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The Blessing of the Nine Directions
To the East and the West. To the north and the south. To the up and the down, to the sacred all around. To the heartbeat and Breath, I gift all my sacredness. I receive all my life for thee. I shall be forever in the breeze.
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I shall sing. I shall sing upon Mountain Tops. I shall be. Glory for thee. And I shall be the loving breeze.

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Four Sacred Directions In Thee!

Relatives, "Ask for your colors you can believe all the rainbow you can receive, the sacred garment of lights that lead, the spreading sheets of leaves. Here the way is clear to be, the loving and sacred tree. Take to your heart all that you believe and come and fly with me! In other words, ask and you shall receive your four sacred colors." says, White Buffalo Calf Woman who Sings for you, your Twin Deer Mother and additional Sacred Song Blessings and We Bless You

Come receive your Sacred Song Blessings, ask for your blessings and receive, the greatest treasure you could conceive, the soul that needs to be true, when one is validated in you. The treasure is you!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

What is a Heavenly Name Reading?

This is a Lakota Drum representing the Center of the Universe!
A light fromwithin, the living Sun Dance!

What is a Heavenly Name Reading?
Beloved Rainbow Clan, my relatives,

You are a book of life. In your light and your dark, you contain all the information in you, about you. A crystal person, reads the book of life.  This is White Buffalo Calf Woman (heavenly mission), your Twin Deer Mother (earthly tools).  I am an Elder Crystal person, who can 
gift to you your Heavenly Name or your "mission in life", written in your "book of life" and 
verify your "rainbow colors" or tools of light in four sacred directions, from the inside out (reading darkness), rather than the outside in (rather than your appearance, although, these are the clothes you wear in rainbow colors).  I am your Twin Deer Mother and I validate the perfect part of you, the Soul from heaven, the Angel in Bloom, the Rainbow Warrior soon to be born (awaken to the heavenly soul). You are a perfect being. "And what is not perfect does not belong to you," says Richard Williams, a Violet person or the Voice of God (all of us together, the violet person speaks). Crystal people read this perfection within you.  What is not perfect, does not belong to you, only needs blessings to free you.

Bless the sacred nine directions every time to set things free.
 Thank you Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, for teaching us where to fly!  

Not only once, but constantly. The wind of others, blow through us and to claim self, one must purify your buffalo home, your holy temple and sanctuary space with reverence.  This is a skill, one must cultivate, because it's simply the new skill needed to survive, the unification of heaven and earth.  Light and darkness is folding and it's colliding. We are all entering realization, awakening, to what "I AM" inside,  "a light from within" or the living "Sun Dance" in rainbow colors is, these are the gifts from God.  We praise the universe for our dreams.
You are a perfect universe, and your gift is the story you hold within your heart (a book of life), that needs to be shared with others. You are the many colors of your four directions. This makes you part of the Rainbow Clan.  Each color vibrates a frequency and offers you a power.  This power that comes from love (the law), the righteous type that demands you bless the sacred nine directions, to unite hearts, then begins to shine a vibrancy from within.  Feeling greatness. Sharing true love.  You are seeking others who feel like you a pure dove (knowing peace).  Then you are looking to join others too, who know how to be blessed and take care of you (because you take care of others, you seek the exchange, where real love lives). When this happens, you awaken to the possibilities of belonging, with like minded, who want to come home too, a sanctuary home, a kingdom of God, who loom (woven together) love above all else.  

To be part of the rainbow (remember you truly already are, it's realization of your soul within, the awakening process), you must believe in yourself, and then all colors reflect from inside. From within the darkness, the light is born. This place, in the darkness is our heavenly space, the soul does hide, but now we seek a larger hide, the clan outside (rainbow clan, relatives true blue).  These rainbow colors, sometimes envisioned by others, will call these rainbow colors auras. Kirlin photography will pick this radiance that illuminates on the outside of you.  But this is light already glowing and showing, crossing over and creating other brand new colors.  There is much confusion here. Crystal people read from the darkness of heaven, separating light and the dark of the soul and flesh, offering you the truth about your Rainbow Colors and the perfect song that lies within your soul.  Crystal people read your book of life inscribed by your soul, from the inside out.  Now this skill "reading the book of life" will heighten as evolution continues for everyone.  Get ready, because everyone is going to be able to get a peek at your book of life and only sacred living, talking and walking, will keep you safe. Each of us who hides their soul, will be seen by others. In the valley of darkness, the light will shine. It's just part of evolution. Deception will not continue. Trust what is inscribed in your book of life, embrace self and do your blessings, to protect this world of dreams.  

Love is here, to know and breath. Come close my love, let me sea, your heart in need.  It's time to be free!  Come and share your heart with me.  Let us impart wisdom back and forth.  The love that lives inside of yee (you), the greatness, I know is true, let us kiss the soul within and let us find the soul again. I sea, that it's true, our love will only bloom, rainbow colors that we share, as we realize one family we do bear (shine all stars from heaven). We are family. Everybody come home with me. We are family.  Rainbow colors for all to sea (vision with a true blue heart, relatives in the oceans of time).  We are family, welcome brothers and sisters to bee (dream). We are family, welcome home Rainbow Colors abound.  We are family, come on let's rise up and astound. Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star too! Welcome Home Rainbow Clan.

Your Heavenly name provides you with the mission of your life, the song your voice streams G_ah_d (utterance of heavenly transmission). The Earthly name 
gifts you with tools of light, your rainbow colors. These sacred four directions offer you a journey to explore and accomplish your mission while upon this world.  This is the path we walk each day. We call this our holy temple of light (rainbow colors) or our Buffalo Home, because it represents the Prayer Cloth (protection, garment, armor) about four sacred directions, the place, here (spiraling evolution or I am a Sun Dance) we journey.

Everything about you is perfect, down to the name your parents gave to you at birth.  Everything around you and inside of you, your feelings, all make you perfect and a living dream.  When you share your feelings and stories with others, you share your book of life. You share your perfection, a part to a whole kingdom of God.  We walk not alone in the world of the spiritual embrace, our heaven, but we walk with the Great Spirits and our personal counsels, that guide us along our journey.  We even feel the winds of all those, who come near us in thought or distance.  I am here to provide you with your inner knowing, validate you and allow you to become the seeker. You are on your way, to finding living treasures within. I am the holy interpreter or wakan iyeshka and elder crystal person, who reads your book of life for you. Your soul provides the highest calling in a song, where the heart is the numinous flowing our darkest spiritual embrace.  Your body is walking time, this movement is of the luminous flowing, our light and rainbow colors we each manifest.  When we unite the soul, the heavenly name, with the flesh, the earthly name, we receive our greatest treasures, ourselves.  Knowing and seeking self knowledge provides us a way into inner space, our heaven, our heart, our soul, that is longing to fly free. 

We spirits fly through eons of evolution through the Soul body and descend as we learn our lessons.  Each time we enter a new physical body, we agree to a New mission in life to achieve evolution,thus a new heavenly name, in the ancient star language (sing song).  As we descend, our physical bodies become younger and younger until we learn to use instinct as does our animals, plants and rocks; learning to trust our Soul body who has everlasting life.  When we learn to bridge by visioning with the heart and knowing God  joins us together to unify between one realm and into another; enlightenment is born within us all, we cross over and a child is born.  We become the “Sage” and “Golden Warrior”. We are well on our way to become the legendary Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy!

In the other direction, the physical body reaches into the heavens to ascend towards the “Great Journey” as our children are born each and every day.  Behind we leave the planted seed that carries the everlasting life in our children, in all our relations. We walk in the light (action - four sacred colors) and in the dark (reflection - four sacred colors) at different times. This influence during these transitional movement periods are felt (sounds like music), you must shift from action to reflection or vice versa. When in reflection, you must learn to utilize the dark numinous flow to become the creator.  So set your heart to devotion and create something. And have fun.

The Heavens Name Reading tell us the mission you choose before entering this body.  The tools of light are used to achieve and complete the mission in your life which is written in your book of life as your four sacred rainbow colors of direction. Your Heavenly name is written in the ancient storyteller's language (the song from the stars, which tell a story).  These gifts from God (numinous and luminous) help us recognize your perfection, maneuver and compensate towards realizing your unique gifts that you offer to this world. You are perfect and God knows it. Now it is time for you to know this too. You are perfect and what is not perfect does not belong to you. Therefore never defend one self, instead validate the words and the emotions, negotiate your rights with your voice, renegotiate and resolve. Those who do not resolve need only forgive. Embrace your brother and sister and use love with the sacred blessings, we learn to bow with the rainbow clan.

There is a place where we all come together into the numinous river of life (crystalline stone river). This dark center of space, is called Grandmother center, our space (truly it is density reading, when measured). What we all are feeling at this time of evolution is the folding of this space. A quickening. The dark and the light are bumping into one another. As beings who project light (the illusion), we human animals share this space with the inside, the within, in our dreams, our soul's flight. We all dream (vision quest) inside Heavenly Grandmother space awake or not. She and Grandfather have descended to the Earth to help their Grandchildren, the spiritual soul elders, the ones who hold the world together, literally.

The color of Grandmother center is actually dark and light, dark, light, dark, light, infinitely. The colors fold over each other and it looks gray. It appears as if it is darkness, our dreams. So this is why it is possible to see all colors and all images of any kind, because all things live inside this space, a breathing tapestry.  Native Americans sometimes call this space Grandmother or Spider as she weaves our web of destiny. This is what the dream catchers are for, to bless your dreams. Now which door was it? “It is hard to remember as I feel my way in the dark,” as a Soul Elder would say, as they are the Earth's children. The body elders have it easier (this is known, by your rainbow colors), but must seek in the darkness within as the light is upon them. Body elders are Heavens children. Grandmother embraces the molecular beings, our dust to dust, as she coddles us. We are plunged into the devotional space within her. We must remember to always bless her. I bless Grandmother and I bless the sacred nine directions in thee.

Relief: Dream when sleeping and dream while awake. Aim for a highermorality for Grandmother's sake. She must endure all our suffering, for heaven's sake.  Do your blessings and make it safe!

When you are moral, you are happy. Forgiveness is the only path home. And bless to know protection, sanctuary and finally joy!

Your heavens name tells us the mission you choose before entering this body, your holy temple. Many natives, the red man have this kind of storyteller name, gifted to them by their holy and sacred medicine people, often reading the earthly name (rainbow colors), since this is the perspective of the walk along the Red Road, the law of love, and the Rainbow Colors. We carry many nick names, even in heaven, as those who love us, tend to choose pet names, that serve their endearing purpose, to behold you in their hearts.  This goes along with the Great Spirits, Guardian Counsels that live with you and the various Animals and Species of God's kingdom.  They all whisper to us. They all try to guide you. But how do you know, who to trust?  You offer them a blessing.  If any being is willing to bow like a rainbow, then true love is near. But if they are not willing to bless, when you offer your blessings, they often run away from you, not understanding, you are there to purify their hearts.  But fear takes over those, who do not carry faith in the Oneness of God. We all have such a counsel guiding us. We are all perfect.  We all have a mission in life.  We all carry tools of light. Your book of life, offers the many treasures of your eternal life.  Welcome home to the dawning. Yellow Chief says, "I accept this challenge!"

Sometimes our Heavenly name can be quite long. If necessary, ask for an arrangement, that is pleasing to you as well as others, but still grasp the essence of your heavenly mission upon earth.  You will need to understand and ask for an interpretation of your heavenly name. Father Nation (white skin) are often too busy to use the whole name.  For instance, my name White Buffalo Calf Woman, people started to call me White Buffalo. Well this isn't my name. White Buffalo Calf Woman is my name.  But I had to assist those, who could not use four words and needed two words instead.  I gifted to them the use of Calf Woman. This offered the essence of my name, without offending my elders (white buffalo people), because White Buffalo Calf Woman is the child from heaven. Father nation feels 
disrespected by the Rainbow Clan. With all his efforts, he is often misunderstood. For he is the light that has led the way. He stands a renegade upon the second rolling hill of evolution and now must return home to Mother and the children. As you can see many people will not understand the meaning of your name, so to help them you may want to do some teaching here, about the heavenly dance, from your soul's desire, your heart, that is represented in your heavenly name. The Great Spirits know your path and when you honor yourself, you gift honor to your heavenly name and mission upon this world, when you use love. You are heaven sent, with many names of God. Oh, so many names unto God.
 And each and everyone, pays tribute to your beingness. Direct your life, to bring honor to your heart. You are perfect and greatness, as God tells us, "We are the children, who walk home towards the heart!"

Enjoy your heavenly name and mission in life, earthly name and tools of light (four sacred directions in rainbow colors), and interpretation from your wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person.  In the days to come, in the evolution dawning brings, all the crystal children, will gift truth and interpretation to everything, as "Readers of the book of life" serving you.  My sacred colors 
are crystal, yellow, green and gray. I am presently walking in the light of brotherhood until 2013, with my husband, His Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand who sends his love and unifies our hearts with the sacred drum in all heavenly name readings and sacred song blessings and where ever sacred holiness is needed to bring our hearts together, Holiness David is there to beat sow sweet.  Elder Holiness David's colors are lavender, yellow, aqua and gray. He is Elder Wakan Wicassa or Holy Man. Together we represent the crown of Heaven and the crown of Earth, joining together to become the “Star of David”, the house of the beloved, where all the lambs are gifted sanctuary in the Heavenly kingdom, upon Paradise.

The Oneness of God, tell us we must build the house of the beloved "Star of David", the sacred blessings. And we must give shelter to all the people and all our relations. Entrusted sanctuary lands inherited in God's kingdom for the beloved children (all ages and species) is our highest concern. We must return Mother Earth back to her and become the keepers. We gift ourselves to you as the “yellow family” innately being the “golden warrior - who envisions a dream come true”.  To you, the children of the Rainbow Clan, the multicolored Oneness we devote our lives to the Great Give-A-Way.

We have become missionaries who provide Angel services to those in need around the world and walk with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. We talk about love and God's (collective oneness) mission within us 
(heavenly name and tools of light, take our place in the Oneness) as we enter into the third phase of evolution. The third yellow rolling hill of time, brings the dawning, the inner light or a light from within.  

Heaven descends towards Earth's receiving arms.  We must pray to keep harmony and balance during a time of collision within dark and light space.  Embracing the world, united, will take new skills, that only sacred behavior, will know how pull us through. This age of “Enlightenment” is embracing us to begin the Great Give-A-Way and to have Elders are around the world who gather together (pow wow). Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy fight with the laws of love, to bring unity and peace to a troubled time and this confusion is relieved, by the embrace of a song!

We at the hoops, will integrate this type of brotherhood around the world as directed by the Great Spirits within us all. We shall do this with our voice and our embrace, bringing the law of love, to lift the warrior down into their own honor and self esteem. Forgiveness begins the path to validation and  negotiation with each other.  Here we embrace with love and open our hearts with kinsmen who journey home into our hearts. Welcome home to Paradise, where the Rainbow Covenant, shares joy!

your devoted servants,

elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy intepreter

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

elder lavender person, wakan wiccasa or holy man

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Angel Services brought to you by

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze!

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THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

We are Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever. There is "No way out", "only a Way In" .... this is the sacred circle of our collective dreams. We are learning to walk towards!

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child, iyeshka (interpreter) and akicita (law bringer), crystal (christal/pearl/diamond/red-red), yellow, green, gray (red-green).

Holy buffalo hide (prayer cloth or holy temple called you) reveals the four sacred directions that heal.

Thank you for all your Thrills. Shout out to hit the Nails. We are building a house where all are welcome on the rolling hills. White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings »

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan), your Twin Deer Mother, has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born, the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (dark and light). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun (Morning Star), have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

About Jeff (meaning peace) [He is the Singular (mission) father (leading) that goes around town (evolution's call to the circle of life). We call him the Golden Light of Sound, he is the chosen one, to view the world, but he needs to come home to call. There he will find a home where all will know his knives (sharing and dividing). Without a place to trumpet, he does not have a home. He longs to find a home where all can find a lid (roof, sanctuary, green grass home). Jeff Golden Light of Sound is the House of Cones (light reflection in evolution), the blossom, that reigns forth. Don't be alarmed, he should go away. But be sure his heart will stay. He is the bishop to your pawn (blessing you). You can rise up to his call. Blow billows of sunshine in the air. He will be standing in the streams so fair.]

Jeff Golden Light of Sound said, "I dreamed of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, she pointed to her heart and Buffaloes of all colors formed a circle, the White Buffalo went to the heart and all other Buffaloes followed."

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets: The heart is the path into heaven, where our souls do hide. We all belong to the Circle of Oneness, the Rainbow Clan. For we are all related and of God. A Buffalo represents the tools of light, in four rainbow colors, to assist your heavenly mission (heavenly name). This is our holy temple, our flesh, the Buffalo Home. White Buffaloes are like the stars, those who shine, united four roads, the blue, red, yellow, then white, the star. Grandfather light (white person, in their tools of light, rainbow directions) naturally shines like this, the white light of unity, who is humble, and bows like the Rainbow to receive blessings. The rest of us, must learn to walk this humble path, to shine like stars. These are the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who unite! A White Buffalo is the Star of Heaven, who shines upon Earth, walking and talking (wakan tankan, the Great Spirit Within) the united four roads. These are the White Buffaloes who are able to walk through the door of heaven, the crystalline heart of White Buffalo Calf Woman, to greet thyself (mirror to the soul, the heart of the crystal person), the soul seeking a way out, to illuminate and shout, to be validated, for who I am! The Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, learning to become the White Buffaloes (stars of heaven, that shine), begin the Great Migration home. We enter the Third Phase of Evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time (dawning of brotherhood), where dreams do come true. Heaven and Earth, Welcome Home!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings: When pointing to the heart, the direction that imparts, the wisdom of the path of the inner light. Here we are many rainbow colors, all part of the same vision of the sacred circle of life. We are relatives, who need to come home twice. Once in the flesh (red road), and once in the soul (blue road), then we know, that we have binded (bound) our whole. When we follow the path of the heart and the soul, all other buffaloes will flow, for rainbows of latter (ancestors), the buffalo homes that have been shattered (separated and divided), will carry us home, to a brand new day, when we look for the heart that leads the day (to flow together, as one shining river).

The tools of light, do shine, like the holy temple of the mind, the flesh that does hold a soul inside. We call the tools of light, the buffalo home. For it's four sacred directions, that gift to us eight directions, the four colors then reflection, to gift our lights. Then we are the Rainbow Colors, the clan that does show reason, when we understand, that we belong to each others, by demand. For it's God's children, we hold the upper hand, for it's sacred in here, where the buffalo steer, the trembling of the hooves who do gallop away. We are here to lead the great migration day.

The circle of buffalo were the sacred rainbow colors, parts each of us, to be whole again, when we join together, in the wind. And as we join together, we follow the fortunate weather, it's inward, the heavenly route, the soul that flies, all inside. And heaven is what leads us, where all buffalo do feed us, to go home again. To feel the wind again. We are going home. To be under the sun.

And it's time for us to gather, to listen to our hearts talk. To walk the path of righteousness in the wind. And when it's all over, we will journey together, the path of love, the holy days, of eternity. Oh blessed bee, let us dream together and be free. Rejoice, Rejoice, the Green Grass Grows!


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever.
No way out, only a way in .... this is the sacred circle.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child (crystal/christal/pearl/diamond)
crystal, yellow, green, gray (holy buffalo hide reveals)

White Buffalo Calf Woman public figure (Facebook)