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The Blessing of the Nine Directions
To the East and the West. To the north and the south. To the up and the down, to the sacred all around. To the heartbeat and Breath, I gift all my sacredness. I receive all my life for thee. I shall be forever in the breeze.
peacefulYour Heart Song
I shall sing. I shall sing upon Mountain Tops. I shall be. Glory for thee. And I shall be the loving breeze.

Sacred Dew

Four Sacred Directions In Thee!

Relatives, "Ask for your colors you can believe all the rainbow you can receive, the sacred garment of lights that lead, the spreading sheets of leaves. Here the way is clear to be, the loving and sacred tree. Take to your heart all that you believe and come and fly with me! In other words, ask and you shall receive your four sacred colors." says, White Buffalo Calf Woman who Sings for you, your Twin Deer Mother and additional Sacred Song Blessings and We Bless You

Come receive your Sacred Song Blessings, ask for your blessings and receive, the greatest treasure you could conceive, the soul that needs to be true, when one is validated in you. The treasure is you!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wolf Warriors of the Rainbow, Elders Dancing For You
Relatives, you might want to read from the bottom to the top. A sound file at the end. White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 9:29 AM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother; wrote:

Greetings Thunder Raging our Princess of Dawning (Charlene Brinkley Cordova),

Thanks beloved. I want to post the peaceful wisdom prayer and you did it, as well as another song for the wolves, the warriors of the rainbow. It helps lots for the understanding of wolves and dog soldiers. So many times, heaven is misunderstood. Now it's time to make heaven reign, with flooding out of shame (blessing/purification/cleansing), to bring back the glorious pane, the dream field is seen, all could be relevant to the scenes. We are the circle of brotherhood.
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

ps. werewolf means where is the wolf, often unseen till it's seen right upon you. This is the power of walking into darkspace (unseen) and back into light space (seen). One must learn spiritual skills in order to accomplish this feat on your feet. We start by learning to move to and fro, from blue to red road, then yellow appears. After this is tilled, then the seeds of magic appear. Learning about these fields makes the elusive close at hand. the wherewolf chooses where to be seen. Light and darkness can reflect and bend, as well as disclose and reveal. we are all hooked on this spell. Happy dreaming, with a heart that is beaming. the wolfsbane is only poison to the impure. Many spiritualists have proven this by drinking poisons, with no effect. We must have total faith, as well as spiritual practice. Yes, we have a long way to go and it's one stepping stone at a time.

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 9:35 PM, Charlene Cordova (Thunder Raging our Princess of Dawning); wrote:
Aho White Buffalo Calf Woman and all Family on the Hoops,
Here is a posting from the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy blog that White Buffalo Calf Woman posted on January 16, 2011 about wolves that might give you even more insight to this subject. It's a Sacred Song Blessing for the Wolves in our Hearts.
Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning
violet child, rainbow warrior of prophecy
violet, aqua, magenta, gray

(There's also another link at the bottom of the post that directs you to another post about Wolf Warriors

Warriors Stand Up! The Wolves: Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are Back in Town!

Sacred Song Blessings for the Wolves in our Hearts (warriors of the rainbow), We embrace man, rocks, animals, plants, all elements, the Oneness and our relatives on the hoops of the galaxy!

Come on Wolves,"let's show them how it's done, we are the quick gun"*

* One who can pierce the heart faster with love, knowing that standing up is the echo (validation) and spiritual embrace of separated hearts (hugs). And invites the soul to return to perfection, purified by fire, we demand freedom from this mire (prayer shared).  Instead joy is known, it's a rising sun, walk this way, my brother, let's point with our guns, bringing all who depart, HOME.

There we go on this trail, hiking to the other side. Let us adventure far and wide, to find the will of "Gods know hide"** 

**The hide out, a place not easily found or concealed, master of a household, a house, a pride, clan, hide, together, united, rainbow colors, inside of heaven as four directions of the holy temple, the soul is in control. Clandestine not for illicit, but for seekers of destiny where the hidden becomes revealed when two divergent/separated hearts meet/greet.  The rainbow warrior tries to identify the pure of heart, with the sacred bow, one heart bows, half circle, two hearts bow, a circle and unity of heaven. We shine with fire (lighting a fire/smoke) and bless the mire (sin/impure to pure hearts once more). We bow to greet the humble rainbow, the glory of water, that shouts, "I'm alive. Look upon my splendid colors!" Thou art great and divine. We seek this place, where it is hidden to be known. Derived from the same Semitic root j-n-n meaning 'to hide' or 'be hidden', or 'concealed'. A word for garden or Paradise, جنّة jannah, is a cognate of the Hebrew word גן gan 'garden',   In arid climates, gardens have to be protected against desertification by walls; this is the same concept as in the word paradise from pairi-daêza, an Avestan word for garden that literally means 'having walls built around'. Thus the protection of a garden behind walls implies it being hidden from the outside. Thus we are to be known, by welcoming the heart of the loyal blue from heaven, within the garden walls of red earth.

It's the place of clans do greet, when we open our hearts to meet.  All we have to do is stand, upon the heart of a living man.  

I come to you to share the news, it's time for us to fall into bloom. The soul has risen and takes command. I'm a warrior and here I stand.  Let us share a heart indeed, to bring us down upon our knees. Bless and pray for all we see, the flowers, grass is green.  And the animals they do roam, just like us down the road.  Pick a trail, all does see, what you left behind for me (energy resonance of what was left behind of you).  I want to share my heart with you, because when you come, you will feel me too. And here I stand upon the hill, looking out ward, I do kill (devastation and destruction). I find a place, I know not see, but now my ignorance will get the best of me. I will lift this world to know, that I will long to be a relative shore (united with everything). I kill to bring destruction home. I kill to bring those lost horns home (warriors down, or warriors of earth rather than warriors of heaven). I kill to bring a new world born, but I don't kill to harm.  I kill only to protect my arms.  I demand you bless with me today, sow we can plant the seeds of love this way. For our hearts will roam forever you see, we decide together how we bleed (suffer for love).  

So I protect all life.  Sow I protect all life. Sow I will plant my love today, and know that killing was a way to pray (blessing with fire to destroy impure and bring anew, not prey).  I know it's (gasping for air, the next three words are said silently) "True in Me".  I know it's true in me (tears and trembling lips). I know it's true in me (breathing difficult). I know it's true in thee (you).  I know it's true in love.  I know it's true, because you are God (voice of heaven upon earth). I know because I feel this way. I know because my tears display (tears and silence, crying). I feel your pain inside of me, because you are my relative don't you sea (vision with a heart).  (tears roll down over the hills and feed a new world, I release my pain to gain) I have a place to go.  I know it's a sacred rainbow.  We are part of the blue, the heavenly stream, the soul that remains, always perfectly glean (separation from the chaff and the seeds from the grass or whole, to collect grain left by reapers or destruction, to seek truth of heaven in stead). I want you to show your heart.  Come relative pray with me.  Show me that you don't mind my love this day, then I will put my gun away.  I won't have to kill you.  Because we found prayer instead.  We became (tears swell up) relatives again, from far shores, we did begin (crying, coming home instead on the blue road).  

We have been looking for you (said in tears). We have traveled so far (tears rolling down our faces).  And we have missed you so much (crying together bowing down in prayer). We have been far away.  And now we find our world is changing. And to find a relative again, means I'm closer to you.  You are closer to me.  We shall grow a big family (wiping the tears). 

The wolves tell us the way, even foxes that must display (a beautiful dance of love as they greet one another, White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "I feel so ignorant this moment, of course our dogs, wolves and foxes try to teach us, how to greet each other this way, the sacred love dance, as they always are ecstatic about our arrival, it's in the blood, the warrior call".), how wonderful to greet your heart. I missed you, now look "How Great Thou Art" (just envision wolves greeting each other, so happy in joy).  There we go it's another day. There we go, it's heaven paved.  We must look deep inside, to find the real living pride (clan of the blue, the heavenly true).  And when we go on our path. We seek harmony at last. We fight to unite broken hearts, everywhere, because we do DARE.  We are warriors beyond compare.  Heaven come home in me. Heaven teach me to be sweet. Heaven open my heart.  Heaven teach me all knowledge and impart.  

Wolves where you go each living day, warriors of the rainbow as you display, unity comes first before your mind, because thought is after all just a part.  And we must show it's heaven's girth. It's love beyond all our worth.  It's the path that grows beyond and here, where we step upon/onto the road without fear.  And it's heaven that longs within the breeze, we must hold each other instead of sneeze (wind blowing to the other side, rather than staying still to be embraced).  And the wind is to carry us forth, but the whole of us always travel north (returning to heaven, through destruction, the fire blessing, the north star always guides the way), because it's a star, that shines unity, the grand star (grandfather white or star of unity) that we all need, humility.  Bow down and pray as one heart. Share stories as you impart.  Know glory comes upon you and me, because we are ONE family tree.  And it's warriors who make their mark. It's when we stand to impart, that law of love lives right here, and "we all become living", without fear.

Golden roads appear in front of me, all my dreams are rampant and running free and I know it's where our hearts glow, because we are the prophecy of the rainbow. And we are coming home to you.  We are coming home to the true. We are coming forth to me and you. We are going to be part of this blue. Heaven live in me, this very day.  Heaven is the free feeling in the breeze, let our souls fly high in the winds. Let us blow heaven where all does begin. 
The crystalline road inside me, appear sow (plant my love) I can sea (vision with a heart) free (to be my dream).  Let me shine all that is thine (oneness of great and small). Let me shine, all my part this time.  Let the perfect road appear, where my heart is not always still (red road), but I know I must start here on this road (blue road), the sacred embrace, the place that leads to Gold (yellow road, united). I am willing to bow down with you, knowing you are part of this heavenly blue.  And my soul demands, sow does true (of heart.  Rainbow Warriors demand the bow, to know who is true, love blooms here soon, guns are put down, because one family appeared, the heart of heaven, where love roams clear). And my fire (rainbow colors: Fire is the unity of all color and it's blessing purifies all rainbow colors. We do this is the spiritual world-blue road, we must imitate it in the physical world-red road in order to ensure sanctuary of heaven-unity on the yellow road.) will bless all of you.  I'm going to the garden of paradise where all is free. I going to have all my dreams appear to thee (morning star, holy and sacred place to be, to dream). And we shall hold hands and keep company, because we did bow down and believe. There was faith you showed the way. There was faith and true of heart was displayed and I know, we belong to everyone, all we have to do is learn to put down our guns.  But it's leaning on love we demand.  How we do this, it's a command.  Heaven demands, purify your heart, then all will be paradise a lost art.  And we will begin  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ to remove all sin  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ to know heaven lives in our hearts  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ and we simply must do our part  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Rainbow warriors who come and lead the way.  They will teach you all how to pray.  It's not what you say, but how you act this day.  To embrace the words, to share what was heard, the echo in time, we call love.  It's time for us to chime.  All the elements are not blind, but have vision with their hearts. Remember to do your part.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand drums for the heart of the Wolves. Sacred Song Blessings for the Wolves in our Hearts (warriors of the rainbow), We embrace man, rocks, animals, plants, all elements, the Oneness and our relatives on the hoops of the galaxy! Inspired to be written byGrandfather Holy Spirit, for those who misunderstand the word kill and who continue to use aerial killing (brutal slaughter) in Alaska. We bless Wolf Warriors, in order to save Wolves around the world, who show us to become Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. "Don't see him off with your hair still in curlers, you may never see him again" (Tom Jones, 1960's) and "When you do see him again, you can do the Love Dance, to invite him home into heaven once more through you", says Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star. To read more about the Wolf Warrior, please visit

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

For more prayer blessings for Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father, hit the link.

Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors

Saturday May 9, 2009
 Brother Wolf Speaks!

Book IWarrior FreedomWhite pure as Snow is where all of the Rainbow Colors gather together, where perfection is known as the Crystalline Structures. This is called the Stone River. In the Winter White months the Native Americans recall the Brother Wolf, the "Wind Stalker". He offers safe haven, while he chasing eddies across the Arctic frozen lake. These warrior residents are the guardian spirits which protect us from all harm and remember to bring home their wisdom. Springtime has a way of delivering the Golden Glow of hope to the new again.

For Wolves, our Dog Soldiers of the Universe, know how to travel great distances in search of Truth and Knowledge. Each of us have our place within the Universe, the Wolf returns to the clan to teach us and share this great Medicine. To empower us with deep and often hidden light from within, the Vision Quest can be arduous, but compelling to most Guardians who seek the Quest homeward. To come forth and aid the children of Earth and Protect the Heavens wisdom that resides in all of us. Now is the time of the Dawning, and only the Warrior with Strength of the Wolf 
knows the within. The Soul realm will return us homeward upon Earth our Paradise. Heaven's law says, the Red Road, the law of love which will bring us united and deliver us into the Great Give-A-Way. Walk brave and sing your song loud, for the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy shall arise as Dog Soldiers and as
Yellow Chief says, "I accept this challenge"

Book IILaw of Brotherhood Delivered
Wolf Warriors Tribes inhabit the Globe over. Some believe the "She wolf" as the origins of Warrior beliefs and religion. And many of Family of Wolf Warriors have joined forces with the Snake. The Indigo-Violet Snake represents the most feared which has become a Symbol for Imperial Nations (kings) around the World. The Indigo and Violet are Warriors of the Queen and King, who would protect with their lives and any entrusted in their care. With this Joining image of Wolf and Snake, the Dragon was born. The fire breathing dragon was fierce, could purify the realms and cleanse the impure. The Snake is law of love, many call the Red Road, which is represented in the Pipe Ceremony, the burning breath to sacred purification just like the Mythical Dragon of the Sky. With Warrior qualities of a Wolf and Law of Heaven from the Snake, the Dragon is born to deliver the wrath of Heaven to those who do not follow the ways of the Sacred Path upon Earth. With the image of the Dragon who could fly in the heavens and light up the sky was a brave warrior uniting heaven with earth as the fiercest of Dog Warriors, who has come Home to deliver the Law of Love. We are one under the blue sky, the dragon runs free to know the dream of sacred ways of unity. If you don't follow the path of love, it will be the wrath of those who go against the Dragon, the Dog Warrior of the Sky. This Dragonbearer holds his spear in his left hand to do battle, whose head and breast are naked and his pipe was was filled with the fire breath, kept him walking pure and inclined to the rituals of the sacred purification.

These legendary warriors are known to feast and carry off fertilewomen. Born from the Mountains that breath fire, many spiritual oracles teach skills of war, by overtaking and controlling boundaries. These highly charged, full-hearted of spirit did not serve the military, instead they served the relations, the entrusted. Trusting the Spirit Realm by learning to integrate Heaven with Earth with the art of walking over burning fire gifting faith and purification of a new generation and regrowth of Dog Warriors. The Wolf is a symbol of the fugitive, where exiled and outlawed have become known as the Last Standing Warrior. He gains his reputation in his ability to gain family from all directions of the realms of the sacred circle as does our King David, the house of the Beloved.

Wolf people live blissfully under the leadership of Heaven, the Great Spirit Mother. In the halls of the sacred dream catcher, the fire tender keeps watchful eye over her pups. Knowing some day they will defend the Laws of Purification and Righteousness. Often feared, the Dog Warrior serves all their guests with great gusto inside splendid gardens and golden palaces, shielded with honor and large enough to gift freedom for their travel into the sky. The suffering of love gave them endurance to know that Heaven awaits them where the Golden Dream lives to fill their cups over-floweth. Drinking from the Sun's Rays from within; offering strength to battle another day and spiritual purification for renewal of the law of the sacred fire to bring unity to all, our Dog Warriors are here to stay. I lift my cup to you, Brother Wolf. 

Book IIIThe Sacred Fire
Watchful, Courageous, Vigilant, these were the a small price to pay for the rewards of the of Stature of Wolf Warrior. He is purified in the Sacred Dance. Even today, many remote villages in the rolling hills still practice fire dancing four times a year, seasons of sacred directions. Dancing around a fire barefoot ensures fertility and purges illness, while bringing health and harmony back into the memory of the community.

Today the sacred torch still represents a symbol, we call the Palladium which we use today at our Olympic Games. The holy fire was brought to this ceremony. A lit torch, burning continuously was significant and was brought from and to another place. This "Perpetual Fire" was to be carried to the banquet rooms where the victors feasted. This insured the Sun would shine upon them, purifying the physical body without and soul body within. These champions reserved the right to halls of Greatness, especially as a Warrior, for he had kept the fire alive at all cost. Saving the Sacred Fire by the torch and moving it safely to a new home in another place ensured Warriors would be known throughout the lands including distant shores.

The Sacred Fire falling from Heaven signifies that fear was conquered and integration of the Soul body with Flesh body would lead the righteous Rainbow Warrior, we call the Dog Soldier, our Brother Wolf. A fire brought from the Heavens need return to the arms of Earth once again, where Sanctuary can be Paradise, knowing Wisdom. Protecting the realms of numinous and luminous, these Warriors of Heaven understood the hand of God. When we can reach out and into another's heart, we are able to rescue the low burning fire and renew it so it may burn brightly again. Lightning is the unification of differentials in the atmosphere often causing fires. It must strike into the heart of the other realm to unite the two varying principles. This is not done with gentility, but with direct and knowing intent. Cleansing the realms of Man to gift freedom to his Soul, like these Dog Warriors know how to stir the fire, to transport and gift life again with the Perpetual burning Fire and reclaiming faith for all Beings of Spirit.

A common alter or hearth of a community was always and still today contributes to our well being. And why do we always gather in the kitchen? Of course to be tended by the fire tender, the Woman who represents Heaven. It also represents everything numinous, including our Souls. Great Spirit Father leads armies, dominant in the last phase of evolution. This the third yellow rolling in time, now must be led by Great Spirit Mother who leads Warriors. For Heaven is upon us, when our Souls of the Dreamtime will learn to be set free. And it shall be the Dog Soldier, Wolf Brother or Rainbow Warrior who shall be enduring, in the transport, care of and carrying of the News of the Sacred Fire and all it stands for to distant shores to gift FREEDOM to all his Brothers and Sisters in the Heavens and Earth.

These Ambassadors will be distinguished foreigners, magistrates and citizens who come together in a common hearth for the community, "Gatherings". They shall be teachers, warrior signal services (migration) and protectors of the New World, we call the Dawning. Where Dreams within find a way of being our Truth without. When the sacred fire within burns bright, sow joy and dreams will come true. Brotherhood can continue as the ritual of the "burning fire" lives on in our Hearts and can be part of our Reality in our observable world around us. Teaching our family to keep their own Sacred Fire purified is no easy task, and our Dog Soldiers, Wolf Brothers and Rainbow Warriors will transport, protect and perpetuate the "Sacred Fire" to the survival for our Clansmen. There is much to offer our distinguished guests, to fill their hearts and their bellies in the Great Halls of Entertainment where fertility was the continued success of the Rainbow Warriors in each Generation. A place where the strong survive to defy death with the continuation of life.

We need remember that the "light" of each being need be purified as part of performing duties of Sacredness, for our first Warriors were our "Flock Keepers". They protected, purified and fumigated flocks, beasts and stalls. For our Shepherds care for all of God's children, including the Rocks, Animals and Plants. The Divine Fire or Palladium holds our hearts and cleanses our flesh throughout the Rolling Hills of Time, when we remember to "walk the sacred fire breath" within our hearts and our bodies. We will know bounty of the continuation of Warriors who are true to the Blue of Me and You, the Blue Blood of Kingsmen, who know the Calling of Freedom and transport it to distant shores.

The Native Americans are the "Keeper" of the relatedunderstand this Sacred Ritual who continues to offer the "Peace Pipe" to all their relations to ensure truth is known to all family members. Remember our Brother Wolves, our Dog Soldiers of the Universe, know how to travel great distances in search of Truth and Knowledge. Each of us have our place within the Universe, the Wolf returns to the clan to teach us and share this great Medicine of the Purification of the Sacred Fire. To empower us with the deep, hidden light from within to growth and full potential when we follow our Dreams in the Vision Quest and Rituals of Enipi (Sweat Lodge) or various ceremonies of "Fire Cleansing". We work for only one thing in the world, because we love the Realms of Heaven and Earth. This road that is Red, following the Laws of love, can be extremely difficult and arduous. Our Shepard, the keeper of the sacred fire, the Dog Warrior, is the utmost of dedication and earnestness, allowing this Warrior to Protect all the Realms, and the blue blood family feels safe within the Reflection of our Hearts. Let our Souls always remember the Sacred Fire in our Dreams along the path of the Yellow way, brightly burning desire of the breathren, the golden brotherhood of kingsmen, our relations from the Four Sacred Directions.

Book IV 
The Name of the Wolf Warrior

The Heavens where we come from, remembers your Great Heavenly Name (gifted by White Buffalo Calf Woman).  Evolution greets us (the yellow rolling hill in time or the third phase of evolution) and we know that your mission is Great. Your Great Heavenly Name is written in the Song of the Soul. Those who are gifted speak between the realms and know your Great Heavenly Name blows in the wind, like Crystal people (White Buffalo Calf Woman and other crystal persons) around the World who are our Wakan Iyes(h)ka or Holy Interpreters (walking sacred). The Elders of the Stars, heavenly spirits (wind of the whole, the rainbow clan) and Great Spirits in you, know it to be called, your "Heavenly Name"(mission in this life). And how you accomplish your "Mission" is your Earthly Name (tools of light often referred to the buffalo home).  There are also Nicknames, often referred to your character, which includes your birth name, assumed names or many other names.  A "Native American Spiritual Name" is often a character name (nickname, perspective of your heavenly name), but what is different, is that a Native American are considered eldest souls, who can look across space/time, to often show your character of your mission in life (heavenly name). Native Americans gift a special ceremony which is held in the receiving of this Honor. For the Great Spirits know our Names, even if we do not recognize the calling inside our hearts yet. Do not fear this knowing, but be pleased of your Greatness. Realize you are in service to Kings, and with this knowing, you can fulfill your dreams of the true hearted Dog Soldier or Rainbow Warrior from heaven. "When we pass through the waters of my ancestors journeys, my heart remembers I am not alone. I know the rivers grow stronger as the seasons of time flow through me. And when I sweep over the fire, I will be purified as my light grows brighter in unity."

Great Spirits guide and protect us along the way. We, the children of the most highest, are precious and honored in their sight, for love fills their hearts. They tell us not to fear, but to trust and have faith in our own hearts. We are the children of God, who's light shines bright from the East and gathers you in the West to receive the treasures. To the North, gift the all seeing eye, the vision of hope and hands to hold each other. To the South, open your arms and receive all that flows towards you. Sons shall travel to distant shores and daughters rivers flow to you from the ends of the earth. Your name is calling to you, the Heavenly Warrior Mission, for the sacred breath we walk and talk. You were created for the soul purpose of a Dream. A journey created for Glory, formed in the image of perfection. It is the Wolf Warrior who keeps watchful eye over his treasures, his relations on the "Crystalline" Stone River.

Wolf Warrior Credo
Leave your MarkVoice your Feelings, Share your Affection, Rest in between,
Hunt when you must, Play when you can, Cooperate with the Pack,
Teach the Young and Respect the Elders. Just good medicine!
The fragrant heart and spiritual light welcome home!

Written by Holiness David
White Buffalo Calf Woman
A gift for you, the Song of Great Spirit Mother Tinker Bell, who leads Warriors

Mish, Mash (destruction and new foundation for rebirth), Polly Wogs (new birth from tears of knowing to land of dreams) I have come to thee, follow the flowing stream of love. Come hold my hand today. It's been quite a long time to see. The river that always run red. My hope is my children will always see how warriors they will come to be. I seek every day that I please. My tears always come to find thee. I give you my freedom and all the keys. Just look inside and find me. Yesterday, you were but a dream, but today I see flowers who grow. I know the time to rise to the sun, has come to my true and blue. Forever seems a long long time, but Rainbows they always shine. My children, the breathren who keep the peace rise up and know your way.

Come home to me now and believe in your dreams. Come home now I await. Remember my heart can please any a day, if only I had a plan. Give me Olives (fuel for a great light) and figs (the little related spirit beings who gift us fruit, our seeds of glorious dreams, children) from a tree (of life, generations) and know your light will always shine. My hope is you realize the Warrior you are. Come home to me. Love and Please thee. Your Mother of Time, forever Sublime has come to hold you again. Come tither and flowing to all the knowing and Shine On. Rainbow Soldiers Shine On.

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 10:17 PM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother <> wrote:
All my Relatives, “Shushan Purim” extraordinary blessings. White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 8:12 PM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother <> wrote:
Inline image 1

Relatives, I was wondering about the line, "Everyone knows the wolf's bane" and wanted to understand what it means. Looks like it's 'without struggle'. It also looks like "the queen of poisons", today called homeopathic medicine. Meaning a little medicine pushes us forwards, to rush the door and this helps move circulation. then your body heals yourself. Too much poison kills, a little poison pushes you towards the doves (peaceful relations)

It keeps werewolves out with fire, the poision, which is translated as fire blessings. Werewolves will tear your head off, without distinction. However a werewolf that is clothed in fire blessings, is unstoppable. This is the armor of the sacred dog warrior, the ultimate defense of God's kingdom.

The stories and uses are often misunderstood to heavenly meanings often portrayed as evil darkness instead of pure darkness. It's the difference between one who constantly blesses with fire blessings and one who does not. When we defend our relatives, with love, not one over the other, but united, then all is righteousness.

The wolf and it's meaning is very misunderstood. A destroyer comes with blessings. In our evolutionary period we depart, we created then destroyed. But in the future in the third phase we will destroy, then create. In other words, we will purify the fields first, then plant the kingdom. Destruction in heavenly terms means to purify. Destruction in the earthly terms means death. Heavenly virtues bring back like, to heal. Destruction in the form of purification and blessings, helps the spaces we share in our living collective dreaming.

I bless the sacred nine streams and four holy beams/directions for all my relatives, I bow to the floor to tell you the water has open doors.

your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Aconitum (pron.: /ˌækəˈnaɪtəm/ A-co-ní-tum),[1] also known as "the queen of poisons", aconite, monkshood, wolf's bane, leopard's bane, women's bane, devil's helmet or blue rocket,[2] is a genus of over 250 species of flowering plants belonging to the family Ranunculaceae. These herbaceous perennial plants are chiefly natives of the mountainous parts of the northern hemisphere, growing in moisture retentive but well draining soils on mountain meadows.
The name comes from the Greek ἀκόνιτον meaning 'without struggle'.

Ancient knowledge of Aconite usage

The Greeks called Aconite lykotonon, meaning wolf slaying (Wolfsbane); this plant earned the name because it was rubbed on the arrows used when hunting wolves. Several species of Aconitum have been used as arrow poisons. Soldiers would dump aconite down wells in order to poison an enemy’s water supply.
bane  (bn)
1. Fatal injury or ruin: "Hath some fond lover tic'd thee to thy bane?" (George Herbert).
a. A cause of harm, ruin, or death: "Obedience,/Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,/Makes slaves of men" (Percy Bysshe Shelley).
b. A source of persistent annoyance or exasperation: "The spellings of foreign names are often the bane of busy copy editors" (Norm Goldstein).
3. A deadly poison.

[Middle English, destroyer, from Old English bana; see gwhen- in Indo-European roots.]

Wolfsbane seedsAconitum vulparia (lycoctonum)
This is not monkshood but the real deal, wolfsbane, which is a different species from monkshood. This Saturn herb is a classic of garden witchcraft and sacred to Hekate.  Wolfsbane is sometimes associated withMars because of the helmet-like shape of its flowers, although Cornelius Agrippa said that the Mars association came from the fact that it poisons by reason of too much heat (which is a Mars characteristic). Wolfsbane apparently can be used to reverse shapeshifting spells and has a folk tradition of protecting homes against werewolves. There was also the belief that witches dipped flints in the juice of wolfsbane (a very dangerous endeavor in itself) and then threw them at an enemy; such flints were called elf-bolts. One scratch was enough to kill, and that is not folklore.
One of the baneful herbs, wolfsbane grows naturally in damp woods in the Alps, where it is a threatened species, and produces sulfur-yellow flowers between June and August. The higher the elevation, the more flowers this plant will get and the longer they will last. It got the name "Wolfsbane" because ancient Germans used it to poison wolves.  Bumblebees like this plant because the flower's shape and color says "come on in!" to them.  This aconite does not contain aconitine, like monkshood, but does have lycoctonine, which is just as poisonous.  Do not get this plant on your skin; it can cause severe itching and dermatitis, and the sap can be absorbed in a cut. Always wear gloves when handling it. Ingesting even a tiny amount of this plant can be fatal, but it's great for keeping werewolves out of your yard and is a classic of the witch's garden. Also known as badgersbane.
Aconite (Wolfsbane)

Relatives, Misanthropy is the hatred or mistrust of humankind,.the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action. Sounds like an indigo child to me, the perfect crystalline soul the fights for what is right, but often refuses to forgive the world for it's indiscretions. So it boils down to the cauldron, "Have you purified today? Done your blessings and swayed?" Wbcw.

Inline image 1 Aconite (wolfsbane)

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Aho Elders,
Absolutely love this song! Thank you for sharing it with us.
I bow respectfully. I bless the sacred nine streams and the four holy directions, I bless myself, I bless you, I bless the world.

Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning
violet child, rainbow warrior of prophecy
{ violet, aqua, magenta, gray }

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White Buffalo Calf Woman sings, rattles and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums, elders of the rainbow clan,, rainbow warriors of prophecy
We bow to the sacred nine streams and four holy beams/directions, glittering holy smoke sheens.
For all our Relatives around the World 

-- Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts is united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of everyone. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)!

Relatives, Email "Hoop 4" (yahoo and hotmail virtual space limitation, recommend free To change flow/unsubscribe email For more options and

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets White Willows Visions The Great Migration!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Hoop 4


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

We are Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever. There is "No way out", "only a Way In" .... this is the sacred circle of our collective dreams. We are learning to walk towards!

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child, iyeshka (interpreter) and akicita (law bringer), crystal (christal/pearl/diamond/red-red), yellow, green, gray (red-green).

Holy buffalo hide (prayer cloth or holy temple called you) reveals the four sacred directions that heal.

Thank you for all your Thrills. Shout out to hit the Nails. We are building a house where all are welcome on the rolling hills. White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings »

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan), your Twin Deer Mother, has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born, the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (dark and light). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun (Morning Star), have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

About Jeff (meaning peace) [He is the Singular (mission) father (leading) that goes around town (evolution's call to the circle of life). We call him the Golden Light of Sound, he is the chosen one, to view the world, but he needs to come home to call. There he will find a home where all will know his knives (sharing and dividing). Without a place to trumpet, he does not have a home. He longs to find a home where all can find a lid (roof, sanctuary, green grass home). Jeff Golden Light of Sound is the House of Cones (light reflection in evolution), the blossom, that reigns forth. Don't be alarmed, he should go away. But be sure his heart will stay. He is the bishop to your pawn (blessing you). You can rise up to his call. Blow billows of sunshine in the air. He will be standing in the streams so fair.]

Jeff Golden Light of Sound said, "I dreamed of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, she pointed to her heart and Buffaloes of all colors formed a circle, the White Buffalo went to the heart and all other Buffaloes followed."

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets: The heart is the path into heaven, where our souls do hide. We all belong to the Circle of Oneness, the Rainbow Clan. For we are all related and of God. A Buffalo represents the tools of light, in four rainbow colors, to assist your heavenly mission (heavenly name). This is our holy temple, our flesh, the Buffalo Home. White Buffaloes are like the stars, those who shine, united four roads, the blue, red, yellow, then white, the star. Grandfather light (white person, in their tools of light, rainbow directions) naturally shines like this, the white light of unity, who is humble, and bows like the Rainbow to receive blessings. The rest of us, must learn to walk this humble path, to shine like stars. These are the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who unite! A White Buffalo is the Star of Heaven, who shines upon Earth, walking and talking (wakan tankan, the Great Spirit Within) the united four roads. These are the White Buffaloes who are able to walk through the door of heaven, the crystalline heart of White Buffalo Calf Woman, to greet thyself (mirror to the soul, the heart of the crystal person), the soul seeking a way out, to illuminate and shout, to be validated, for who I am! The Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, learning to become the White Buffaloes (stars of heaven, that shine), begin the Great Migration home. We enter the Third Phase of Evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time (dawning of brotherhood), where dreams do come true. Heaven and Earth, Welcome Home!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings: When pointing to the heart, the direction that imparts, the wisdom of the path of the inner light. Here we are many rainbow colors, all part of the same vision of the sacred circle of life. We are relatives, who need to come home twice. Once in the flesh (red road), and once in the soul (blue road), then we know, that we have binded (bound) our whole. When we follow the path of the heart and the soul, all other buffaloes will flow, for rainbows of latter (ancestors), the buffalo homes that have been shattered (separated and divided), will carry us home, to a brand new day, when we look for the heart that leads the day (to flow together, as one shining river).

The tools of light, do shine, like the holy temple of the mind, the flesh that does hold a soul inside. We call the tools of light, the buffalo home. For it's four sacred directions, that gift to us eight directions, the four colors then reflection, to gift our lights. Then we are the Rainbow Colors, the clan that does show reason, when we understand, that we belong to each others, by demand. For it's God's children, we hold the upper hand, for it's sacred in here, where the buffalo steer, the trembling of the hooves who do gallop away. We are here to lead the great migration day.

The circle of buffalo were the sacred rainbow colors, parts each of us, to be whole again, when we join together, in the wind. And as we join together, we follow the fortunate weather, it's inward, the heavenly route, the soul that flies, all inside. And heaven is what leads us, where all buffalo do feed us, to go home again. To feel the wind again. We are going home. To be under the sun.

And it's time for us to gather, to listen to our hearts talk. To walk the path of righteousness in the wind. And when it's all over, we will journey together, the path of love, the holy days, of eternity. Oh blessed bee, let us dream together and be free. Rejoice, Rejoice, the Green Grass Grows!


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever.
No way out, only a way in .... this is the sacred circle.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child (crystal/christal/pearl/diamond)
crystal, yellow, green, gray (holy buffalo hide reveals)

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