For Your Fire, Pipe, Blessing Ceremony

The Blessing of the Nine Directions
To the East and the West. To the north and the south. To the up and the down, to the sacred all around. To the heartbeat and Breath, I gift all my sacredness. I receive all my life for thee. I shall be forever in the breeze.
peacefulYour Heart Song
I shall sing. I shall sing upon Mountain Tops. I shall be. Glory for thee. And I shall be the loving breeze.

Sacred Dew

Four Sacred Directions In Thee!

Relatives, "Ask for your colors you can believe all the rainbow you can receive, the sacred garment of lights that lead, the spreading sheets of leaves. Here the way is clear to be, the loving and sacred tree. Take to your heart all that you believe and come and fly with me! In other words, ask and you shall receive your four sacred colors." says, White Buffalo Calf Woman who Sings for you, your Twin Deer Mother and additional Sacred Song Blessings and We Bless You

Come receive your Sacred Song Blessings, ask for your blessings and receive, the greatest treasure you could conceive, the soul that needs to be true, when one is validated in you. The treasure is you!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012. Great Joy Is Upon Us All, Now We Learn to Fall

Great joy is upon us all, now we learn to fall (to the Rainbow halls).

Great joy is upon us all, now we learn to fall (to the Rainbow halls).  This means we have much to rejoice about. We are entering the wave of descendent/descension (the end of light as we know it to be, a great dream beams forth). This means, our souls are awakened. What was hidden, now is revealed in the valley of darkness. We are learning to share, within the darkness, not with our eyes open, but with our hearts open. To use our senses and feelings to guide us through this density, dark spaces of the unknown.

This is a river that is abundant with knowledge. And to hear this knowledge takes stillness and all including the house, where you stand. You are the holiest of man, when you enter upon this land. How you walk and talk creates your destiny and dreams that unfold. No longer will the light of thine eyes guide you, but the inner light of your heart. Your fullness, your happiness, your daily sharing of joy with relatives, will guide you on the path of spiritual development.

Those who refuse to exchange joy, will on default exchange burdens. We will have heavenly darkness of tears of sadness or tears of joy. We must chose each day, this exchange. Brotherhood is gifted freely, to feel free, to journey and travel to new shores. These shores are the hearts of your relatives of the Rainbow Clan, for all of man, animal, plants and rocks belong to this clan. We are a happy man, when we understand, we are relatives to all we behold and is gifted to us.

Your devoted servants of the Rainbow, share with you, a portion or excerpt (seven sections) to our Elders Agenda Meeting last night, for all the world to share. It's time to be aware. We send love and greetings to your hearts.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother sings, Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand drums and Grandmother Comfort in the Wind (Grandmother of Many Tides) our Sunshine Glory Shine wings. Elders of the Rainbow Clan,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Hoops and Rings and Everything!

1. Pipe Songs
Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star pipe song

Let it dance and sing romance. Feel the waves of flowing raging filled. Gorgeous love flows out from me. I will fill your heart, for all to sea. See sea. Sea free. See sea. I am feeling free. Come and wake, to the sound of your heartbeat. Let love flow out, from every part of me. Let us sing and dance and play romance, Gift your heart away. We long for better days. Sit by side child, walk this sacred mile. You will find, it's a great free ride. Mystery presides over heavenly roll on over. Gift your hands for all to sea, brother, hold your sisters upon your knees. Give them hope, inside your scope. Fill your dreams man, feel the world the glow. And let all the shining pipes run free. Shining rivers, streams and rocks eternity. I can feel your heart beat. You make me feel so very sweet. I want to know the great big show, where you dance around and rainbows glow.
White Buffalo Calf Woman: How wonderful. Thank you Holiness David.

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star: Know, thank you!

White Buffalo Calf Woman pipe Song

(stance: hands together in prayer pointing up, bow and breath)
purify your heart
(again stance: hands together in prayer pointing up, bow and breath)
hands in praise
(again stance: hands together in prayer pointing up, bow and breath)
breath the holy arc
(again stance: hands together in prayer pointing up, bow and breath)
heaven knows the way.
(again stance: hands together in prayer pointing up, bow and breath)
Great ascension, come heaven overflow in me. Fountains of youth know, it's a streaming glory bee.

Sunlight pipe song

There is a river that is long and endures, where heaven knows the great sacred toes upon the stores. You are the making of the story of all of mankind. Don't recall your witness to the holy river that binds. We are the children, each man each child, each woman who smiles. We are the making of mortal men who find all this wild, because of what is witnessed to the glory of mankind. We are the children, who stream and abide. Gift the rules of heaven, upon our souls. Ride down the mountains of rivers of gold. Come send our messenger, the streaming of life, the stars of heaven, the milky way wife. I shall all the children, I come to make more man. I come to share my mountain, to make all abound. There is a shoulder, my brother be a cloud. There is a magic, oh my heavenly child. Don't you feel, the streams running real, the tears the sadness of pain that grows near. I say, do you love me, just the way you thought you would. Could heaven show me gladness, the strength of heaven filled. (silence, or unending diminishment, like a stream, how wonderful).
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Thank you Sunlight

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind pipe song

Hoe. hoe, hee. hoe. hee. hoe. Way the bow, right/white/light the bow. Find the rows, which way is the holy flow. hoe. hee. hoe, hee. Thunder got a hold of me. I can feel each shaking tree. It's a wakening, such a shakening. hoe, hee. There I find, the shattered mind. There I glow, to watch it flow, wondering, wandering in the fields and snow. Oh, hee, haa. Wake the streamlining fields, all making hearts that could even kill, instead of love, because no one showed them how. Hoe, hee. If we could be all bee saints, then love, wouldn't it be great. Love would bee, true to the heart of me and you and thee. Hoe, hee. I understand, the making of human man. I feel it true, all my heart is imbued with you. All the shaking dreams, come hold onto me. Spread your wings. Hold on, you can fly. Hold on, you can fly with me., See, you feel free. Down those rocky dreams.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Thank you Grandmother.

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind: uh-hum (affirmative response)

Death Becomes the Fallen Suns (his name meaning rebirthing of children) pipe song
Enter below, where the sun light will glow. I can see a smile. I am being born for this while. (vision: I can see, a baby being born, as the baby point of view, looking from the dark, to look at the first face that smiles at it, there is a light). We are children learning to be with yee. Children of divine proximity. We, go down the rivers of time to bee, heaven on earth, come take this girth and set me free. We, are living in time of healthy wide. We are children of the waking healing hands of all that smiles. Dance, that's my heart. Inside the dark, it hurts to make it park. Viewing, the dreams that ensue me. I am filled with wonder of all the pipes that gleam, such a proximity. Such a pleasantry.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Thank you Death Becomes the Fallen Suns, what a wonderful vision of seeking that first smile. We bow.

She Will Come (looking out from a bridge, a young woman yearns) pipe song

Where the rocks are tumbling down. I can feel the sacredness of the sound. Can't it bee, one family. I want to feel the rushing river inside of me. Inside of me.There inside the quiet of the rumbling of such a roar. There inside the quiet, the meek want to share explored. Visions and dreams, come out to meet me.  I can see the world below. Everything is clearly a mistake sea, because we are never quite happy. There is much to learn about the rainbow. There is much to share our hearts to know. There is life beyond the waking of dawn. There is a tumbling down. And we are frozen in time deer. We are looking for dreams. We are making a place to share our states. Come heaven, shine a rainbow over this stream. I bless each beam. I bless the pipes and seams. I bless the waking calls. Don't you hear all the balls? (balls of children playing, then big dancing balls, orchestra, tux, etc.)

2. Elders Sacred Song Blessings

Where do you go, when you do praise the world. Where do you go? What make you feel this woe? I have a tune, carry inside of you. I have a tune. let me share it with you. Where you may go, love is the sacred rows. All in a bloom, don't you watch the corn grow. I say, we have ears, to tell us a story or two. We all have ears to hear what is near. I tell you child, all the elders are going wild, because they are so happy, to see you smile. You make me giddy, with your stories in the cities. I want to know, what way you think you will grow? Heavenly rows. That's where we go. We are the elders who smile at your treasures that grow.. And sending blessings, in all you dew, because it's time for love to  bring a heart inside of you.

Now bow down with me brother. Bow down to this tune.  Bow down to this brother, let us make our heart zoom. Whoo hoo. I say it's a shelter, every single tree. And branches know how to bow, to learn to help each enemy. They didn't brotherhood, if they were taught this way, then all wouldn't be troubles, now showing their face. And if we showed each other, how brotherhood could bloom. We would fine more Elders, who cared about this true. I say all my Elders, I bow down with you. I tell your great story of how you bowed too. You are the magic of each neighborhood. You are the magic of  the hearts in the clouds. And with out all my Elders, who know how to bow, how will the child, leak out.

Let every tears fall down inside. Let every tear find a river wide. For all the Elders, will bow to this way, when roots take hold, for my story to be displayed. It's time for loving. It's time for  a good time. It's time for treasures. heaven watch over us to lullabies. I tell you truly, you are where you walk. It's not in the story, that makes you talk, but I know it's your heart beat, that shines true every day. And learning is magic, when we share our hearts display. It's learning to listen, to what others say. It's learning to walk about, the sacred praise.

I bow down with my Elders. They bow down for you. And all the leaves on the branches my relatives who cling true. I say to all my fellows, my sisters, nieces too. I am walking holy, with my Elders true.

3. Realm songs (Six realms representing the Star of David)

Southern Ascending winds sing

Love is a worshiping call. Love is a wake up call. Love is mighty wall. Love knows it all. Love is watching over you. Love is the valley where all is true. Love lives in the distance. Now kiss me deer. Love is in the making, of the child forsaking. Love is the answer, the waking halls of fame. And in all these missions, love is true to it's mission to hold us together, to hold us together, forever deer. Now kiss me, be aware. Love is the answer, don't you care. I know you love all the children. Loving is you. You show the world just how, to be sacred blue.

Northern descending winds sing

Where you going and what have you shown. Don't you know the rowing is about the sacred stones. I want a reason, always to be satisfied. Now it's a rolling stone, who wants to ball/balk out and call. We are the listening of the children who are rare, those who can dive down to where the garden is a treasure uncompared. I send my blessings, the winds from the north, to all those below who are not too off course.

Upper heaven sing

She is an angel. She sings on high. She is angel. A welcome in the night. She is my comfort. She is from heavenly wings. She is the angel, the mighty winds bring. She is a glorious, shining light for me to see. She know just what to tell me, for me sleep. She take my temperature and watches over me. She is the Mother of all heavenly. She is the angel, who sings for all the leaves.

Heaven sings

What, where, when? I don't think you have to begin. When what where? I have to say we will learn to share. But how, why true. I think you don't know the rules. Love is the tool. Love is the rule. Love is the way to begin every wave. Love is the grime, we put our hearts to the plow (ox and plow and man, all plowing the earth) . All is the walk of the mighty talk. And love is the rule, our holy school. Love is the day, we empty our hearts away.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: All I got to say, is wow, hooray.

Earth sings

We are the people. We are on this march. We are the people. Come on heaven looks twice. She a cool cat, smoking hot. She knows how to make me feel nice. She is a hot chick (four directions), long dick (on a mission like a navy seal team, whale power endurance, a horse spirit flies, always on a mission, dead ahead, detective, seeker of knowledge, information strategist), the waking of the solemn vow. It's a pure heart that knows how to chow. Woof woof, took off my clothes, woof woof, got a holy snore. Woof woof. Don't you think about, how to make a child and make him shout. I think  it's true, when we long to view, all the hoards of rats in the halls today. How will we find our way, through thick and thin and all this sin. We are the people on parade. We don't find it holy all the way. We want it better next time, to fill our hearts more than dimes. We look for inside of you, where love is looking to come true. If you could only want this way, to be holy rolling freely played. Love is mightier than the sword. Love is true to all untowards (unkind). And we the people won't take it. We are stopping at all those kicks. We the people want to say, love will rule over each highway. And if you want to come in here, you will have to learn how to make cheer.

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  How funny song.

Lower heaven sings
Whoooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (almost growling)
Whoooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (almost growling)
One foot in front of the other.
Whoooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (almost growling)
One foot in front of the other.
Whoooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (almost growling)
My foot is heavy like a rock, dragging it around this sacred stock. The fire billows and I rattle the pillows, all the feathers go to nowhere. all this fluff in the air.
Whoooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (almost growling)
One foot in front of the other.
Whoooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (almost growling)
One foot in front of the other.
Whoooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (almost growling)
It's hot in here ( i see a medicine man, rattling with head dress, looks like a buffalo head or rather horns on a big hat, almost bell shaped. He is dancing oh very very slowly around a fire and it's dark, like night).

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Thank you much to share about the darkening effect. Greetings my relatives. Bow to your neighbors.

4. For Those Testy Kids

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Send love Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, tell them how it's done. Grandmother Comfort in the Wind (feels) empty hearts, needed somewhere to go. This song is for them, the dream fields, where the gray children feel it's wheel.

Dream about rainbows. Did you hear about this word. Dream about rainbows. Oh you think you know this word. Dream about rainbows. You say, it's this way huh. Dream about rainbows. Love will bend. Don't you feel the world churning inside you. Don't you know which way to go? Grandmother tells us a story, about your saving grace. You are lost soul. Don't you know you are a lost soul. Walking on gold. Don't you feel it..... churning every where? Did you know it's a holy flow? Dream about rainbows. That the way it flows. It's about light streams, each wave a glow. Tell me a story, like the radio hears a tune. Tell me your glory, the song in the muse. You are so funny child. Don't know which way to grow. Even a blade of grass turn with the light that grows. Dream about rainbows. Don't you know. There is a story about treasures at the end of it's show. And in this treasure trove, all glory is fade. But if you dream long enough, gift your joyous heart. You will feel it's glow. You are looking about it's the rainbow. Dream about rainbows. Did you hear this word. It's a story, about treasures in all the words. Hear my heart today. love is hear to shine the way, talk about your dreams, upon the paved. Dream about rainbows. Dream about rainbows. Dream about rainbows and you will find the way. Dream about rainbows. Dream about rainbows, all your treasures will walk upon all the toes. Dance and sing, about the dream. Don't you see, you are shining free. I will hold you close to this treasure trove. Don't you want more. Don't you want more, don't you want more, more to adore. Each a diamond in the rough, each a loyal looking stuff. Each a treasure trove a glow. Dream about rainbows. Dream about rainbows. Dream about rainbows and emerald come true. Dream about rainbows. Dream about rainbows. Dream about rainbows, all all the colors bloom.

Lost and hazy in the shade. Put your looking glasses on. You can see clearly now, what are you ashamed of. We all have feelings, each true to our hearts. Now we don't have to hide in the dark. Dream about rainbows. Dream with me. Tell me your story, a wave of light set free. And we shall ride that journey on our way, tell a story on the radio, along to say. We dream about rainbows and treasure troves. And all not seeking, haven't found to glow. You are looking in all in the wrong fields, if love isn't your harvest, nothing is real/reel. Love is the holy fields.

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind: Thank you.

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  It's sow very hard to put joy into our life. But a very good song.

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind: Good.

5. Speakers

(Taking audience with Elders Circle, White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums and Blesses)

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Sunlight, please guide us. Thank you "keeper of the talking sticks".

Sunlight: Thank you (Twin Deer) Mother. I am pleased to join you, all my Elders (and he bows to everyone, all around). I bring to you with honor, Sir Magic Men (mind) Heart. He brings offerings to the court and asks elders for forgiveness. He brings bad news (I am smiling so sweet). He would like audience to share his heart.(Sunlight hands a talking stick to Sir Magic Men-Heart).

Sir Magic Men-Heart: (he bows down on one knee and carries a sword, looks like a knight) Your majesty (referring to the celestial crown of the crystal child), I bid your pardon to bring this audience to you. We are in shambles, much of the halls have been taken. And we are concerned (I am laughing, I have to hold my face to share such happiness, because he is so very sweet to be concerned) about all the people. We have many refugees and no where to take them, many flee to the wooded areas, but it's not safe in the woods for even my men. We come in disgrace my Lord. I bring bad tidings, please forgive us. Will you help us? What ever you can spare, how to share (with what). (He puts his head down and waits for me, White Buffalo Calf Woman, to speak).

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Sir/e Magic Men-Heart. I hear your cries. I understand the night. Even our beloved Grandmother Comfort in the Wind hears the cries. But we speak as if it's all just lies. We are blinded by our own fears. Do you not hold fast to your dream to defend the kingdom and it's peoples. I know you are a mighty treasure, do not all your men look up to you. do not the people know that you will guide them. There are hard fast tests you have endured. With this, great sorrow, you come to tell me woes. You at least bow. I hear all the stories, yet, where have you found your glory. If you are running, is this not joy. If we are climbing hills, is this not joy. If we tell our stories. Is this not joy. In all your sorrows, you did not bring joy. And if you do not carry joy, how will you guide those who follow? I hear your heavy heart. There is much to dew and learn from all our relatives. We cannot stand by, while destruction appears inside of our homes. Yet, each day, we allow others to come and destroy the dreams and hopes of the children of the kingdom of paradise. You wish for change, yet you fight for no change. You want to find a place to house, yet you have created no house. And with no prayers, how is a knight, who is not holy and true, to vanquish those who oppress and keep fortunes for themselves only. I think you should stay, for a few days. Sunlight will show you quarters. And then I will give you more guidance. Where you want to proceed and how you will help those who are waiting for you. Two days, too long, not long enough. For two days, they will be unguided, they will be lost, some will lose their minds, others will take their posts. And in the long run, who will be defending the land, will knights like you, who have learned about the holy veal, the seal upon your sword vows to protect and honor. Thus if you do not consecrate your birthing through purification and sharing of great joy, no dreams will unfold. Thus, you must become holy. And if you want your people to find a path, you shall teach them this way to last. I put down the stick.

King of the Wise: (He looks like one of the three wise men, long white beard. He bows half way down at the waist. This is his name, he is kingly in stature, but not actually crowned a king, but brings in kingship to all mankind). I am honored to speak and share my wisdom today. I can see, that a mighty oak must grow in crooks and hallows, these low laying/lying fields give way to spreading our wings. We are able to reach out and twist and turn. Thus it is with man. He shares his life story, yet at times, he wonders, how can he find his dreams in the thick of a dense forest. The light streams inside, to illuminate what has been hidden (vision: beautiful forest, very dense, much like jungle the trees are really really tall and in between the light is dancing in the wind streaming down, touching the ground, where pools of light reflect off of everything. wow, how beautiful). To find this place is not always easy for man to begin. Others can see beauty in others, far sooner than they can see beauty within themselves. And thus we are lost to the misfits, who seem to guide us the best they know how. If we are to bring justice to those who spoil our treasures, should we not also share our treasures? Each kingdom reign, falls, rise and goes around, this is the way of sound, it's a story abounding with jewels, tales and treasure of the utmost demanding of attires to acquire. Listen children, there is such treasure inside each one of us. But we get lost in the bustle of making each day count. We don't reflect on how to make it greater. Our dreams are in a dense forest, without light and it's hot in here. We are bursting for vegetation that nourishes us, rather that steals our spaces (vision: entangling vines in  jungle). Little child, warrior of knights, you show honor to all the elders by ..... your exhibit of sorrow. We are pleased that you have joined our ranks and wish for much fortune in your future. You must remember that we are all children learning how to become great men. Our stories are told to children to their children and so on. Your day today will be remembered. Your meaning of rooting, shows us comfort, when many are in flight, running for their life. (he put stick down, Sunlight picks it up for him).

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind: Little child Sir Magic Men-Heart, you know you are a little child. You want so very much to grow up, to be the great leader you already are. Some look at you and think you have no courage, this is a forlorn of a vacuum in space.(releasing, all in order please, thank you). Some look upon the world with much shame, you on the other hand are guiding the children to a place of safety. This is to be admired. We too often do not care about others (again, all in order, don't want to say this again, be nice and stay in order, thank you). Find a place each day for sanctuary. Your heart needs to find nourishment. Your lacking is found in this track. You are a little child, because you lack. You are not full, as you wish. How can you replace what is amiss. Think of holy thoughts, feel the heavenly wind rush around you. There is a place within you, that knows this spark. Do not folly on those who woe against you. These are very hard times. You want to be a great leader. Remember, I say to you (vision, she is Grandmother Comfort in the Wind is holding both of his shoulders firmly and looking at him straight in the eye and he is bowing down on one knee), You are a great dream. You must learn to be come this great dream. You are already living this great dream. You come today to hear from elders, to guide you in a most important mission. But you don't even know what mission that is! You must seek refuge inside of your heart. Holy is the smoke that fills the room with light, the breath of the morning dew will show you the way through. You must speak with angels and commemorate with elders. There you will find guidance and your wandering will seize. I put the stick down. thank you

Sir/e Magic Men-Heart:  He bows down in silence and shares his heart with all the elders). I bring good tidings, my heart is full of joy. I have found my way. Thank you Grandmother of Many Tides (Comfort in the Wind). Thank you my King of the Wise. Thank you all my Elders, I bring in chum (chummy, intimate, food, fish bait as shiny attraction for the fish of the sea, thus are men, from Chinook/chum Salmon - tsum spots, like sun spots, because of brilliant colors, sharing rooms with another, chamber fellows, crony/khronios of long duration or long lasting), the heart of the sacred drum. I will find relief, in my stay/say. Thank you (he hands the talking stick to Sunlight).

White Buffalo Calf Woman: You know I have to say something. Holiness David Running Eagle tried to help Grandmother A., by telling her to stay in one place, for at least a few days or a week (on her confusing journey), to help her root. To think and ponder on things, all around, the heavenly path. Today, we also notice this occurring, all the children are looking for prayers, to help save them, but not seeking out real joy. It's a hard place to measure.

(Holiness please send love now, home is calling us, be patient, thank you).

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Poor shattered hearts, little children wanting attention, how they want to be near by, thus heaven is seeking the wise. Upon this world we share 16 colors (seen relatives, eye vision), but there are so very many more (unseen relatives, sound vision). And each is so much younger and younger and younger. All young ones, need guidance. Stay home generate heavenly virtues. Take root and be patient, wait for other to return, while your heart is on the mend. Our hearts feel shattered into pieces and thus, when we come home together, our hearts ring out this longing to be one again. Help them all turn around and make a sound, appropriate to the waking journey of each child, who acts out of turn, because they don't know exactly what is going on, yet reaching anyway they can to find a path. Shattered hearts, such a smart, the sting of defeat in their eyes, but true love awaits, we are never ever late. Love finds the path to a shattered heart.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Next speaker Sunlight.

Sunlight our Adviser to Men: Yes, Mother (Deer) one moment please. (He is looking under his table to find an oil lamp, looks Arabian, handle and tea pot looking, with a wick at the end. he lights it. He bows and says a  prayer. He shines the light for all the Elders he walks around in a circle and blesses all the Elders.) Today, we are many men and  women who come together to share a voice. In the dawning, our awakening is feeling like it's insurmountable. Thus I remind you, the slide is down turned and we are falling instead of rising. Thus we crash like violet clouds and thunder storms ensue much danger. Lightning strikes, metal fringes and wires gone down, all to hit a tree, to fill it will light. As disease become rampant, because man didn't know how to clap. He did not know how to share joy. He did not understand there was hope. We can be reborn again, as child of light. Once more time and time again, I find all my brothers and my sisters joining in arms around the world. The birthing is actualizing, but the light is ruminating in a tumultuous activity. I think we are looking for spiritual warfare to escalate, because they will ride the fear, rather than find passage way through with illumination. Their story will collide with a burning force. Heaven has a seal on mankind. And her fate to rule the world is the heart of a Sacred Woman. Mothers all over the world, we honor you for all you gift to all mankind. You are the treasures, we have been waiting for. Let me share my Elders, that you have guided us, more and more than I can say. I hear many stories and must advise on many subjects, but it's the Elders, who make me bow down to what is perfect sound. My heart is the guiding force, my voice leads others like this lamp I share with you. My brothers who are lost in war torn countries. I shine this light for you. For sisters who are abuse, raped and murdered. I shine this light for you. For the children who beaten and raped. I shine this light for you. For cruelty of animals and drugs. I shine this light for you. I want all to care. I wish all to find a light for themselves, no matter how dark. No matter how badly you are blinded by your hate. I shine this light for you. Through the wisdom of all my Elders. I send my light for you. I bow with my relatives, that they may find a way, to where dreams live. Thank you. (He bows and everyone cheers, what a speech, he does a Mother proud).

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Okay, next speaker or do you want audience?

Sunlight: Yes Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman), if you would sing for the children who are lost. Help them find a dream, a light in the darkness, an arc/ark/freedom.

6. Slavery to Freedom
I have a head on my shoulders. But I got my orders. I am not supposed to think. They will make me fill up the sink. I am beaten down trodden, they tell me jump and I'm up, where to stand, I find this demand. Tell me how to walk, I feel in shock. My bruising eyes, tell no lies. How can I think, they will beat me up in the kitchen sink. They will cut me up with all that blood. then I will have to clean up, just because they said. I have a head on my shoulders, how did I get here. Now I"m lost and have no witness, no one to care about me, this day. Others don't even know, where I am standing, because they got their own show. All the girls, they are brutal. And the guys have no shame. They send mercy with a ladle, the kind who stick up your name. All is a pimp who takes it out on us. Each and every proximal fields. I am extended like armor, I have to not feel. I have a head on my shoulders, but if I think, I might die. So I go along, without any water, just a night, another dawn.

How can I find true freedom. How can I feel this way. I don't want to harm others, but I am harming myself each day. Yet, I still take the drugs, because they force it on me. And all body takes a punishment, don't have a child to see, because they will take that too from me. I want a child to have a good life, not one without loving arms. yet, I don't know how to have joy, to bring love to my mouth. I want to shine another dawning with love upon my heart. I want to shine another story, to lift us up and a part (of the whole). We are all little children looking to find a better way. Yet, down in the dirty, where the mice will roam and play. I have much to share and witness. I have seen it all been there. My soul doesn't carry any tears, my heart is ripped apart, I don't dare.

Yet, I see happy people, walking all around. Do they notice my perspective? Do they notice I care? I wish with every rainbow. i wish a song that is true. I wish my heart could flutter, when I see a man like you. I wish you could notice, I have love inside of me. I wish you could get a hard place inside of sacred trees (rings around the tree, enveloping, embracing). And if you could recognize, even through my dirty teeth, I wanted to be better, I just needed a hand to grieve. Could you be the one today, to reach out for me? Could you show me how to witness, a caring angel set me free. I wish for all my relatives, those sisters in sow much pain. I wish they could devoted to be stronger than most men. I wish they could witness, to loving hands that protect. I wish for many children in safe waters at it's best.

(breathing). Inside, where I want to hide. I tell you true, my heart is blue. So many tears, so many fears. so many things I can't do. I wish someone cared enough, to help me show the world true.
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Thank you Sunlight for your loving heart.

7. Final blessings
Blessings to the world, all that is rhythm and fear. I have to be near. Look closer. Look at your life. Look at what is going around, just a bit more strife. Blessings to the world. I bless you nine streams. I bless you four heart beams. I bless all directions, the waves of spinning seams. I bless the walker and the talker. I bless the waking true. I bless my heart for all the world, to bring all man to hues (rainbow shine divine).

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind: I send my love and arms out to give them a hug, be encouraged and not lose hope and trust to bloom and be beautiful.

Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon. 
From the darkness we arise a heavenly child. 
(2014, solar and lunar calender align, January 1, a cycle of renewal) 

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze!

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White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets White Willows Visions The Great Migration!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Hoop 4


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

We are Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever. There is "No way out", "only a Way In" .... this is the sacred circle of our collective dreams. We are learning to walk towards!

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child, iyeshka (interpreter) and akicita (law bringer), crystal (christal/pearl/diamond/red-red), yellow, green, gray (red-green).

Holy buffalo hide (prayer cloth or holy temple called you) reveals the four sacred directions that heal.

Thank you for all your Thrills. Shout out to hit the Nails. We are building a house where all are welcome on the rolling hills. White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings »

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan), your Twin Deer Mother, has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born, the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (dark and light). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun (Morning Star), have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

About Jeff (meaning peace) [He is the Singular (mission) father (leading) that goes around town (evolution's call to the circle of life). We call him the Golden Light of Sound, he is the chosen one, to view the world, but he needs to come home to call. There he will find a home where all will know his knives (sharing and dividing). Without a place to trumpet, he does not have a home. He longs to find a home where all can find a lid (roof, sanctuary, green grass home). Jeff Golden Light of Sound is the House of Cones (light reflection in evolution), the blossom, that reigns forth. Don't be alarmed, he should go away. But be sure his heart will stay. He is the bishop to your pawn (blessing you). You can rise up to his call. Blow billows of sunshine in the air. He will be standing in the streams so fair.]

Jeff Golden Light of Sound said, "I dreamed of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, she pointed to her heart and Buffaloes of all colors formed a circle, the White Buffalo went to the heart and all other Buffaloes followed."

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets: The heart is the path into heaven, where our souls do hide. We all belong to the Circle of Oneness, the Rainbow Clan. For we are all related and of God. A Buffalo represents the tools of light, in four rainbow colors, to assist your heavenly mission (heavenly name). This is our holy temple, our flesh, the Buffalo Home. White Buffaloes are like the stars, those who shine, united four roads, the blue, red, yellow, then white, the star. Grandfather light (white person, in their tools of light, rainbow directions) naturally shines like this, the white light of unity, who is humble, and bows like the Rainbow to receive blessings. The rest of us, must learn to walk this humble path, to shine like stars. These are the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who unite! A White Buffalo is the Star of Heaven, who shines upon Earth, walking and talking (wakan tankan, the Great Spirit Within) the united four roads. These are the White Buffaloes who are able to walk through the door of heaven, the crystalline heart of White Buffalo Calf Woman, to greet thyself (mirror to the soul, the heart of the crystal person), the soul seeking a way out, to illuminate and shout, to be validated, for who I am! The Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, learning to become the White Buffaloes (stars of heaven, that shine), begin the Great Migration home. We enter the Third Phase of Evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time (dawning of brotherhood), where dreams do come true. Heaven and Earth, Welcome Home!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings: When pointing to the heart, the direction that imparts, the wisdom of the path of the inner light. Here we are many rainbow colors, all part of the same vision of the sacred circle of life. We are relatives, who need to come home twice. Once in the flesh (red road), and once in the soul (blue road), then we know, that we have binded (bound) our whole. When we follow the path of the heart and the soul, all other buffaloes will flow, for rainbows of latter (ancestors), the buffalo homes that have been shattered (separated and divided), will carry us home, to a brand new day, when we look for the heart that leads the day (to flow together, as one shining river).

The tools of light, do shine, like the holy temple of the mind, the flesh that does hold a soul inside. We call the tools of light, the buffalo home. For it's four sacred directions, that gift to us eight directions, the four colors then reflection, to gift our lights. Then we are the Rainbow Colors, the clan that does show reason, when we understand, that we belong to each others, by demand. For it's God's children, we hold the upper hand, for it's sacred in here, where the buffalo steer, the trembling of the hooves who do gallop away. We are here to lead the great migration day.

The circle of buffalo were the sacred rainbow colors, parts each of us, to be whole again, when we join together, in the wind. And as we join together, we follow the fortunate weather, it's inward, the heavenly route, the soul that flies, all inside. And heaven is what leads us, where all buffalo do feed us, to go home again. To feel the wind again. We are going home. To be under the sun.

And it's time for us to gather, to listen to our hearts talk. To walk the path of righteousness in the wind. And when it's all over, we will journey together, the path of love, the holy days, of eternity. Oh blessed bee, let us dream together and be free. Rejoice, Rejoice, the Green Grass Grows!


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever.
No way out, only a way in .... this is the sacred circle.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child (crystal/christal/pearl/diamond)
crystal, yellow, green, gray (holy buffalo hide reveals)

White Buffalo Calf Woman public figure (Facebook)