god is pure, it's love and you and me that place I dreamed this night and day with thee. Now all you have to do, is come home to the truth that lies inside your heart, when you dream inside the dark. The luminous flowing in you, the numinous flowing in you, the place I long to be, united true and blue, the royal family is here, they are called Rainbow Clan it's true, the ones who are the Warriors for you, who will fight tooth and nail to save you. For they will die for you, for they will live for you, for they choose love each day, and speak their hearts display. And when the anger comes home, just hold her in your arms, and say, I'm sorry dear, I love you more this day, it's true. I'm here to bring my heart, to you, your gift the smart (sting), but I will be with you too, when you walk away from the blue.

But we say, we pray for your feet, that touches the ground that you keep, the place of rolling hills, the place you shed your tears, and if you hold it inside, you suffer more and collide, for you deny your heart. The truth of heavens that's sent home to you. Our heaven is tears you know, it's tears of joy to explore, the tears of sadness we bring home, the tears of joy, we explode. The glory of God, today, the glory of Gods display, did you look out your window today, didn't you see, glory in the day? The sun above did shine, the moon and stars did climb, to all the stories we tell, of hardships and loving tales. And we are glory to be, and we are glory in yesterday that's true, for we made it here don't you see, the heart of you and me.

But now it's heaven sent, evolution is not waiting for you, we must walk with God right now, the fires light that gifts us clouds. The sky is turning red, and we must start a new way, the way of loving it's true, but we all have to trust the view, when you don't have money anymore, the coin you use, will be the coin of Gold, the one that's true inside, the coin of brotherhood. Will you gift love today? Will you walk and turn away, or will you receive Gods love, when they stand right in front of thee? I tell you truly my deers (journey), you need the child who hears, the song of yesterday, the song of now we play, let us go and have a party today, and let us have all of God's display. Let us have a good old time, let us have a picnic and have so me fun. And all you must do in your heart, is invite all the colors of the Rainbow, it's true! Start with blue (black), white and yellow and red, then you can begin to shed, the love of you and me, the love of God you see, the love of receiving thee, the love of brotherhood in me, and when I reach that place, my heart will know the race, the race of men who climb the mountains of all the time,

We call this evolution, the sacred direction that come, to live inside of us, to express the light and the dust. Now we must choose our hearts, for we have no choice but to start, to trust God's family, they call themselves Rainbow will you please, the colors of all that's sent. The colors of Warriors from each shore that's met, the places where we go, who gift us safe passage to the other shore. When we meet these folks, then we need know God has spoke, for we are loving thee, the family God sent home to me. And I am here to be, a part of loving thee, and now, we go our way, to show that God is here to stay.

And we shall learn to bless, the fire and the walk about, when we light a candle today, or incense that leads the way, for blessing do keep us safe, from evil we call this day, but surely you can see the way, that darkness is pure when you bless the space. The numinous of God is here, the Heaven we adore! Just keep it safe for thee, and bless eternally, for when we bless the hour, we bless the wind and smile, for we gift love this day Just bless the wind, each hour of the day. And we can go home to thee, where Love is magic in thee, the place of God's home in thee, the place we dream about and where it's free.

Speaking, speaking to the heart, speaking speaking to the heart, speaking , speaking to the heart, of knowing Love this way. oh, I do say.

We are going home, We are going home, We are going home to Heaven that's sent our way, here today. We are going home today, We are going home today, We are going to heaven 's sent. We are going to the darkness that is safe. Sanctuary is here, the heaven that states "I love you deer", the place of know God is here, when we show our hand so clear.

Don' t fear the love that's sent. Instead, bless the numinous (flowing) that sent your way, just say, they've lost their way, and now I must save their day. I will bless them true, I will bless their feet to know, that God the great has come light a fire that saves thee way, the heart of loving thee, the heart of loving me. The heart of trust yourself, the heart of loving all God sent. I must only bless and embrace those who must walk away, but we shall come home when god Sends the fire to burn their blood. For fire and blessing pure will send them home for sure and I must embrace my family for more are coming home to me. And each day I walk with you, I walk and talk with you, I speak my heart to you, the child from heaven that's true................................................ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

(talking) Will you say, "I knew what you were going to do", then you display, all that God sends not in your heart, but in your mind instead. You don't look past the gate and into paradise you see. You don't trust that maybe that yelling and screaming could come from there inside of thee. The paradise is when you choose that all that God gives to you is the hope of heaven's love that you choose love, instead of walking away, just put your arms around those you don't understand and maybe they can teach a few things. The things you have been longing to know, but if you walk away, then you will not learn today. You will think that God did send, only hatred instead of the wind, for I learn each and everyday. From the actions that you display, your heart with wrenching pain and I know that God is here, but you don't look this way, and I have to bless the day, when you come back to my arms when you choose God again. But until that day you see, you will have to suffer and bleed. And we shall be the true, who walk along side of you. We will be true neighbors, the ones who come when called, but will only stay if you choose, the road of love and all that it use. But if you continue to be, unrighteous to me, then law you will hear, from my heart that knows the truth.

Let us walk ahead, into Brotherhood instead....
wachujos wrote on Aug 17, '09, edited on Aug 17, '09
Sorry but i am Obedient to the Father, mother, child , the child who is the dew that puts out the fire in the children, who is the eagle on the tree of knowledge and the slain lamb who is the light of this world and only he can put out the fire in the children ! And is king of lords my lord Christ , if you want to bless somebody do it ! you need not say. it is his light why the rainbow will be upside down ,Hint. Shield .Obedient ? I was tested by the best , then the greatest deceiver who offered me god of this side of the door over ALL to change and fix as i please he knew my love for all the children and showed how i could right everything, but he is but a liar isn't he !, think this test was easy ? it was a God supper consciousness even Buddha failed ! i overcame all them and stayed loyal ! and i heard these words ' Well done faithful and true , and rose up to the door and the door did open Christ greeted me , bright white face golden like brass ! No med fore when Christ said I love you and called me by my name , he is my lord ! And if any one out there thinks they can rise up any other way ? and now i will take of my mask the fire clan has return I was and still am Elijah, who was Isaiah , and john the baptist many names and of the Fire Clan . >>>><<>><<<<
twindeermother wrote on Aug 18, '09
What are you doing here, but to slain the one who comes, what do you have nothing to do, but try to win again? My goodness you need love, if you keep coming here, but you keep denying the truth just because you bleed. Now why do you come here, to prove what to me? If you want to say something, then leave when you come again. Why don't you go somewhere where others will listen to your pain, because all you do here, is bring your pain to me, and tell me that I am wrong to everything I serve. You need a lesson in manners, which you did not learn, What do you need me for if you know everything, why don't you go tell the ones, who want to hear this song, because you keep hitting me over and over again, but you do not receive me, then why do you want to be here, Go find another pawn to go where you begin, and then you will have a reason,to be so rude again. But you are so offensive I can't believe you come again. What you like to be mean, just so you can win. Well you win my brother and go some other place and when you want blessings, then come back and ask. But you are no longer welcome because I have asked you nice, so many ways I have served you and you reject all that I say. Well you don't like me, then go some other place, because I am too busy to play this game with you. You don't like me, then go some other place. I don't need you to be so rude and claim. I want family who will take their place and sing high into the heavens together and not apart. You go where you came, and they will embrace your hate, but I don't need your hate, for you can go away.
white buffalo calf woman, who will be here and always!
wachujos wrote on Aug 19, '09
I told you why , to see if i recognise you, i do not hate or judge you , but i know this, the father see's in our hearts, and only one can open the book with five seal's and there he will judge from the book only he can open ! Christ.!, I did speak of the rainbow and the truth, of going to and seeing the door , Christ is the door!, The fountain of living waters, Christ sits in front of the fountain of the living waters, The throne , Christ sits on the throne , and the Father, i said to you' I have seen the father ! And the many more beautiful thing's told, Why did you not thirst ? These things you accuse me of, Are they in your heart and not mine ? . You have already misjudged and slain me . And i do not recognise you . End. >>>><<>><<<<
twindeermother wrote on Aug 19, '09

twindeermother wrote today at 12:10 PM
"I do not recognize you, as you don't exist" this is not blessing of any world. leave me alone, you only know hatred in your heart. Stop leaving your hate messages for me! You are not welcome, because you do not welcome me and now, I will not recognize you! Calf Woman
josephalmighty wrote on Aug 19, '09
wachujos said
and you will not be able to get it across to many people if you do not present it in love and stop being so brutal, pushy and obnoxious... no one is going to listen to you if you act like a know it all... lol... find some humility and you will do a lot better socially among your sisters and brothers... Joseph 

White Buffalo Calf Woman    Aug 1, '09 6:39 PM
for everyone (transfer)

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets White Willows Visions The Great Migration!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Hoop 4


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

We are Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever. There is "No way out", "only a Way In" .... this is the sacred circle of our collective dreams. We are learning to walk towards!

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child, iyeshka (interpreter) and akicita (law bringer), crystal (christal/pearl/diamond/red-red), yellow, green, gray (red-green).

Holy buffalo hide (prayer cloth or holy temple called you) reveals the four sacred directions that heal.

Thank you for all your Thrills. Shout out to hit the Nails. We are building a house where all are welcome on the rolling hills. White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings »

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan), your Twin Deer Mother, has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born, the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (dark and light). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun (Morning Star), have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

About Jeff (meaning peace) [He is the Singular (mission) father (leading) that goes around town (evolution's call to the circle of life). We call him the Golden Light of Sound, he is the chosen one, to view the world, but he needs to come home to call. There he will find a home where all will know his knives (sharing and dividing). Without a place to trumpet, he does not have a home. He longs to find a home where all can find a lid (roof, sanctuary, green grass home). Jeff Golden Light of Sound is the House of Cones (light reflection in evolution), the blossom, that reigns forth. Don't be alarmed, he should go away. But be sure his heart will stay. He is the bishop to your pawn (blessing you). You can rise up to his call. Blow billows of sunshine in the air. He will be standing in the streams so fair.]

Jeff Golden Light of Sound said, "I dreamed of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, she pointed to her heart and Buffaloes of all colors formed a circle, the White Buffalo went to the heart and all other Buffaloes followed."

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets: The heart is the path into heaven, where our souls do hide. We all belong to the Circle of Oneness, the Rainbow Clan. For we are all related and of God. A Buffalo represents the tools of light, in four rainbow colors, to assist your heavenly mission (heavenly name). This is our holy temple, our flesh, the Buffalo Home. White Buffaloes are like the stars, those who shine, united four roads, the blue, red, yellow, then white, the star. Grandfather light (white person, in their tools of light, rainbow directions) naturally shines like this, the white light of unity, who is humble, and bows like the Rainbow to receive blessings. The rest of us, must learn to walk this humble path, to shine like stars. These are the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who unite! A White Buffalo is the Star of Heaven, who shines upon Earth, walking and talking (wakan tankan, the Great Spirit Within) the united four roads. These are the White Buffaloes who are able to walk through the door of heaven, the crystalline heart of White Buffalo Calf Woman, to greet thyself (mirror to the soul, the heart of the crystal person), the soul seeking a way out, to illuminate and shout, to be validated, for who I am! The Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, learning to become the White Buffaloes (stars of heaven, that shine), begin the Great Migration home. We enter the Third Phase of Evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time (dawning of brotherhood), where dreams do come true. Heaven and Earth, Welcome Home!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings: When pointing to the heart, the direction that imparts, the wisdom of the path of the inner light. Here we are many rainbow colors, all part of the same vision of the sacred circle of life. We are relatives, who need to come home twice. Once in the flesh (red road), and once in the soul (blue road), then we know, that we have binded (bound) our whole. When we follow the path of the heart and the soul, all other buffaloes will flow, for rainbows of latter (ancestors), the buffalo homes that have been shattered (separated and divided), will carry us home, to a brand new day, when we look for the heart that leads the day (to flow together, as one shining river).

The tools of light, do shine, like the holy temple of the mind, the flesh that does hold a soul inside. We call the tools of light, the buffalo home. For it's four sacred directions, that gift to us eight directions, the four colors then reflection, to gift our lights. Then we are the Rainbow Colors, the clan that does show reason, when we understand, that we belong to each others, by demand. For it's God's children, we hold the upper hand, for it's sacred in here, where the buffalo steer, the trembling of the hooves who do gallop away. We are here to lead the great migration day.

The circle of buffalo were the sacred rainbow colors, parts each of us, to be whole again, when we join together, in the wind. And as we join together, we follow the fortunate weather, it's inward, the heavenly route, the soul that flies, all inside. And heaven is what leads us, where all buffalo do feed us, to go home again. To feel the wind again. We are going home. To be under the sun.

And it's time for us to gather, to listen to our hearts talk. To walk the path of righteousness in the wind. And when it's all over, we will journey together, the path of love, the holy days, of eternity. Oh blessed bee, let us dream together and be free. Rejoice, Rejoice, the Green Grass Grows!


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever.
No way out, only a way in .... this is the sacred circle.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child (crystal/christal/pearl/diamond)
crystal, yellow, green, gray (holy buffalo hide reveals)

White Buffalo Calf Woman public figure (Facebook)