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The Blessing of the Nine Directions
To the East and the West. To the north and the south. To the up and the down, to the sacred all around. To the heartbeat and Breath, I gift all my sacredness. I receive all my life for thee. I shall be forever in the breeze.
peacefulYour Heart Song
I shall sing. I shall sing upon Mountain Tops. I shall be. Glory for thee. And I shall be the loving breeze.

Sacred Dew

Four Sacred Directions In Thee!

Relatives, "Ask for your colors you can believe all the rainbow you can receive, the sacred garment of lights that lead, the spreading sheets of leaves. Here the way is clear to be, the loving and sacred tree. Take to your heart all that you believe and come and fly with me! In other words, ask and you shall receive your four sacred colors." says, White Buffalo Calf Woman who Sings for you, your Twin Deer Mother and additional Sacred Song Blessings and We Bless You

Come receive your Sacred Song Blessings, ask for your blessings and receive, the greatest treasure you could conceive, the soul that needs to be true, when one is validated in you. The treasure is you!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Red Road, the Law of Love

Support and

WBCalfWoman.Info Welcomes You!

Gifted to the heart of the people, the Rainbow Clan! 

This is a spiritual non-profit organization,
 who's sole purpose is to gather and move as many
of our relations onto the Red Road...the law of love!

We gift everything on this site and are reverent in the sacred path, for we are all related.  Elders will help you to purify your home and community.  A Soul lives in each of us, we try to help you find your way on your Vision Quest.  We promote your local gathering and give you tools to succeed.  We are very interested in your voice.  If you feel there is a question or statement that you do not find truthful, please allow us to know.  We walk with Oneness, and this includes your vision.  We the Elders, Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors, who serve You, the Rainbow Clan.

 belonging to all the related!

Let us know about your Gatherings around the world and we can post them for you here!

The Four Sacred Directions!
Black Man-Mother Nation
White Man-Father Nation
Yellow Man-Child Nation
Red Man-Twin Child Nation

WE are all related!

Ordained from Mother Earth
Native American, Spirit of the Lake People
affectionately called Sioux, the Snake People by the French Peoples. Will lead the heart of the world.
Native American, Pu
eblo Nation, Taos, New Mexico, Blue Lake People affectionately called upon from the Great Spirits to lead the physical world into the Dawning.  All other indigenous people are ordained to be the "keeper".

Ordained from Father Heaven
Twelve Sons of Israel through the Fathers Spiritual Light, for they help us know the Greatest tool in the world, our voice.  And have been entrusted with the care of the Great Books from Heaven, the written laws.
For the lion's whelp has come home, House of the beloved arise, the Star of David has returned.

Sharing Stories! 

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Gatherings are for all our related and come from communion with Mother Earth and our Fellow Travelers.  We believe that the Elders way has been discarded and we are here to return the Pow Wow back to the Elders of the world.  If your venue is free to all the related, we want to hear from you!

Aho 'spirit fly'

Welcome Home Rainbow Clan!

Warriors who walk homeward on the Red Road,
the law of love!

White Buffalo Calf Woman

"Pte San Win"

 sends Peace to your heart!


White Buffalo Calf Woman is asking for assistance to  find the artist for Permission to use. Email Elder! Contact
Here we can see the vision of the people!
This artist is unknown but the fairest of all renderings of Whi
te Buffalo Calf Woman, thank you Rainbow Cosmic Kinsmen for your vision for the People.

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for every story is perfect just like you!

Twindeermother Whitebuffalocalfwoman

Twindeermother Whitebuffalocalfwoman White Buffalo Calf Woman sends love to you in the wind, to bring the heart of all this sin, a blessing to find the lost love you hide. Come and sail away, to begin a better and new day, when you forgive all who was sent your way, the song of angels who came to see your wrong. Now we have no time to sin, but win together like brotherhood, then we can be happy again, this time, because evolution will make us all shine!

Title: Willed One Whispering Silence's Vision of the 12 Heavenly Mothers Who Guide Us On Our Way, the Start of Always, to tell us how to play!By: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother Sings the ...

Twindeermother Whitebuffalocalfwoman

Twindeermother Whitebuffalocalfwoman
Happy to see others are enjoying the songs! Blessings to you Nurit. You want a song, just email me your request at Your wish is my command. your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman Whitebuffalocalfwoman
Twindeermother Whitebuffalocalfwoman

Beloved Relatives, 
So many people or scientists talk as if they know what they are doing with "degrees" and they couldn't just listen to Native Peoples before this time.  Holiness David says, "They just want to hear themselves sound important". 

You know the study of brain wave functions has been recorded for at least 50 years now by the yellow peoples, but now there is a new movie, expressing what Natives, red peoples, knew all along, but no one listened to them.  But white peoples act like they know it all, just because they discovered it for themselves, now, finally becoming aware.

In the 1960's many in the United States took many psychotropic drugs, to align with a "higher realm of consciousness" to find a new way of thinking and being in a society that did not fulfill them spiritually. 

What is going on now is the evolutionary changes within man to realize what Elders have been saying.  We all have different languages, to express to one another.  But often a Chinese person who doesn't speak English wouldn't understand what is being said.  This too is what white people are acting like.  They just didn't understand the Native peoples language, the star language of the heavens.  And it is done in Song, and for many this statement is difficult to understand. Holiness David says, "They never stopped to consider that any thing was said by the natives to begin with."

Star Language: Oh white people children of the stars, just coming home to realize, what elders (red people) knew all along, but now they think they have the news, just didn't listen to those who knew, just to take the place to say, I did it over you!

This is the same as the realization that our children are Indigo or Crystal people, while the Natives called us all, the Rainbow People.  White people are children from the stars, while the Red people are elders from the stars.  In other words, they are soul elders, the Natives or Indigenous peoples.  These terms are meaning of the colors each of us carry.  Each color has a frequency, and these frequencies or wave patterns distinguish each of us as perfect but different to one another, just like a crystal snowflake.  When blessed, the perfect state is remembered and we feel at peace.  But when we are not blessed, then we feel tired and have turmoil inside.  To live sacred is not easy in a time when religion is so convoluted and commercial.

Graham Hancock, author of "The Sign and the Seal" talks about how this neurotransmitter DMT is common in all life forms.  As you can see, we are just discovering what God knew all along, that we are beings who fly with our souls to other realms and back as easily as thinking.  For light travels 186,000 miles per second.  Now that is fast.  He continues to talk about Rick Strausman who made the suggestion that it may be produced in the pituitary gland, an organ of sense, which has a lens, corneia and a retina, all parts of our eyes, for us to see with.  But this vision is not like we see with our eyes, but how we see with our hearts, and often has been referred to as the third eye, which is between the two other eyes where we see sight of the light space.  The third eye has vision of dark space. And this is what we are all learning to expand our consciousness around.  We are evolving, to become each other, a sort of twinning of hearts. To be another is to understand their hearts, and this is the first step towards brotherhood. 

There are many forms of perception, and now we are starting to learn what our children are experiencing, and what many parents call Indigo and Crystal children.  However, we are Rainbow Colors and we are not all Indigo or Crystal colors.  These people have extremely volatile lives, and you would not wish these types of sensory behaviors on anyone.  To see and know truth is not always what this world wants, as we live in rose colored glasses to cover up, all we don't wish to see, or vision with our hearts.

We need new sense organs "to comprehend and grasp the wider reality", as Graham Hancock puts it.  However our children are already using our new sense organs.  Many kids can remove contents of bottle without breaking the seals and put it back inside again.  Some kids, can see with their ears.  Or some can hear with their hands.  We are changing, and so are our children.  It's that adults have just recognize changes with our children, and we think that our kids are more special that other children.  Asians have been transmuting and transforming bodies to walk through walls or fly in the air. Native americans can change into animals or paint walls from a mile away, or put forest fires out just by talking with the trees.  Our spiritual changes are co-mingling into a language of feelings, where our senses are catching up with us, and the language is starting to be One language.  This is the evolutionary period we are entering.  A new dawning, the age of brotherhood, where all is abundant for all the Rainbow Colors not just the few or the fortunate, because Heaven is coming home to us, our Souls.  

We are the Rainbow Clan, with four sacred directions.  Email to find out your colors of the rainbow and learn to receive the truth and vision of your soul.  Let our children out from within us.  

To travel in the spiritual realm without drugs is as easy as 1, 2, 3, but you may need help guiding you, to learning about trusting self.  White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Crystal person who can see into the dark space from any distance including stars far away.  If you wish to journey on a spirit flight, contact her to learn to fly.  Once you have journeyed with her this way, you start to heal, because knowledge floods within you.  

Those who wish to ask questions of Elders, who are available by telephone weekly
Sunday 4pm PST Elders, Vision Interpretation, Interpretation of Rainbow colors, holy questions
Sunday 5:30pm PST Computer Assistance to stay ahead to prevent and manage all the sensory overloads, we experience.  Join us freely, as we are part of the Great Give-A-Way!
Your Conference Access Number:     1-218-895-3911
Your Conference Passcode:   62013#

Welcome home Rainbow Clan, our Warriors of the many Rainbow Colors who bring knowledge homeward into a new dawning, the age of Aquarius, the place of beginnings.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings the heart of all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life of Oneness we call God), the song that forever tells, that we are always nails (to bind us together while we build).  And when we learn to sea (vision of the heart) then all will be like trees (tree of life in each of us) then we can fly away, to find our souls today!

Warriors of the Earth  

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WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother
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Gathering Around the World

Blessings Blossoming Petals, march 10, 2009
Golden Angel Warrior, Elder Aqua Person
Crystal_Indigo_children Yahoo Group Moderator
Topics of discussion: Heaven and Earth!

Bring joy with a Gathering,
Choose an edge of your property and donate for your gathering! (Others find a public place or donate a public place) Find a Moderator or Ask Ashley another Mother.  Build a  school, multipurpose, to dance and have a party for all ages to gather and unite in heart.  Look for a "Keeper", an North American Native and you are in Cherokee land.  They are ordained to be Mother Nation, and tend the sacred fires. 

Gather food this next year for about 18 months amount of food, plus more for others. These are some of the ways to unite the heart and be prepared for Sacred Storm Dreamers vision of Food Lines in one year!  Even if we do not need the food, next year we can do it again.  Each year be willing to prepare for 18 months of supplies, especially salt.  Salt is for everything to storage of food to medicine for the body. Anything that is used daily is of importance.
Each of us will remember to keep something important including Animals, Great Works of Art and Engineering! Just remember you may be carrying it, so it must be a treasure for the future children.

Seeds too, they also only last for one year, but if each year we are sure to keep seed, God will take care of it to succeed over two years when the time is needed during the Great Migration.  Along the way procurements will be made around the world.  And as people need food stuffs we can ease their discomforts with at least partial requests, when sharing is a mandatory attribute.

Gathering is the utmost concern now in our lives!  WE, the light must fold into dark space which means that Heaven the dark space is folding with the light space which is Earth, becoming now Heaven and Earth.  This is not an easy progression, but the purification is the only sure way of survival.  And this means law, law of love which only comes by spending our time within the darkness of joy or the darkness of suffering.  Let our road choose joy for all our relations and walk the Red way, the law of Love.

When we follow the Red Road means, the color wave of Red vibrates and it purifies.  During this process we feel fear, pain, anger or we can choose love, unity and holiness.  This is a purification or lesson, the learning about love.  Many call this karma, but the choice is only this: "Do I choose love (unity of two or more hearts) or do I choose hate (separation of two or more hearts)?".  When Red is upon you, this is your decision to walk the way of forgiveness, compassion and love, hereby giving you freedom and liberation within to soar with your Spirit.  When your Spirit or your Soul Body flies, then we can conquer all fear (unknowing) and we are able to seek our own Vision (Revealer), the collective consciousness of the Oneness working in cooperation and precision of the Perfection.  The path to enlightenment comes from Gathering with our neighbors, spouses and children.  Give Sanctuary to the Earth and show respect and honor to our fields, rivers, animals and rock kingdoms.  We look up, the blue sky, the place we are embraced by unification, WE REALIZE we belong together!

Your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother"
Elder Crystal Person (iyeshka or interpreter)

Song of the Light the action of the body for Blossoming Petals!

Heaven is underway, and my soul is about to soar, but in side there is so much pain and suffering.  How do we claim the joy, when so many do not have enough food?  How do we find water when we do not have communion?  How do we bless each other if we do not have or know the heart?  There is much for us to do.  There is much for heaven to do?  Sow my children, and my kinsmen, remember to be your dream.  Remember to live your soul.  Remember to be your perfection which God has ordained upon you.  We are family you know.

The kinsmen to all the souls.  We are blue (related) under the sky.  We are happy to know the joy of love.  WE can find it if we choose.  But if we do not choose, then pain will be our companion instead.  Sow my Brother, my Sister, let us choose the loving way, the way of the heart beat, the way of unity and mostly let our spirits fly free.

I love you
aho (may your spirit fly)

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

Everybody and Everything is related to us!
Welcome home Spirit of the Lake, my kinsmen the Blue Oceans of you and me!

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze!

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White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets White Willows Visions The Great Migration!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Hoop 4


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

We are Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever. There is "No way out", "only a Way In" .... this is the sacred circle of our collective dreams. We are learning to walk towards!

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child, iyeshka (interpreter) and akicita (law bringer), crystal (christal/pearl/diamond/red-red), yellow, green, gray (red-green).

Holy buffalo hide (prayer cloth or holy temple called you) reveals the four sacred directions that heal.

Thank you for all your Thrills. Shout out to hit the Nails. We are building a house where all are welcome on the rolling hills. White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings »

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan), your Twin Deer Mother, has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

Life is a Roller Coaster and Now I'm on a ride, over rolling hills again, and back to the place where I collide (dark and light). Heaven (dark) and Earth (light) come home to me and we will be getting along, where the sunset returns again, the place I call my home. Star is born, the light does shine, every single morn, and I have to open my heart, so I can get along. There is a kingdom out there, the place of paradise, and we are going home right now, if we can only collide (dark and light). Be my heart and walk with me, be the rising sun (Morning Star), have the place of wonder in the wishing land. Singing to your heart, White Buffalo Calf Woman is finally home at last! Ask for blessings, come receive the greatest you have known, there is promise everywhere, just you look and sea, the heart of wisdom knows the place, the heart that can conceive.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

About Jeff (meaning peace) [He is the Singular (mission) father (leading) that goes around town (evolution's call to the circle of life). We call him the Golden Light of Sound, he is the chosen one, to view the world, but he needs to come home to call. There he will find a home where all will know his knives (sharing and dividing). Without a place to trumpet, he does not have a home. He longs to find a home where all can find a lid (roof, sanctuary, green grass home). Jeff Golden Light of Sound is the House of Cones (light reflection in evolution), the blossom, that reigns forth. Don't be alarmed, he should go away. But be sure his heart will stay. He is the bishop to your pawn (blessing you). You can rise up to his call. Blow billows of sunshine in the air. He will be standing in the streams so fair.]

Jeff Golden Light of Sound said, "I dreamed of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, she pointed to her heart and Buffaloes of all colors formed a circle, the White Buffalo went to the heart and all other Buffaloes followed."

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets: The heart is the path into heaven, where our souls do hide. We all belong to the Circle of Oneness, the Rainbow Clan. For we are all related and of God. A Buffalo represents the tools of light, in four rainbow colors, to assist your heavenly mission (heavenly name). This is our holy temple, our flesh, the Buffalo Home. White Buffaloes are like the stars, those who shine, united four roads, the blue, red, yellow, then white, the star. Grandfather light (white person, in their tools of light, rainbow directions) naturally shines like this, the white light of unity, who is humble, and bows like the Rainbow to receive blessings. The rest of us, must learn to walk this humble path, to shine like stars. These are the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who unite! A White Buffalo is the Star of Heaven, who shines upon Earth, walking and talking (wakan tankan, the Great Spirit Within) the united four roads. These are the White Buffaloes who are able to walk through the door of heaven, the crystalline heart of White Buffalo Calf Woman, to greet thyself (mirror to the soul, the heart of the crystal person), the soul seeking a way out, to illuminate and shout, to be validated, for who I am! The Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, learning to become the White Buffaloes (stars of heaven, that shine), begin the Great Migration home. We enter the Third Phase of Evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time (dawning of brotherhood), where dreams do come true. Heaven and Earth, Welcome Home!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings: When pointing to the heart, the direction that imparts, the wisdom of the path of the inner light. Here we are many rainbow colors, all part of the same vision of the sacred circle of life. We are relatives, who need to come home twice. Once in the flesh (red road), and once in the soul (blue road), then we know, that we have binded (bound) our whole. When we follow the path of the heart and the soul, all other buffaloes will flow, for rainbows of latter (ancestors), the buffalo homes that have been shattered (separated and divided), will carry us home, to a brand new day, when we look for the heart that leads the day (to flow together, as one shining river).

The tools of light, do shine, like the holy temple of the mind, the flesh that does hold a soul inside. We call the tools of light, the buffalo home. For it's four sacred directions, that gift to us eight directions, the four colors then reflection, to gift our lights. Then we are the Rainbow Colors, the clan that does show reason, when we understand, that we belong to each others, by demand. For it's God's children, we hold the upper hand, for it's sacred in here, where the buffalo steer, the trembling of the hooves who do gallop away. We are here to lead the great migration day.

The circle of buffalo were the sacred rainbow colors, parts each of us, to be whole again, when we join together, in the wind. And as we join together, we follow the fortunate weather, it's inward, the heavenly route, the soul that flies, all inside. And heaven is what leads us, where all buffalo do feed us, to go home again. To feel the wind again. We are going home. To be under the sun.

And it's time for us to gather, to listen to our hearts talk. To walk the path of righteousness in the wind. And when it's all over, we will journey together, the path of love, the holy days, of eternity. Oh blessed bee, let us dream together and be free. Rejoice, Rejoice, the Green Grass Grows!


THE LAW IS LOVE, not one over other, but ALL the CIRCLE. This is called the Hoops or the Elliptical Path of the Universe. There are four roads or waves that intersect; red road full of colors, blue road full of song, yellow road full of dreams and white road all together now, let us bow.

Relatives, that's the law and if you break the law over one child of the rainbow, no matter what age, you break the law. That the LAW, and it's LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thy brother. This is a commandment of God's ONENESS.

Married forever and ever, the ring (hoop) is forever.
No way out, only a way in .... this is the sacred circle.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child (crystal/christal/pearl/diamond)
crystal, yellow, green, gray (holy buffalo hide reveals)

White Buffalo Calf Woman public figure (Facebook)